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Chapter Three.

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Big secrets then big sickness.

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“Hey Bren, can I tell you something?”, Ryan looked up at me from his odd position on the couch. He was halfway off the couch, his feet over the back and his head near the ground. I was sitting opposite of him in a chair, “Yeah what is it?” I was intrigued, normally he didn’t ask to tell me something. He just said what was on his mind. His hair looked kinda funny hanging down like that. “Well I haven’t told anyone else, think you can keep a secret?”, he looked like he was leading me into something. Weird much? “Yeah of course I can”, I smiled some. Ryan sat up, “Alright well”, he paused. I waited.

He was pausing for an awful long time, jez was it really that big? “Brendon I think I like you”, he said it rather blunt. I blinked, “You-you like ME?” “Yep”, he seemed pretty confident. I thought it was somewhat of a joke. This boy who I’ve had a crush on since I laid eyes on him finally says he likes me. You’d be a bit skeptical, wouldn’t you?

“Are you kidding?”, I was totally disbelieving. This had to be a joke, right? “No, but if you don’t like me that’s okay. I just had to say it”, he got kind of quiet after that. Now I knew he wasn’t joking, and I felt a little bad for not believing him at first. He’s never lied to me before, why would he lie about this? I’m an idiot sometimes.

“No it’s not that, I do like you. I’ve liked you for a while”, don’t say anything stupid! Damn! That was stupid! Ah! Ryan smiled, “Really?” I nodded, “Really.” I was jumping up and down, in my head that is.

“Ugh, I think I’m getting sick”, I leaned my head on the lunch table. “I’m sorry, I wish I could help that”, Ryan replied. He hugged me, I felt slightly better. Only slightly. He let go as Jon walked up, “Yo”, he sat down. “Hey Jon”, I kept my head down. My voice was rather monotone. “What’s wrong with him?”, Jon asked Ryan. “He thinks he’s getting sick”, he told Jon. “Oh. Dude that sucks”, that was all Jon had to offer. “Yeah”, Ryan looked down.

We had gotten closer, don’t get me wrong. But we were kind of iffy about just showing it off to public. We weren’t sure what people would think, nor our parents. Sure, we shouldn’t care, but we did.

“What?”, I groaned. I was indeed sick. Ryan’s voice filled my ears, “It’s past time to leave. We’re going to be late.” “I’m not going to school”, I replied. Was that really my voice? God, I sounded terrible! “Does your mom know?”, Ryan asked. “She’s been gone for hours”, I didn’t feel like talking. Can’t you communicate through telepathy? “Oh, well I don’t want to leave you here alone”, Ryan’s voice sounded a little worried. “Ryro it’s okay. Go to school”, I didn’t want to make him miss a day. “No”, Ryan sat down on the bed next to me. I sighed. He had already made up his mind, there was no changing it.

“Come on I don’t want to get you sick too”, I protested. Not that I cared, but I didn’t need him sick as well. “I don’t really care about being sick”, Ryan hugged me tighter, “You looked like you needed a hug.” He smiled. “I did, but--” “But nothing, I love you”, he cut me off with a kiss on the cheek.

My mom wasn’t supposed to be home until about eight that night. She would probably be mad that we stayed home, but she didn’t really have to know. At least dad wasn’t around anymore, he would have freaked.

“Ryan you really didn’t have to stay with me. But thanks”, I looked at him with a soft smile. “I know, but you need someone to take care of you. And you’re welcome”, he got up. I was confused, “What are you doing?” “It’s noon and you need food”, he walked towards the kitchen. “Do I get to choose what I eat?”, I was kind of hopeful. “No, you get soup.” I groaned.

I was sitting in Ryan’s lap with my awesome FUZZY blanket. I loved that blanket, it was like the best. It beat all the other blankets butts. Oh wait, right, the story, sorry.

So, I was sitting there, and quite content. Cold, yes, but still content. “Ryan I really don’t want to get you sick. I don’t know if what I have is catchable”, I looked at him. Was catchable even a word? I think I just made up a word. “Brendon I could care less about getting sick”, he kissed me. I was a little surprised before I kissed back.

For all those who read this, no it wasn’t a lustful kiss. It was just a sweet innocent kiss. Those are always the best, for lust leads to things that are better left untouched. Anyways, back to the story. I always get sidetracked, just like the blanket thing.

I turned over waking up more. And oh the aches and pains! I looked around my livingroom. It was only two, nobody was out of school yet. Ryan walked into the room, shirtless. He was frowning down at a stain on his shirt, apparently annoyed. “What’s wrong?”, I sat up rubbing my eyes with a yawn. Did I fail to mention the pain? “I got a stain on my shirt”, he sat across from me trying to get it out of his shirt. Oh dear lord, he’s shirtless. Ehhh, this is bad, he’s so...BAD THOUGHTS! Ahh! I’m obsessed! I really am! Someone throw me away!

“So what are you gonna tell our parents?”, Ryan asked. “I dunno. I guess that we went to school”, I replied looking over at him. He so stole one of my shirts to wear. “But that’s lying.” “Yeah, maybe so. But my mom will be pissed if she finds out I stayed home.” “But you were sick.” “I know, and now that you kissed me you’ll be sick”, I said in a half teasing voice. He shrugged, “Oh well.” He smiled and kissed me again.

“Come on, we have to make it look like we went to school”, I said. We were once again in each others arms. Ryan smiled, “Okay but you have to get dressed then.” “I’m going”, I got up and carefully walked upstairs. Wow, I didn’t realize how dizzy I was. I struggled into my clothes before I fell onto my bed. I heard Ryan walk into my room, “Brendon you okay?” I shook my head, I felt dizzier than before. “Bren what’s wrong?”, he sat next to me. I managed to say, “Dizzy.” He pulled me into a hug. “Don’t pass out on me”, he hugged me tightly. I tried to work on not blacking out.

“Are you feeling better?”, Ryan asked. “A little”, I heard him laugh some. “What?”, I managed to look at him. He giggled again, “Your shirt’s on backwards inside-out.” I half sighed, “Nothing’s going right.” I took off my shirt and turned it right side out. I went to put it on when Ryan interrupted, “You look better with it off.” He tried to pull off an innocent angelic smile afterwards. I laughed some before putting it back on.

I groaned in pain. Well that hurt more than I thought. “Oh my god! Are you okay?!”, Ryan was instantly at my side. I shook my head, “Don’t fall down stairs. It hurts.” “I kind of figured that out. How’d you fall?”, I could tell me was worried. “I got dizzy and then was falling”, I don’t really know how. All of a sudden Ryan just gasped and freaked. I was confused, “What?” “Brendon there’s blood!” “Huh?”, my vision was fading. “I’m calling 911, try not to faint!” I felt his presence leave as my world faded to black.

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