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Chapter One.

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Brendon and Ryan aren't friends. They barely know each other. Then something brings them closer. Parents try to tear away what they have which puts stress on the couple. Throw in some ex's and we'l...

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Hey guys! Tell me if this starts good. I'm no good at sappy love stories, so don't expect this to be one! Anywhoo, tell me if I should continue. Please and thanks. :D
-Jon and Spencer, yeah they'll be in here for a little bit.
-This reflects nothing of the people in real life, this only uses their image that they have for lack of a mind to create a character.
-This is told from Brendon's POV.
-I own nothing more than the mere plot.
-I don't own the characters and if I create one then yes, I own it.

Okay, enjoy. :]

There he was. Aw man, he’s just so cute! But he’s not gay. I’m sure he wouldn’t like me. God listen to me. I sound like a fucking lunatic. Ahhh well. Welcome to my life. The name’s Brendon.

This day’s going to suck. I walked into my English class. Shit. We have new seats. I hope I don’t get stuck next to Ryan. God hates me, I probably will. I guess it’s a good and bad thing.

I looked around for my desk. My teacher put labels on the desks, I think that’s retarded. Oh joy, I’m in the back. Ah fuck. Ryan’s next to me! Damn shit fuck. God and my teacher hate me! These seats are so for the rest of the year, this sucks. Yet it’s good at the same time. Agghhh! I sound like an obsessed teenager!

“Huh?”, I looked up as I heard my name. “Do you have a pen I could borrow?”, Ryan’s brown eyes bore into mine. “Uhh...” Don’t stutter, don’t stutter, don’t stutter. “Yeah, I think.” I searched my pockets, pulling out a pen. I handed it over. “Thanks”, he took it and started the writing assignment we were supposed to be doing.

God really hates me. One, he puts me next to this boy in every class I have with him. Two, our lockers are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. And three, WE’RE FUCKING NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS! You’d think me and him would be great buddies. We’re not.

Shit, now I’m staring. Not smart Brendon! Ugh. I made myself look back down at the paper. This is gonna suck. I sighed and continued to write.

“I am not crazy!”, he wouldn’t believe me. Damn you Jon. Jon was laughing, bastard. I felt my phone vibrate, I fished it out of my pocket and sighed. “Sorry Jon gotta go. If you tell anyone, I will SO kill you”, I gave him one last look. He laughed, “Okay, okay! I’ll take it to my grave.” “Good”, I walked out of his room and down the street. It was about ten thirty at night. Whoops! A little later than planned, I hoped I’d make it to my house before the city curfew.

As I passed an alley I heard some ruckus. I didn’t want to get involved, but I heard Ryan’s voice. “Get the hell off me dammit!” He sounded like he was in trouble.

I stopped walking right after the alley. I was out of view. I heard him cry out, I bit my lip. What to do, what to do? Help or run? There was more scuffling noises. Fuck. I better help.

I turned into the alley, pretending to be going home. Well it WAS a shortcut anyway. I saw Ryan get thrown into a wall and stopped walking. One of the kids saw me, “What the hell are you doing here?!” “Uhh...”, I didn’t know what to say. One of the other kids tried to punch me, I ducked and caught him in the stomach.

Another kid was still beating the shit out of Ryan, I don’t know why the hell he wasn’t fighting back. Finally after a few minutes the kids just seemed to scatter. I guess they had to go home or something.

I made my way to Ryan’s side, “Dude are you okay?” He replied with a nod, nothing more nothing less. “Do you want some help?” Well that was a stupid question, of course he wanted help! Dumbass Brendon. He nodded again before falling on his face. Did he just pass out?

So, like not like? Please tell. Pros and cons, anything. :] I have most of this planned out and already written so I'll update daily pretty much. And until I get a few reviews, I won't update. So it's left up to you guys!
It won't take but ten seconds. :D
Heh, okay byeeee!
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