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Mini-Sode One: Shameless Whoreing

by Lizzard 3 reviews

Hey, at least it's a BIT of an update...

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Crossover,Drama - Published: 2007-12-06 - Updated: 2007-12-07 - 375 words

Scene Girl peeked out from behind a curtain at you. Yeah, you, the reader. Okay, so she DID look like a happier, sceneier Emo oy, but she was trying desperately to figure out how to get her body back.

"Pssst!" she said, beckoning for the camera to move in closer, which it did. "Okay, I know that there hasn't been a new episode out for a while. Blame the author." She threw a wadded up piece of paper at a sobbing senior's back, knocking her over.

"Apparently, she's been having some trouble keeping up in school. Which is Bull. And not the red kind, either." Scene Girl rolled her eyes. "True, she put up that picture of Emo Boy and I where it looks like he's going to grab my chest..." Scene Girl shuddered, and crossed her arms over her (flat, since she was still in Emo Boy's body) chest. "But that's not good enough. Sure, it was a GREAT picture, but still, you people deserve something to read while you wait."

Emo Boy appeaared next to her. "Get on with it. Please." he sighed.

Scene Girl rolled her eyes. "Fine, I'm hurrying up! Yeesh, so moody when you're having the painters in..." Emo Boy glowered at her. "ANYWAYS, I have a great story for everyone to read!" Scene Girl trilled. Well, it was as close to trilling as she could get with her male voice.

"And this miracle story is...?" Emo Boy asked.

"It's called /Bury Me/, and it's by Lizzard's good friend, HateAllFear!" Scene Girl grinned, moshing where she stood. "It's a GREAT story in the MY Chem section of the site!"

Emo Boy watched Scene Girl's dancing. "HateAllFear is a little sad, since no one's commented. At all. So go read it, rate it, comment it. You all know the way Ficwad works."

"And if you're STILL looking for something after that, go read Lizzard's other stories. Now, we must go bug our creator to go write more about us! Toodleoo!" Scene Girl danced away, dragging Emo Boy and Lizzard with her.

"Uhm... This Mini-Sode has been brought to you by SUNY schools. They DO want you to die before you get there!" An announcer's voice rang out. "Uhm... bye-bye!"

Mini-Sode END
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