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Born To Die

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A/N: wrote ot after reading "too young to die" and "goodbye doesn't mean forever" by lurlene mcdaniel. if you read both, it's in jory's pov.

Long, black, flowing hair
Framed Melissa's flawless face
And as I look at my very best friend
I can't help but think of the good old days

She had everything to live for
She had hopes, loves and dreams
Then suddenly cancer took her
We were born to die, it seems

I remember how her blue eyes twinkled
How she smiled and laughed back then
Lord knows just how much I'd give
To see her happy again

Tears threatened to fall from my eyes
And I fought them back with all my might
I would be brave just like Melissa
There was no way I'll lose this fight

She was the bravest person I knew
Yet soon her battle was lost
But she kept it up until the end
No matter what the cost

Today at her funeral
I could no longer hold it in
Melissa looked just like an angel
In her casket of white satin

Death gave back what life took away
Kneeling by her I felt so helpless
Holding back tears as much as I can

I fooled myself that I can be brave
Melissa, forgive my tears
I just miss and love you so much
You've been my best friend all these years

You're really all I ever had
And I can't find the strength to hold on
If only I could've fought with you
Then cancer would not have won

As I sit ands stare at my very best friend
As my eyes took in her expressionless face
Hope left my heart forever
It was gone without a trace

She looked so peaceful and at rest
And no longer did she have to bleed and cry
But it was a shitty price to pay not to hurt
Coz sixteen is just way too young to die
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