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I Told You Not To

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Axl wants to pierce his nipple. I also tried writing Izzy differently, and I think it kind of messed up. *hides*

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"Hey Izz?" Axl shyly whispered, his lips brushing over Izzy's. It was a hot day in LA. Their band mates were out, so Izzy and Axl had the house to themselves and were spending their time kissing in their bedroom. Axl was lying against Izzy, their bare upper bodies close to each other's.

"Hm?" Izzy made a soft noise that told Axl he was listening as he pressed his lips back to Axl's, the redhead giving a soft moan as Izzy's tongue slipped into his mouth, as Izzy hand grabbed at his hair.

"I've been wanting to ask you something..." Axl began as they broke their kiss, Axl laying his head on Izzy's shoulder.

"I'm listening." Izzy's hand ran up and down his back.

"Um, what would you think if I pierced my nipple?" Axl looked up at Izzy's face just in time to see Izzy's eyes widen and his jaw drop.


"What would you think if I pierced my nipple?" Axl repeated, looking into Izzy's shocked dark eyes.

"You're not piercing your nipple." Izzy said after a few seconds, getting over his shock, his face becoming annoyed, almost angry.

"But what if I want to?" Axl asked, looking at Izzy innocently.

"Want to, I don't care. You actually do it, I'll stop having sex with you." Axl's eyes widened and he sat up, looking down at Izzy.

"You cannot mean that."

"Yes, I do, I don't want you piercing your nipple."

"Why? You're not my mother, Izz." Bill glared at him, but he could hardly hold Izzy's slightly annoyed, but calm look.

"Because I'll have to listen to your mouth if I accidentally tug it wrong if I lick your nipple during sex. Also, it'll poke me when we cuddle."

"I won't yell at you if you tug it wrong..."

"I know you Axl, you'll bite my head off if I cause you even the slightest discomfort." Axl glared at him.


"Look, what do you want me to say? 'Go pierce your nipple, I think it's hot and I'll fuck your brains out afterwards.'? Is that what you want me to say? Cause believe me, I am not going to say that." Axl's glare darkened.

"So, it's 'do exactly as I say or I'm dumping you'?" Axl hovered over Izzy, his eyes flashing angrily. "A relationship doesn't work that way Izz." His angry look did not intimidate Izzy, who me the look with an annoyed calmness.

"I'm not saying that, I'm saying, don't pierce your nipple." Axl's eyes narrowed further. "Go pierce your nipple if you want to, but I'm warning you of two things. One, it'll hurt. And two, if you do it, I will not be the least bit pleased with you."

"You're such an ass Izzy, don't you dare try an' tell me what to do!" He snarled, his eyes flashing with fury as he tried to strike Izzy. It didn't work. Izzy caught his arm and threw him off the bed, Axl landing in a heap on the floor with a pained yelp. "Asshole." He snarled and stormed out, grabbing a shirt on the way.

He returned in tears just a couple hours later. "Izzy?" Izzy was laying on the bed, his face in a magazine as Axl crawled up next to him, sniffling.

"Lemme guess: You went out and got your nipple pierced and now you realize it was a mistake. Better late than never." He said barely even looking at Axl as he turned a page in his magazine. Axl gave a sob and buried his face in his hands, curling up in a ball. "Axl, do you get why I told you not to?" Izzy turned to him and Axl sobbed, nodding. He was surprised when Izzy gently reached out and gave his hair a soft pet. His crying lessened a little. "Why are you crying?" Axl could on give a sob.

"" He was too upset to give a real answer and Izzy sighed, pulling Axl to him. Axl sobbed against Izzy's shoulder, clinging to him.

"Calm down sweetie, I overreacted, I'm sorry." Izzy stroked his hair and Axl eventually calmed enough to murmur an apology against Izzy's neck. "It's okay, now tell me why you were crying."

"Um, I was mostly crying because I was scared you'd stop loving me and..." He gave a soft sob and Izzy tightened his arms, kissing Axl's hair.

"No sweetie, I overreacted, I just didn't want you to do something stupid. I'm sorry." He pressed his lips to Axl's hair again.

"I...I..." Izzy shushed him and rubbed his back, cuddling him close.

"Now, what else is making you cry? It hurts?" Axl nodded. "Take your shirt off." He released Axl, who obediently removed his shirt, laying on the bed, Izzy studying his newly pierced nipple. It was reddened, a little swollen and had a silver ring through it. Izzy reached for the ring, but was stopped by Axl's voice.

"Please don't take it out. I do want it, it really hurts and I thought you were mad at me and..." He trailed off as Izzy shushed him, gently kissing his forehead, before shifting and very, very softly licking the sore nipple. Axl gave a little gasp.

"Did that hurt you?" Concern radiated through Izzy's voice. Axl shook his head.

"No, it actually made it feel better, could you maybe do it again?" He asked, shyly. Izzy smiled slightly and complied with his request gently licking Axl's nipple over and over. After a while he stopped and moved to lay beside Axl again.

"Does it feel better now?" Axl nodded.

"Thank you Izz." He nearly whispered. Izzy smiled at him and kissed his forehead. "You really won't stop having sex with me?"

"I won't stop having sex with you, relax. I got angry, overreacted and upset you. It's alright and I'm sorry that I upset you." Axl shook his head.

"No, I probably shouldn't have done it--"

"Hey," Izzy broke his sentence, "It's alright, you wanted it and now you've got it. I'm not angry, and I still don't particularly like it, but if that's what you really want, I'm okay with it." Axl smiled at him.

"Thanks Izz." He whispered, pressing his lips to Izzy's softly. Izzy smiled against Axl's lips before he broke their kiss and pressed his lips to Axl's forehead.

"You feel alright now?" Axl nodded and Izzy kissed his forehead again.

"Hey, um, Izz, could you maybe lick it some more...?" Izzy nodded and rolled Axl onto his back before he began licking Axl's nipple once again.
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