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Don't Make A Sound

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A Peterick!

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~My first Peterick story. I’m going to try and make it a one-shot. I love reading Peterick so I thought I would give it a try. Don’t read if you don’t like slash! I’m not going to deal with those comments. On to the story.~

Patrick met Pete on a cold November day. He was walking downtown and ended up in a record store. While looking at numerous Prince records and finally deciding on one he bumped into Pete. “Hey, watch out you,” Pete said while turning around. “I, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.” Pete couldn’t tear his eyes from Patrick. “Your Patrick.” “Uh, yeah. Why?” “I noticed you from the shows. You are always there.” “Well, when I heard of Pete Wentz I had to check him out.” “So, you know me. Why didn’t you say anything?” “I don’t know. Didn’t want to seem like a stalker fan or anything.” Pete laughed. “Why don’t we go and get some coffee. I would like to know more of you.” Pete grabbed the record out of Patrick’s hands and went to the counter.

Patrick and Pete walked a couple blocks to a coffee shop. Pete order two double latté’s. “Here,” He handed the coffee to Patrick. “I hope you like a latté.” “Um, yeah. Thank you.” Patrick and Pete sat down. “So how old are you?” Pete asked. “Just turned twenty. I’m in College and majoring in music.” “Awesome. Do you play?” “Of course.” Patrick smiled. “Guitar, bass, piano, drums, trumpet, and sing a little.” “Geez, a little over achiever aren’t we?” Patrick blushed. “Yeah, I guess.” “Just teasing you.” “Besides the band, what do you do?” “Live with my parents.” Pete smiled. “And I am working at a radio station. Pretty dull life really.” “What time is it?” “Almost 8:00. Why?” “Fuck. I have to meet my girlfriend at the theatre.” “Girlfriend?” “Yeah, we’ve been dating for a year. Can we meet again? I really like you.” “You do? I mean, yeah. Here’s my number.” Pete gave Patrick his cell number. “Call anytime.” “Okay. See you later.” Pete watched Patrick leave and knew at that moment he was in love.

A few days went by and Pete didn’t hear from Patrick. He was getting ready for a show and setting up the equipment when someone tapped him on the shoulder. Pete turned around. “Patrick!” Pete stood up. “It’s like you haven’t seen my in years. It’s just been a couple days.” “I know. How have you been?” “Alright. Busy with school. I was going to call you tonight, but then remembered you were playing here. Do you need some help?” “Yeah, can you set up the guitar over there?” “Sure.” Patrick went and started working on the amp. “So, how are you and your girlfriend?” Pete asked. “Uh, fine I guess. Why?” “I don’t know. Just wondering.” A hour later they were done. They were at the bar getting a drink when Pete heard his name. “Hey, Michael. What’s wrong?” “I just got a call from Keith. He can’t make it.” “What? Tell him to get his ass down here.” “Sorry dude. He left Chicago already. Something about his dad being sick or something.” Pete had an idea. “Um, Michael meet Patrick. And Patrick you need to sing for us.” Patrick choked on the water. “Uh, no. I don’t sing in front of anyone. That includes you and any crowds.” “Come on, Trick. Do it for Pete.” “First my name is Patrick and not even for the famous Pete Wentz.” “I’ll buy you a new guitar, or how about a car. I notice you walk everywhere.” Patrick looked into Pete’s eyes. “How do you know that I’m not a terrible singer. You haven’t even heard me sing.” “I know you sing like an angel. Come on. Please.” Pete was on his knees. “Alright. Get the fuck up.” “Yay. Trick is going to sing.” Pete hugged Patrick knocking the wind out of him. “Give the kid some breathing space. You don’t want to kill him before he gets out there.”

