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Teens live the dream of a show club, even though its the hottest ticket around, is it really want they wanted to begin with? Or was it just the heat of the moment? Read and find out all you can! Th...

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A maple orchid filled either side of the narrow dirt pathway. The tall maple trees were bright green with new turning of the summer. Spring was in the air, or should I say the smell of freshly blossomed lavenders. Small birds flew passed while peopled walked by. A fair took place just beyond the pathway. An opening for new beginnings

"OH! This is gonna be awesome!" Lana screamed while walking briskly through the path

"Noooooo! Of course it is! Is a Victorian Fair and we have to act like we're in the time too, not just dress it." The girl fanned her hands around her body and then lifted the dress up to show the heel of her shoe

"Well then my good friend Risa, I believe your hat there crocked." She tipped the hat off the girls head

Raising her hand, as if about to hit someone she screamed,"Hey! No picking on the small people!"

"Now, now, that's not how a young lady should ac...

"Urgghhhh, Oh just shut up now!" Risa yelled while picking up her hat

Lana walked on with a smile and Risa walked with a grudge of losing. Lana was anormal height 4 her age. She had long black hair that was wavy/curly and medium fair skin. Her eyes were a deep brown that reminded u of chocolate ice cream. She was smart, and shy to strangers, but completely opposite once you got to know her. Risa on the other hand was small and short. She had dyed dark auburn hair and hazel eyes. She had a cute bubbly personality, Slow when it came to common sense, completely clumsy, and anger management was in her future.

A short walk away a middle age lady and 3 young men stood in a group.

"Welcome, I am Lady Sarah." She curtsied politely, her royal blue and white dress moving with her body in elegancy.

The girls bowed and said in harmony, "Thank you for your invitation"

"Sir Matthew and Sir Maxwell will be your young ladies escorts for this evening's activities" Lady Sarah announced while gesturing toward the two boys closet to her

Two of the boys stepped forward. Both of them had black hair and were utterly gorgeous. Matthew stepped forward. His hair was parted so that most of it covered his right eye. He wavered his right hand toward Lana and said,

"My lady"

Lana took the hand without seconds thoughts and began 2 walk with him, while trying to keep her composure. Thoughts were rumbling through her head

/ /

Oh my, he is gorgeous. This is will be a fun day...

She smiled to herself and kept walking with him. The two seemed to be in their own little world.

"Shall we be off then" The second boy, indicated to be Maxwell asked following the exact steps as his friend. Risa lightly placed her hand on his and said "Of course sir Maxwell" Oh yes! with a cute smile.


"Mistress, What will be our evening activities" Matthew walked with her paced

She giggled, "Sir Matthew please refer to me as Lana. For this evening's activities I would like to go boating." She smiled faintly and gave him a quick glance down. She was so nervous.

How am I going to get through this day again? Where's the beer when you need it. I wonder how far he will sit from me, and how far sitting will go...

He was dressed in dark evergreen knickers, with a white ruffle top. Brown shoes to match his eyes. She couldn't help but think of this a fairytale romance. She has read way to many books in her lifetime to know what will happen.

"Pleasant plans Lana, and you may call me Matt" he smiled back and gestured to the left side of the fork. Lana walked ahead, lightheaded by his smile.

Far behind them Maxwell and Risa were walking brisk fully together.

Max turned to the side to face Risa.

"Miss, what are your plans for this evening."

"I think Iwould like to go horseback riding, may there be meadows nearby." She started walking again glancing at him.

Hmm Iwonder what could happen while horse back riding...

"Yes miss, there are, just beyond the orchards there." He pointed straight ahead, grinning casually.

"Than my you fetch me a mare, I would like to go as soon as possible" she jumped slightly increasing her walk. Over excited as she was her mind was rambling on.

/ /

Maybe will take a break and get to know each other better, or maybe we could kiss, or should I just be a slut and see how seductive I can go?

Max began to walk a few feet away. His brown uniform match Matthew's only the different colors identified them.

