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Nobody Likes You Anyway

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Frerard. Gerard's girlfriend is a bitch. Maybe they should do something about it. Like...kiss?

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The following is a comical Frerard story. It is completely fictional. I made it up in the shower. That's right. The shower. That's where the best ideas are. If you don't comment and fave, Gerard will continue doing cocaine with Lyn-Z. Yeah. I totally went unnecessarily cruel on your ass. Word.

Frank heard a knock on the door and all at once his stomach filled with a mixture of excitement and dread. The emotions sloshed around in his stomach, refusing to mix like water and oil, perpetually churning against the walls of his insides. He had been waiting on the couch as soon as Gerard had said he was coming over, sitting inthe living room by the front door with childish glee. There was also another feeling. A feeling of envy and unnecissary hatred. Because Gerard wasn't the only one coming over.

He was bringing his girlfriend too.

Nobody is quite sure what makes this happen, but it always seems that when you get a significant other, you feel obliged to take them everywhere with you. Fucking everywhere. Of course, Gerard had hung out with Frank alone during the time he was in a relationship but that was only because he had been completely discreet about it. Once, his girlfriend found out they went to the movies together. She promptly bitched about how she wasn't invited. When she asked Gerard why he didn't care to tell her they were going, Frank immediately thought, Well, it's because nobody really likes you anyway while Gerard stuttered out an excuse.

Quite honestly, Frank was getting knd of sick of it. He was just a tad tired of her. Her name was Riva. To Frank is sounded kinda of like something you'd name a snake. She was definetely Gerard's type. Straight, black hair, a stripe of vibrant pink on both sides. Bright blue eyes that looked as though they were carved out of ice. She was thin and short and delicate looking. She wasn't that pretty. Well, she was. Actually, she was totally gorgeous. But not to Frank. To him, she looked like a witch. All he could see was distorted features, an ugliness that burned from the inside out.

He didn't like her at all.

Frank jumped up from his spot on the couch and hesitated before running to the door. He didn't want to seem too eager. When he opened the door, Gerard smiled at him, flashing those beautiful teeth. Those teeth that were almost completely straight except for the fact that his canines were slightly spaced away from the front four teeth. Frank swallowed.

"Hey, Frankie!" Gerard cheered, his bright golden-brown eyes lighting up as if someone had turned on a lamp behind them. Frank smiled and leaned into a hug.

"What's up, Frankie?" Riva chimed in. Her voice was small and child-like. Totally cute. Completely annoying. She batted long, mascara'd eyelashes at him. He gave a sideways, forced smile that felt plastic on his face.

"Oh, hey, Riva. Nothing really. Come in, guys." He didn't mean for the greeting to sound half-assed. It was just that his mood was instantly worsened whenever she was around. God /damn/, that bitch was irritating.

He lead the two to their living room. The room was small and square with couches against two of the walls, facing a coffee table and the TV. The light in the room was a dark sort of yellow in contrast with the gloomy sky outside. All in all, it was pretty cozy. Frank and Gerard usually spent their time in either this room or Frank's, which was upstairs.

Frank knelt down to open the cabinet of DVDs by the TV, feeling his tight jeans stretch against his legs as he sat.

"So, what do you guys wanna watch?" He asked, not turning around to look at them. They were probably holding hands or kissing or something. Ew. "We have like...everything in the /world/." Gerard laughed and, surprisingly, knelt down next to Frank, leaving Riva standing behind them. Frank tongued his lip ring.

"Let's watch something scary!" Riva said, lowering her voice as if to sound sinister. Something about it was just extremely irritating. It was as though she was trying to be dark or something. Whatever. She was just annoying all around. He didn't see how Gerard could stand her.

Frank winced and replied, "Uh, sure...I'm good with about anything." Gerard gave a dry laugh.

"Ya sure?" he teased, nudging Frank with his shoulder. "I think you'll get too scared." He turned his head to Frank and gave this sly smile, raising one of his black eyebrows and Frank's mouth went dry. Riva couldn't see the look on Gerard's face, his shaggy, ebony hair covered his expression. But she could see Frank. She could see that he was clenching his teeth together, that his eyes were wide and his face stiff.

