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The 'Rejects'

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With a little push from Finch, Gerard gets the courage to talk to Frank, who learns a little something about our protagonists.

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Just GO for it, Already! Chapter 2

Gerard slammed his palm down onto the horn, the loud, low cry of the car piercing the morning’s sleepy silence. He leaned his head out the window, the still air feeling cool against his face.

“Hurry the fuck /up/, Finch!” he called, his voice echoing down the street. The front door to the small, square house opened almost immediately after his echo of his voice had faded away. Finch stepped out onto the porch, kicking the toe of her boot onto the concrete in order to situate it onto her foot properly. She adjusted the black backpack around her arm, some sort of packaged cereal bar hanging out of her mouth by its unopened wrapper. Stumbling clumsily onto the driveway, she looked disgruntled as ever, her eyes arrowed, her brow furrowed.

Gerard suppressed a laugh as she plopped down into the passenger’s seat, laying her bulky bag onto the floor. She pulled the cereal bar out of her mouth and tore it opened with her teeth.

“What took you so long?” Gerard asked as he pulled out of the driveway. “I was about to just leave you and get the fuck out of here.” Finch’s hair was in a half ponytail again and she blew a loose strand out of her face (for what reason, Gerard wasn’t sure- it seemed to be the intention that her hair fell in that position anyhow).

”Dude!” she exclaimed through a mouthful of breakfast, the pitch of her voice increasing by several octaves. “I woke up fucking late and had to do my hair and makeup and my boots were missing and-”

“Why do you go through so much trouble to make yourself up every morning?” he asked, alternating his glances between the road and his friend. Out of the corner of his eye he could see that she had drawn a black heart on her temple with eyeliner. That was new.

In a completely serious voice, she replied, “If I didn’t, I’d look like a skinned baby in a bag of salt.” Gerard let out a quiet, / “Ew…”/, crinkling his nose is disgust.

Gerard looked like he did every other day: Black hair disheveled, hanging at about the same length as Finch’s (about an inch or so above his shoulders), black band T-shirt hugging his lean frame (today it was Iron Maiden), black faux leather jacket, a faded pair of jeans. Ordinary. And, in his opinion, boring.

“You, on the other hand,” Finch continued. “Look fine every day. You don’t even need to like do anything because you’re a guy. As a woman, I’m morally obliged to prevent myself from looking like shit.” Gerard scoffed.

“Yeah-fucking-right! I’m so boring it hurts. That’s why…” He trailed off, their oddly girly conversation fading out. Finch looked over at him, straightening her long, black coat.

“That’s why what?” she asked, her voice suddenly soft. He shook his head and softly muttered /”Nothing”/. Finch twisted herself beneath her seatbelt in order to face him, pulling her legs up into the seat.

“No, really,” she insisted. “That’s why what?” Gerard swallowed and stared at the road ahead of him.

“That’s why…people don’t…/notice/ me,” he muttered. Finch raised her eyebrows thoughtfully at the word ‘people’.

“/People, huh?” she asked. She let out a small breath of air and Gerard knew this far in their friendship that that meant she had now moved into her ‘best friend’ state. “Would these people/ be named…/Frank?/”

“No!” Gerard protested. He stumbled clumsily over his words. “That’s not…I don’t think he’s even…” He pulled into the school parking lot, feeling stupid and insecure for no reason at all- well, more than he normally did. The two sat in silence for a few minutes. Finch stared at Gerard, rare sympathy gleaming behind her eyes.

“You know what?” she said suddenly. “I think you’re great. You’re my best friend. He’d be lucky to have you. In fact, he’s lucky you’re interested. And so help him God if he’s not your boyfriend before all of this is over.” She (violently) unhooked her seatbelt, scooped up her bag and jumped out of Gerard’s car.

Before what’s all over? he thought. He would have said it out loud, but was now to preoccupied with catching up to his friend. He scrambled after her and grabbed onto her shoulder.

“No, Finch,” he protested. He looked desperate. “Please, don’t say anything. I just…I don’t want him to know yet.” Finch shrugged.

“Fair enough,” she replied as they walked towards the entrance to the school. “That wasn’t my initial plan, anyway. It’s only been like two days. You don’t wanna freak him out by confessing your love for him or something.” Gerard remained silent as they entered the lobby: A large, rectangular room with students congregating in every corner. They flocked to their respective cliques, catching up on gossip, the day’s news, weekend plans. Gerard and Finch wandered to their usual spot: a small, chair less table against the wall directly across from the main doors. Finch lazily dropped her bag onto the floor and plopped herself onto the edge of the table. Gerard gently set his bag on the table and joined her. His stomach felt as if it had been tied in a knot. He didn’t even need to see Frank, the response was almost Pavlovian. All he had to do was imagine that beautiful person and he just…

“Heyheyhey!!” Finch cried suddenly, the three separate words spoken so fast they became one. “There he is! Go invite him to sit with us!” She pushed him off the table and his insides went into a nervous spasm. He froze in place. He could see the bring yellow of the boy’s two-toned hair. His heart immediately swelled and jumped into his throat, his muscles locking up like steel.

