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A Never Ending Dream

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A Never Ending Dream

I used my black BMW motorcycle in going to school. It’s so fast, making my travel time short. It takes a fifteen minute drive from my brother’s condominium to school, but if I use my BMW it will only take five minutes, cool isn’t it. On the way to school, my mind is preoccupied about that thing Bryan was talking about. I got curious; because Bryan is a person that has a very long patience and a very understanding person, but this thing that mom did, really hit the nerve. The time passed quickly than this morning like nothing had happened. When I reached my brother’s condominium, I was surprised to hear silence. I know Ralph is already there but even a single sigh or something, I cannot even hear. When I went in, Bryan was in the kitchen with Ralph and they were not fighting, “Now that’s odd” I said in my mind. “Welcome back”, Bryan said without looking back to see me. I was surprised because I know no one heard me come in and I was really careful so that they won’t notice me, but he. “How did you know he’s here without looking and I didn’t even notice him”, Ralph said in a surprise tone. “I just know”, then he chuckled and Ralph rolled his eyes. “Hungry?” he continued. “Yeah”, putting my hand on my stomach. “Bryan?” now, putting my hand at the back of my neck. “Yeah” he said still not looking. “If you don’t mind, can I stay here for the night? I need to be early in school tomorrow.” “Sure”, he said without even thinking about it. “How about you Ralph do you want to stay over at least we could have bonding,” he said emphasizing the last word then he chuckled. Ralph look at him with an irritated looked and said “Sure”. Dinner was the same; the room was silent again, like we were eating with strangers. I don’t know how they can manage this silence without feeling awkward or uncomfortable at all. “Do you want to tell us something Alex?” Bryan said breaking the silence. “Me?” I said in a curious tone. “Yes, do you want to share something? Is something bothering you, dear bother? If you don’t mind I want to know about it.” He said, making me speechless. Bryan and Ralph waited for me to speak but whatever I do, I can’t put myself together so I can tell them, I was in a state of shock. How did Bryan suddenly know something is bothering me even though I’m not showing or telling him? “Are you going to tell us or not?” Ralph said in an impatient tone. Still I looked at the table. “If you’re not ready I could wait”, Bryan said in a calm voice then he stood. “Wait”, I said still looking at the table. “Well…” I said trailing off and Bryan sat again. “Well, there are many things that is really bothering me, first the dream I was having for about three weeks now, second about this morning and last about awhile ago.” I said still looking at the table. “Dream?” “Awhile ago?” Ralph said in a curious tone. “The dream I was talking about in the phone this morning.”
“Oh! So what happened?”
“Well...People were…people were… killing their own kind. Some people were swimming on their own blood.” I said without looking at them. “Then I saw mom”, I continued. “She was carrying three kids, maybe that was us. Then there were these three big men who want to kill us all and I don’t know their motive.” I said and I close my eyes. “The dream look like it happened in a real life, like I was there” I said in a scared voice.
“If you don’t mind can you tell me how they kill each other?” Bryan said
I nodded and continued. “Some were burned alive, some their heads were cut off and I saw this creatures, I’m not sure if they were humans but their drinking the blood of their kind.” I said and shivered.
“I really don’t know why I was having this dream; I don’t even know the reason behind it.” I said. “Is that all?” Bryan asked. I just nodded and stood. “Where are you going?” Ralph asked. “Assignment”, I said, trying to calm myself.

That night I slept at the living room so I could see the moon from the terrace. The truth is I don’t want to be with them if I had that nightmare again. I fought against my heavy lids by using the necklace, which I wore, as distraction but still I failed. That night I had a different dream like it was a continuation. We were like in a dungeon and it was cold. The two men were at my mother’s back and the other one was the one leading them. It was dark but I don’t know how that man can see from this total darkness. When we reached the place that has a light, I can see those creatures again drinking the blood of their kind. I also saw the kid I was looking for a woman was carrying him. When I was about to touch her, she turn around and I saw her lips pressed against the neck of the kid and there were a lot of blood in her white dress. All I did was walk away until I reached this room. I felt guilty that I didn’t do anything for them, I was there but the only thing I did was to run away. When I went in I saw mom being punished. “Stop” I said running towards her, then this dark men was in front of me again. All I can do was watch, watch my mother bleed and suffer. “There are my sons Amphelice and you don’t have the right to get them from me!” a man said in an angry voice while holding my mother’s hair to see her face. I was about to save my mom when everything went black again. I woke up perspiring and gasping for air again. When I looked at the clock it was already three in the morning. I tried to close my eyes but the dream is still hunting me. I cannot stand it anymore, so I just sat up, turned on the television, so I could have a distraction. “You’re up early.” Bryan said and I startled. How did he go out of the room without making a single sound? “Sorry, to startle you”, he said. “Why are you up so early? It’s only four in the morning.” He asked. “I can’t sleep.” I lied and he sat next to me. “Is something bothering you again? Do you want to tell it to me brother? He asked. How does he know everything? This is not Bryan. I felt that he was staring at me, waiting for me to answer and I think his examining my reaction. It took me a minute or two to put my self together so I could answer him. “Nothing”, I lied without looking at him. “Are you sure?” he asked. “Yes, I’m sure”, I lied again. When I looked at him he was gone. Another weird thing about Bryan he’s moving without any sound like he was a ghost. After few minutes I could smell brewed coffee and it’s filling the entire unit. I went to the kitchen to see, what he was doing. “Want some coffee?” he asked. ‘No thanks”, I said putting my arms on top of the counter. “Today is the day, isn’t it?” I said. He looked at me with a confused look. “The reunion”, I said. “Oh…” he said and he looked at his coffee. “And you’re going no matter what”, I said. “I’m not, I made my word and I’m going to stick with it”, he said in a serious tone. “We’ll see”, I said in a teasing tone and I grinned. He looked at me with a curios look.
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