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Vampires, unexpected allies and love. With the blood feast approaching fast who will survive as the hunters go undercover?

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Hey guys.
As some people may have noticed I haven’t posted any new stuff on here in absolutely ages! That is because I’ve been working on this =) It’s a multi-part vampire fic that I think is a bit different to everything else on here, but don’t quote me on that.

I don’t usually do this but I am going to this time to save confusion later on…

Mcr Guys

Bob Bryar- Ex-vampire hunter. Used to be the best but ended up confined to a wheelchair. Now runs a successful group of twenty plus vampire hunters from behind the scenes.

Ray Toro- Vampire with links to the Lamia clan.

Gerard Way- Top vampire of the Lamia clan. Pretty old but being a vampire still looks around mid twenties.

Frank Iero- Vampire made by Gerard Way a few years ago. Member of the Lamia clan. Was Kat’s boyfriend when he got changed.

Mikey Way- Lone vampire hunter from up north. Very talented but not very well known.

Own Characters

Kat- Was in a serious relationship with Frank. Always interested in the rumoured vampires but is now a fully blown vampire hunter. Well known amongst hunters and vampires alike. Story will be in her POV. As I don’t seem to describe her in the fic this is what I imagine her to look like; avg. height (about 5’4), slender build but muscular, shortish blonde hair, usually dressed in black for stealth purposes, clothes fitted and chunky black boots.

Ok that’s that done… I hate doing that it’s slightly demeaning… anyway in this story Mikey and Gerard ARE NOT brothers. The plot is terribly skewed if you read it as though they are.

Also there is a mention of boy on boy activity but nothing explicit. In fact it’s only talked about between two characters and it’s the relationship side and not the sexual side they are concerned with.

I think that’s it.

I’ll be posting the Prologue right after this and the first chapter hopefully tomorrow but I have family down so we’ll see. After that the amount of comments you guys give me will determine how quickly I update. =D hint hint…

[To anyone who reads the night world series by L J Smith; when I first started writing it was inspired by one of her books so any similarities are probably because of that. Of course I’m no where near as talented as her =( ]

Please read rate and review. Constructive criticism is welcome but please don’t comment me telling me my American is crap. I know, I’m English, I write in English… if I had to waste time looking up American slang then my stories would never get written.

Hope you like the fic!! xoxo
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