"Certainly"The smile he gave was drop dead worthy.

A few hours later Lana and Risa were back at where they started, going back home though the orchids. There escorts still at their side chatting away. Lana stopped in front of the small crowd and said, "So do you guys always work here?"

"No, just every 3 weeks, our parents own this place and we're forced to help out at least once a month" Max answered right away.

"Oh, how cutes! Hey Lana they should come to Lolita tomorrow." She turns toward the two,"Say your names at the door, they will let you in on a discount. Bring about 30 dollars each." She giggles and points up at them, indicating a must.

"We will be there then" Both answer in harmony and kissed the two girls on the cheek goodbye.


"Riiiiiiii!, hurry up in there" A girl in a pair of happy bunny pajama bottoms and a emerald green tank top stood pounding on the door. Her brownish blonde hair flying up with every movement she made.

She takes forever. I wonder what she's doing anyway.

"1 sec. Ami!This dress isn't that easy 2 take off. Go bother Lana or somebody else other than me!" Bomp Risa fell backwards landing straight on her back, feet up in the air.

"Ow. This dress was so much easier to make than it was to take off."

She fidgets around, removing every layer 1 by 1. By the time she finished her room was transformed into a fluffy burgundy and black cloth masterpiece.

This will be fun to clean...

She couldn't even tell where her bed was. I guess that is what she gets for wanting to change in the dark, with the presence of a night light.

A few minutes later Risa opened the huge wooden door. Her hair was in tight curls bouncing around in two pigtails in the back of her head. She leaned on the side and folded her arms.

"Happy now that I'm in normal clothes, or at least pajama's." she shrugged breathing in and out indicating annoyance.

"That's why you fell getting the dress off." She laughed and pointed straight at Ri's stomach. "You took so long! Now help me find Mina. She's like missing or something." Dami yanked on Risa's hand and pulled her out of the doorway.

Risa straggled behind Dami. The walked down a long hallway into a big open room. It had a pool and a Jacuzzi, including the little tropical trees on the side. A huge curving stairwell lay opposite of it. They ran up it with a hurry, not bothering to even say hi to the boy who passed by them.

What are those two doing...

"Mina! Where the fuck are you?" Risa screamed after slamming the 9th door. Dami closed a door behind her and muttered, "Watch, I bet she watching some stupid soap opera."

At that exact moment both girl's backs slid down the wall and onto the floor. Their butts hit and they smashed the back of heads up on the wall.

"Now what smart one? I could have been sleeping or on the computer or anything but sitting in a hallway bored to death" she looks up at the ceiling

"Well like we gotta find her, I mean I haven't seen her since you and Lana left for that stupid fair or whatever it was!"

"Oh wow, so you haven't seen her so you make me do search party with you? Do I really look like a dog to you? That's like mom over protectiveness right there. Don't tell me you been watching home videos or reading parent magazines." She looks at Dami and then yells, "Wait, Wait, Your not pregnant!?!?!?!" She stands up and points the finger like Dami is the bad guy in a detective movie.

"NO RI!" She stands up and shakes her head and hands in harmony.

"I'm not, I'm just you know, worried about everyone. Okay! Like we only got each other. Most of us don't even talk to our parents anymore. I just don't want anyone to feel like their... you no... um... um... unwanted like."


The two calmed down and went back to sitting on the floor with there heads against the door frames. 2 minutes go by in utter silence.

ump, ump, ump, ump

Ami looks up at Ri and whispers "Which idiot is playing music so loud?"

"I don't know. Lets go find out. But wait... who's on this floor to begin with?" She pauses and thinks to herself

This is the guest and study rooms...

Walking straight down the hall and through two doors, they end up at 1 of guest rooms. The music is even louder and u can barely stay still with all the vibration.

"Why is there music coming from a guest room. No one is suppose to be visiting us."

"I don't Know, Open the Door Ri." Finding her balance she holds on to a side table outside the door.

"Wait, why me? Why can't you do it?"

"Umm, cuz maybe I can't even stand up like you can."