“I can’t,” he said sharply. He back up until the back of his legs were pressed firmly against the table. “Finch, really, I can’t do it. You go.” His friend nudged him with the toe of her boot.

”Go!” She commanded firmly. It was amazing how big her voice could be, considering she was only five feet tall. “I can’t do this for you. You have to do this by yourself. Trust me…” He looked back at her, feeling hopeless and scared and a million other things he shouldn’t feel just because he had to talk to another human being alone for a few seconds. His eyes were large and sad, as if trying to say, ”Please, don’t make me do this.” Finch gave him a soft, sympathetic smile. “You can do this.” And With a hard kick to the back, she yelled out, “Now, /GO!/”

Gerard was forced out into the crowd of students. Nervousness flooded his body, his legs threatened to give away beneath him. He approached Frank, his tongue feeling much too large for his mouth.

“H-hey there, F-Frank,” he stuttered out, looking at the ground, only glancing up periodically as though to make sure he was still there.

“Oh,” Frank replied. He looked up a Gerard and seemed so small in comparison. “Hey, um…Gerard, right?” He looked unsure.

“Y-yeah,” he responded. The nervousness was ebbing away slowly. “Hey, you wanna…sit with me and Finch? Like…until the bell rings? We can…um…show you to your class if you still like…don’t know…” If he wouldn’t have looked like an idiot, he would have slapped himself. Instead, he gestured towards the table where Finch was sitting, swinging her legs in a childish fashion. She noticed the two looking and, smiling broadly, waved frantically. Frank shrugged and said, ’Sure’. Gerard hoped he hadn’t imagined it, but it seemed as if there was a tiny breath of relief following Frank’s response.

Finch watched Gerard give a sigh when Frank wasn’t looking. She smiled.

Good for you, Gee-Gee, She thought. Now, if you can keep that up, you might have a boyfriend in your future.

“So, how goes it, Frankie-san?” Finch asked cheerfully, patting him on the back as he sat down between her and Gerard. Frank shrugged.

“Good, I guess.” A look of displeasure crossed his face as he scanned the lobby.

“I don’t like it here, either,” said Gerard suddenly. He said it with a sort of despondent resignation, as if he wished it was otherwise. Frank didn’t say anything. He had turned to face Gerard and now seemed to be studying his somber expression. When he turned to look at Finch, he saw her expression had changed to one that was stoic; her brow furrowed slightly, her mouth a straight line of her face. Gerard seemed sad about their displeasure in their surroundings. Finch seemed angry.

“If you’re smart, you’ll find a clique to fit into,” she said in a grumble that was drastically different from her earlier demeanor. “If you don’t do it now, while you’re still new…fresh meat…you’ll end up like /us/.”

“What do you mean?” Frank asked. There was almost an air of innocence to his voice. Finch opened her mouth to speak but it was Gerard who answered instead.

“We don’t belong here. We’ve both tried. No group wants us.”

“Fuck, even the self-proclaimed misfits don’t want us.” Her voice was like venom. The pair seemed to have personalities that, under normal conditions, would have conflicted painfully. Gerard was almost always silent, his eyes large and soft with a strange sadness. Finch’s expression was mean unless Gerard was around. Otherwise, she was scowling angrily at anyone within a three foot radius. She looked up and looked over at Gerard.

“But we’ve always had each other, so it’s not so bad.” She was smiling again. Gerard forced a smile back. He looked at Frank. The butterflies returned to their place in his stomach with full force. They were more than butterflies now. Now they were wasps, buzzing and stinging at his insides with a nervousness he could hardly contain. He felt like he was going to puke.

“Why?” Frank asked suddenly.

“Why what?” Gerard responded, confused.

“Why do people do that? They don’t even know you.” It was impossible to tell if he was angry or sad or even a combination of the two. “I’ve known you guys for like, a day. I’d rather be here with the both of you in the ‘rejects corner’ than with those fuckers.”

Finch exhaled. “I take it you’ve had trouble before,” she said, biting the nail polish off her nails.

“Yeah,” he replied, disdain lining his voice. “Boarding school was hell.”

Gerard’s insides suddenly warmed up about 400 degrees. It seemed like every second he and Frank were becoming even more connected. And he was jus sitting there, their faces about a foot apart. Gerard bit his lip, the temptation to just lean in and kiss that beautiful creature almost too great to resist. Finch’s face suddenly broke into a smile, her features lighting up. She held out her hand for Frank to take.

“Well then, Frankie,” she said. “Welcome to the rejects.”
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