Michael turned and went on stage to fix some things. Pete was still hugging Patrick drinking in his scent. “Alright. Let me go.” Pete let Patrick go. “Sorry.” “You do realize there is a problem.” “What?” “I don’t know the lyrics.” “Are you kidding me? You have come to almost every show. I bet you could sing the lyrics in your sleep.” “Yeah, maybe. But can you teach me some just in case I forget or something.” “Sure. Let’s go backstage.”
Patrick followed Pete backstage. Pete got his notebook out and started teaching Patrick some of the words.

“See, what did I tell you. You know them all.” He was putting the notebook away. “Pete, can I tell you something without you making fun of me?” “Sure.” “I’m really scared. I don’t know if I can do this. What if I make an ass of myself?” Pete went over and knelt in front of Patrick. “First, you could never make an ass of yourself. Second, you are going to do just fine. I’ll be right by your side. You won’t have to say a word. Just sing.” Pete took Patrick’s hands. “I’ll have your back. Don’t worry.” Pete got up and kissed Patrick on the forehead and left the room.

Patrick didn’t know what to think of Pete. He only knew Pete a short time, but really cared for him. He would of never sung in front of people, but he knew that Pete would take care of him.

~One Year Later~
Patrick knocked on the door of Pete’s apartment. “Hey, Patrick. Come in. Thanks again for helping me move yesterday.” “It’s alright. You have almost everything unpacked?” “Yeah, just a couple more boxes.” Pete turned to Patrick. “I want to tell you something?” They both said at the same time. “What? You go ahead.” Pete said. “I’m going to ask Anne to marry me.” Pete went to the window and looked out. “Are you alright? Aren’t you happy for me?” “Yeah, I’m sorry. Congratulations.” Pete hugged Patrick.

“Now, what were you going to say?” “Nothing. Not important.” “No, tell me.” “Forget it.” Pete went to clean up some of the boxes. “Okay, something is wrong. Never in the last year have you not said what was on your mind. Tell me.” “Do you want to know? I was finally going to tell you that I love you.” Patrick stared at Pete. “What?” He barely whispered. “I love you. I think that first time at the record store I fell in love with you.” “You can’t. No, Pete. I just asked Anne to marry me.” “I know my timing sucks. I’m sorry.” Pete stepped to Patrick. “No, don’t fucking touch me. How can you do this to me now. I love you too. But I got over you. I didn’t think you felt the same. Night after night you took girls home. And now I’m suppose to break it off with Anne.” “No, I didn’t know you were going to propose. And those girls, I took them home to erase what I felt for you. It never worked.” “I got to get out of here.” “Trick, wait.” He reached for Patrick’s arm. “Do you think there could be a chance for us?” “Are you fucking nuts? I asked my girlfriend of 2 years to marry her. I can’t, Pete. Don’t ask me to. I got over you and you can get over me.” “Are you really? Tell me to my face that you are over me.” Patrick looked down and looked at Pete’s shoes and slowly scanning his body. Finally, looking straight into Pete’s brown eyes. Patrick cleared his throat. “I don’t love you anymore. There is no hope for us.” With that, Patrick left Pete standing alone in his living room.

Four days later, Patrick stood in a cemetery. He looked down at the fresh dirt. “Why?” He sat down on the grass. It was getting dark, but he didn’t even notice. “Couldn’t you have talked to me. I know we fought, but what stopped that before. You were one of my best friends.” Tears started to fall down his cheeks. “I’m so mad at you. I’m so lost without you. What am I going to do? I’m sorry. I should of never of told you. Please forgive me.” Patrick stood up and brushed his jeans. “I’ll come out next week. I do love you. I’ll never stop.”

He walked to the car. He seen the only person who could make everything better. “I’m sorry, Trick.” Patrick went into Pete’s arms. “I just don’t understand. I really wanted to marry her. I told her about loving you and that I loved her. And she was fine. We were going to get married next October. I guess I hurt her so much she couldn’t take it.” Pete took Patrick’s hands. “It’s not your fault. If anyone it’s mine for telling you. You’ll get through this. I know you will. And like I said, I’ll have your back.”
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