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My chemical Romance in ponyville

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Erm...basically. My chemical romance as My little pony's. Just a short one shot me and my friend came up with.

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A/N: Erm yeah...this is another one of mine and my best friends idiotic ideas...No idea how come up with this stuff, we just make it up as we go along and then i end up either drawing it or writing a one shot on it. 0.o
This is because we've developed another odd obesession little ponies! (Theres an awesome hallowe'en pony!!) Anywaaaay - Hope you like this story!!

Gerard yawned and opened his eyes, another great day on the Black parade tour...wait. Since when had the bed sheets been green and...springy? Were they meant to look like grass? "What the..?" Mumbled Gerard. He went to swing his legs out of his bunk but failed because 1) He wasnt in his bunk, he was lying in a field and 2) He was now a pony.
"GERARD! YOUR AWAKE!" Gerard heard Frank. But instead of the usual human he was used to - a neon pink pony with a black emo fringe and lip and nose ring was bounding over. He had a picture of a white guitar with the name pansy on it on his behind. Tattoos were on his front legs and neck. "Looook Gee! We're all PONIES!" He cried. Clearly happy about this. Gerard struggled to his erm...hooves...and stared down at himself. He was red and had a loose black tie round his neck. He guessed his mane was black since that was his hair colour. He turned his head to look at his rear end and saw a picture of a microphone. Frank gave a happy whinny and Gerard blinked in confusion. "What? How? How did we become ponies?" He cried.
"I dunno. But isnt it cool!" He cried. Gerard turned round, flowers and butterflies were everything. It was so...girly. He saw who he guessed must be Mikey, since he had a picture of a bass on his rump. He was neon green and was flicking his sandy coloured mane back and forth. Grinning widely. Gerard knew Ray from his mass of curls atop his head and was bright blue, he had a guitar on his behind and a short curly tail, he was chewing happily on a daisy. Bob was the only one who looked as confused as Gerard. His mane was blonde and he was neon orange and he had a lip ring. A picture of drumsticks was on his bum and he was looking around him, shell shocked. Gerard galloped over, closely followed by Frank. "Bob man! Whats happened to us?" He cried.
"I was hoping you'd tell me" Replied Bob. His wide pony eyes glistening with confusion.
"Who cares!? This is awesome!" Cried Frank. Bob rolled his eyes.
"Always the optimistic. Man I need a smoke." Said Bob looking around.
"I'll join ya" Said Gerard and Frank nodded eagerly. Instantly three lit cigarettes appeared in the grass. They all whinnied in delight and tried to pick them up. But their hooves clearly werent capable of doing so. Gerard pawed at his cigarette. But he just couldnt get it. Frank bowed his head, trying to use his mouth to pick up his, he tried but failed and straightened up moodily before going cross eyed to see that the cigarette was stuck in his lip ring and pointing at his mouth. He whinnied triumphantly and pouted to get the cigarette end between his lips, he took a long drag and pulled his lips back. The cigarette resting in his lip ring. Bob saw this and used his hooves to scrape the cigarette and a fair amount of grass into his lip ring. He straightened up and took a drag. A look of calm washing over him. Gerard frowned. "Hey thats not fair!" He whined, bending down and trying to pick up his ciggarette with his mouth, but he just couldnt do it. "Dammit! Why couldnt I have a lip ring!?" He complained. Instantly a needle and ring appeared in mid air and Gerard gave a petrified yell as it began trying to pierce his lip. "NO! GET AWAY!" He yelled, galloping across the field with the needle chasing him. Frank giggled and took another drag of his cigarette. "Man I love being a pony" He said as a butterfly rested on his nose and fluttered its wings. "Wish I could say the same" Mumbled Bob, staring in fear at a little girl rushing over holding a LOT of bows....


A/N: Hope you liked. Dedicated to my best bud Bexi! Love yaz! xox
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