She shrugs and staggers to the door. Ri opens the door to find the room pitch black and the music blows her ears to oblivion. Ami runs under her arm and slashes the light switch and then immediately putting her hands over her ears. She ends up bumping into a small table stand in the process.

"Oh SHIT!" Ri looks dead at the couch to see Mina unbuttoning the shirt off Fall Out Boys bass guitarist Pete Wentz. She hasn't seen him since he hooked up with Mina at the show 3 days ago. Well, Well, Well

Oh shit, I'm so dead later. Wait, doesn't Pete go out with Ashley Simpson or w.e the plastic surgery addicts name is...

"O wow. Well I guess we found Mins." She turns her head to Risa and smiles faintly. Then she utterly makes kissie noises and begins 2 make out with her hand.

Haha, make jokes then run and leave, blame it all on... THOMAS... yea...

Just as those sounds where made Mina seem to come back to the present. Her senses suddenly overflowing her body now, making her able to override her urges and fantasy's. She pulls back from Pete's butterfly kisses down the nape of her neck.

"The Fuck!" Mina yells out as sprawling around the grasp of her occupant. She fell out of Pete's creamy white arms and looked like a deep sea diver who just came up for air. Her face was full of shock with a hit of anger. She was on the floor, bright red colored her full face making her the famous tomato without the green top.

Why the hell are they here, ruining my fun. I mean come on, I want some privacy with my boyfriend for awhile, and I get a search party. That's real cool.

She fidgets around making herself sit up. Pete now becomes aware as well, but can't stop staring at the two girls at the door. His mind was half shut off because of the activities that were "about to happen". Seems he's not the only one that wanted to have some fun tonight.

"Why the fuck are you two here." Mina is now standing up and walking towards her friends. Risa begins to shake her head and then points straight to Dami.

"Well, Ami was worried you were missing and made me do search party with her. And to think it would be a walk in on the lushes Pete Wentz and Mina Hertz. O0o0o0o0o" She laughs while her words slurred around the room and begins to skip backwards out the door.

"Ami! Why play search party with her! She is gonna post this everywhere. No, More than that. Blackmail me! My life is so ruined!"

Fuck, Fuck, FUCK MAN! Not only is Pete my boyfriend but he's cheating on Ashley with me. If this gets out were screwed over, no I'M screwed over. PERMANTLY!

"Sorry. If Iwould have known that this was going on I would of never did search party. But it's just that I got scared and Ri was the closet person I could find at the time. Soo0o0o0 like I LOVE YOU!" with those words both girls ran out the doorway before another word could be said. Or worst... before a punch could be thrown. When Mina was pissed, everyone got cursed out and the one that was guilty got a special present. They high tailed it all the way down 2 flights of stairs and back to the main hall with the pool. To their surprise the boy standing near the stairs earlier never seem to have left. It's been about 20 minutes since that time. Shouldn't he have gone and left that spot by now?

"Eh!Thomas!" Ri and Ami yell and jump to give him a hug. He hugs them back and says,

"Hey Ri, Ami. What are you two up to?" they way he moves his eyebrows suggests he's been watching them for a while.

"Just making sure all the room's where clean." Ami replies sweetly while side stepping around him, "I mean were having guest in a few days anyway, so we were um, um just checking to see if everything was in place." She smiles.

"Oh, That's cool, so do anyone of you wanna join me for a drink? I'll buy!" he asks smiling and pointing backwards down to the staircase.

Risa suddenly pushes Ami forward and says, "Oh Ami was just gonna go down there, Ithough have to um, find Nick and Zack to tell them about tomorrows plans. You know already right?" She wiggles her eyebrows and starts down the hall

She will so0o0o thank me later

"Ugh, you mean who's coming to perform, yea I know." He waves his hand down and then turns to Dami. She looks so pretty in anything she wears, even if its all torn up she can still pull it off. He couldn't help but to look her up and down, it was a guys nature after all. After the mindless distractions the two walked down another flight of stairs into a dark dusty room with neon lights.

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