"What's up with your face, Frank?" She asked bluntly, not just breaking the silence, but smashing it over the head with a sledgehammer. Frank watched as Gerard's face fell from the smirk. He rolled his eyes and turned to her.

"My Frankie's face is beautiful," he said, giving her an almost sarcastic smile. Riva folded her arms and looked uncomfortable. Gerard cocked his head to the side. Something about it was very out of character. He was usually so quiet and reserved, the only expression on his face either a strange, abstract sadness or a childish joy. But now the expression was sort of cruel, as though mocking her, irritated with her. Frank liked it.

Riva flipped her hair over her shoulder and gave a little pout. If she was trying to be cute, no one fell for it. She huffed and muttered something about the bathroom. She could have gone to unearth buried treasure, as long as she got the fuck out of the room, Frank was happy. The atmosphere was immediately lightened. Gerard turned and looked at Frank, smiling a sweet, soft smile now. He gave another laugh.

"Holy shit she is annoying," he laughed, shaking his head. This always seemed to happen. Riva bitched. Gerard bitched about Riva bitching. Riva bitched about Gerard bitching that Riva was bitching. Frank said nothing, but internally agreed wholeheartedly that Riva was annoying as hell. Gerard sighed and lowered his voice slightly. "I don't even know why I'm still with her. I can't fucking stand her complaining anymore."

Something little happy thing inside Frank burst into dance. He felt the cloud of annoyance in his brain dissipate. A strange bubble of emotion that felt oddly like hope started to swell in him.

"Well..." Frank started slowly, approaching the subject with caution. "Are you gonna break up with her?" Gerard shurgged his shoulders and crinkled his nose as he gave the subject brief thought.

"Nyah, I dunno," he replied. "I don't want to hurt her feelings. I know what it's like to like someoe who doesn't like you back. I wouldn't want her to get hurt."

"Oh, yeah," Frank said in half-agreement. "You're right." Gerard returned is gaze to Frank.

"I would like to be with someone else, though," he said. Frank realized that he was shaking.

" who?"

Gerard gave him another one of those sly smirks and started to lean in. He whispered against Frank's skin.

"I think you know..."

Gerard's lips were cool and firm against Frank's own. He gently licked at the other boy's skin, feeling the warmth of the other body. Frank was still shaking. He had closed his eyes and opened his mouth to deepen the kiss, not even able to grasp the fact that he was living out what he had been dreaming about for the past few weeks...maybe months. Time meant nothing now.

He felt Gerard's cool tongue against his own, the texture of another person's mouth seeming alien and new. Gerard's hand was in his two-toned hair, pushing his head into the kiss. As Gerard gently sucked on Frank's metal lip ring, the shaking boy (whose shaking had nearly subsided now) let one a tiny moan. Just as the two boys leaned in to each other's mouths again, there was the sound of someone clearing their throat.

"Haing fun?"

Frank pulled out of the kiss as fast as he could, sitting up straight. Gerard pulled away almost lazily, licking his tongu against his lips and looked up and his girlfriend. She had her arms crossed over her chest, her eyes were narrowed, she was biting on her lip. Frank opened his mouth to say something-anything-but Gerard spoke first.

"What's with your face?" He was giving her that looka again. That intimidating, smart look.

"You are a fucking asshole!" she growled, unfolding her arms and pointing at him.

"Yeah, well, you're no princess either," Gerard replied. "I'm so sick of your bitching and following me around like a puppy."

"Fuck you, Gerard!" She cried. "If I had known you were a fag I never would have gone out with you! How long have you bee fucking-?"

"You know what?" Frank interrupted. "Get the fuck out, Riva. Nobody fucking likes you anyway." Gerard burst out laughing. He covered his mouth with his hand as he laughed, his nose crinkling up. Riva gave a helpless groan of frustration. She let out a loud, "Fuck you!" as she ran out the door, slamming it shut on her way out.

Gerard slowly stopped laughing and sat up straight. He gave a tiny giggle.

"'Nobody likes you anyway'?" he asked. Frank blushed. He opened his mouh to explain but was cut off by Gerard's tongue.

"I like you," Gerard whispered.

"I like you too."

Fuck yeah.
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