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Only October

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Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst, Drama - Published: 2005-05-10 - Updated: 2005-05-10 - 316 words - Complete


I was so happy to learn
That I would be born in May
I just wanted to get out of here
And have fun everyday

I want to learn how to crawl
To stand and eventually walk
I want to learn how to chew
To laugh, smile and talk

I want to play with pretty dolls
And color and draw and write
I want to learn to be brave and mature
And sleep alone in my room at night

I want to talk to my friends on the phone
And chat with them online
I wanna be old enough for freedom
And to taste my first glass of wine

I want to be able to drive a car
And have my friends ride with me
I want to go out of town with them
Get away before college, just be free

I want to marry the man of my dreams
And start a wonderful family
Raise up good, loving kids
That will remember us eternally

I want to have flowers by my grave
With my husband right beside me
I want to be fulfilled
So I would die happy

I wanted to learn how to live
But I guess that cannot be
Coz I went out too early
It's only October, you see

Doctors hands killed me
But I know you wanted him to
Mommy, I don't understand
You don't really hate me, do you?

Did you love me, mommy?
Even just for a day?
Or did you really just hate me
And wanted me to go away?

Mommy, why'd you let me go?
I didn't even have a name
I tried to make you feel my hurt
But you killed me just the same

But still, I love you, mommy
And I really hope you know
That even though I'm dead and gone
I'll forever love you so
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