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Teenagers (2022)

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A story through the perspective of Mikey Way's Daughter.

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Teenagers (2026)

Elaina Nicole Way

Wisdom and truth

Jersey Punks and Murder Scenes

My name is Elaina Nicole Way. I'm twenty years old and I'm a writer for my mother's magazine, which is so namely called Jersey Punks and Murder Scenes. My column in the mag. is for the wisdom brought to me as a child not only by my parents but by everyone, or bands that I or my father and his band has come across. I guess you could say that I write inspiration for others to use in their everyday life as a band or fan. My mother got this started after she found out that she was pregnant with Ethan and I. Yes I have a twin brother and he is just like our father, being a bassist in a band himself. Anywho, she started this thinking it would better; not only her and my Dad's, but our (my brother's and mine) future. I say it worked both Ethan and I love what we do. The best part of this is being able to go on the road with Ethan and interviewing all the bands they play with. Our father and his band are often doing the same traveling and rocking out with numerous bands and their fans. Our Father is Michael James Way, younger brother to My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way (my dear Uncle). Now I'm not really here to tell you their story or anything just what they did after finding my mother pregnant with twins.

It all started in the year of 2007 in March when my mother and father were married and of course finding out just a few weeks later that she was pregnant with none other than twins. Well just weeks before she was to give birth to my brother and I; the guys of MCR decided to take a much needed brake and go home to await the arrival of me and Ethan (our names have already been chosen; guess they were ready for kids). Little did they know they all would find whom they would live out the rest of their life with? First one it happened to was my Uncle Gerard who was at the time a single man. They had all came with my mother and father to the hospital to check on her and the pregnancy. While the four of them were in the waiting room a young lady by the name Ann came into the hospital crying as she was holding her broken arm to her chest. My Uncle being right next to her saw that she lost her balance and helped her to a seat as a nurse came to her rescue. My Uncle told me when I was a little girl that when he looked into that girls' eyes he saw life with her and from then on knew he would be with her `til the day he died. And the funny part of that is it's true. Both he and she were married a year later and had two kids (my cousins, Dana and Denise). Next was my funny Uncle Frank, he met his wife only three day after seeing me and Ethan being born and they are still happily married with three kids (Jenna, kaci, and Deryck) (my best friend is Jenna). Third to find love was my Uncle Raymond Toro Ortiz (Ray) who found his life partner (as he likes to call her) in a women named Rachael Gale, they now have three kids who work alongside me in the magazine (Christie, Sarah, and Rosalind(Rose)). The fourth and final to find love was my Uncle Robert (Bob) who found love with a girl name Kylie Jones with two sets of twins (Daniel and Thomas, as well as Trenton and Tristan). Who is now working and helping produce my brothers' new album, which he so won't tell me the name of.

Between the years of 2007 and 2022 my father and mother taught my brother and I in the art of music and writing. They of course had help from my grandmother Donna Way who was always there for both my dad and uncles.

Years went by as my brother and I grew up with our mom being the main caregiver, since my dad went back with the band and went on tour. We even got to go with him on tour, which is probably one of the reasons why Ethan loves to play music. As we got older we have seen over thousands of concerts most being MCR's. I really loved growing up with my cousins and brother, we all are really close, so we tend to fight more than usual. By the time Ethan and I were twelve our Uncle Frank was diagnosed with cancer and it was very serious he almost died but of course with the miracle of medicine and prayer he pulled through and is now cancer free. The same happen with our Uncle Bob who had a different but still serious cancer; he is now partially blind in his left eye and wears special contacts to help him see the drum set. Our Uncle Ray had two different surgeries for prostrate cancer but now he is `fine and dandy' as he puts it. When Ethan and I turned sixteen, during our party we had to take both my mother and Aunt Ann (Uncle Gerard's wife) to the hospital. My mom had got food poisoning and my Aunt Ann some how hurt her ankle. Even though we had it made, from our father and Uncles being in a band, we still had our troubles and fights, especially fights between our father and Uncle Gerard (I'm so glad my brother and I don't fight like they do).

All in all my father and his band are still at it, playing music and hanging out with their fans. My mom and aunts have worked together in magazine and have been since I can remember. Though now they are slowly handing over the reigns to us kids. Jenna and I have most control over the magazine then the others, my guess is because we just love to write and interview as many people as we can. But the others don't really concern themselves with the mag., other than my brother Ethan. We do our fair share in the magazine but Jenna and I have most control not that we would complain any. I guess you could say we have the good life. In which, I would mean the happy family and friends that we all are. Ethan and I have for some time been doing a solo project magazine which just consist of bands that want to speak their mind to the public. It's not really popular yet but with a little more persistence and more fans we would have it made. Dana, Kaci, Deryck, Sarah, and Thomas all have started their own recording studio which is where Ethan and his band or often found fiddling around with sounds and mixing tempos together. Their recording studio is called Children of Chemicals which of course refer to them being the children of MCR. Their so weird in a cool kind of way. I love them, for they are family. But back to my story, By the time Ethan and I graduated from high school Ethan and I have had an adventure, as my Uncle Gerard told me time and again. Always he says `Your never bored when your with family and friends; it's always an adventure.' I guess he is right, I'm usually never alone, I'm always with someone, like at this moment Jenna, Christie, Denise, Rosalind(Rose), Daniel, Tristan and Trenton are sitting with me at a larger table typing away, getting the next magazine issue ready for sale. Jenna right now making fun of my blood cousin Denise which is fair when she so aptly called Jenna a bitch. These people are my true family, they make me laugh. Being the oldest I usually have to stop them if it goes too far but sometimes I'd rather just let them have at it. Never had Ethan or I done something alone, we always had someone there to tell us we did a good job or to say what we did was wrong. So to end this fragment of Jersey Punks and Murder Scenes I'd say as always, Remember never let those without mind hurt you. Always think before you speak, and last but certainly not least live, laugh, and love with all your heart.

`Til next time Peace out everyone,


Elaina Nicole Way
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