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A Beautiful Goodbye.

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It's a Ryan Ross One shot.

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I'm really not a fan of Ryan Ross but I wrote this for Holly because she's awesome. I'm not sure if I like it, reviews would be great!!!

Holly Chase watched as the snow fell, for the first time in years, in Las Vegas. She sat in the warmth of her small cozy apartment. The bay window, Holly sat in, looked over the mountains of Nevada as well as the famous Vegas strip miles away in the distance.

The apartment was warm, inviting, comforting. There were so many memories built up in this apartment, it was hard for her to believe that this would be the last time she sat in her window.

‘Holly get up get out of bed, Holly geeeet up.’ Ryan said as he jumped over his girlfriend on her bed as snow fell down surrounding Las Vegas in the first snow storm in decades.

‘I don’t care you freak get off of me.’ She said pushing him off the bed before pulling the covers over her head.

‘Come on get up, I have a surprise for you.’ He said as he rubbed her back up and down trying to coast her out of bed.

‘It better be Orlando Bloom with a Tiffany’s cut diamond ring.’ She said as she threw the covers back from her body throwing Ryan to the floor.

‘Sorry babe, his schedule was booked.’ He said handing her ski pants and a pair of socks and she dressed herself for the snow.

‘I hate the snow.’ Holly whined as they walked out side, Holly had yet to notice that it was still dark outside as the sparkling flakes fell down around them.

‘Stop complaining and look at the beauty.’ Ryan said stopping and holding her hand as they stood in the middle of the deserted street holding a few street lamps and cars that were quickly becoming white with snow. In a few hours, there would be children playing in the snow, dogs running, and people seeing the first real snow storm Vegas had seen in almost twenty years but for right now Holly and Ryan had it all to themselves.

‘It’s so pretty.’ Holly mumbled looking out at the sparkles coming off the glistening snow on the ground.

‘You’re so pretty.’ Ryan said kissing her neck as he stood behind her.

‘You’re too cheesy.’ She laughed as he fished in his pocket for that diamond ring.

‘You know what I think?’

‘What do you think?’ Holly chuckled.

‘I think that this snow storm has brought out the true beauty in Vegas and I think that you need something just as beautiful to match.’ Ryan said as he held out the ring in front of him so Holly could see the beautiful, large, princess cut diamond in front of her.


‘This isn’t just a diamond ring that I just happened to buy for you. I hope that when I put this ring on, it means that you’ve agreed to become Mrs. Ryan Ross.’


Ryan unwrapped his arms from around Holly waist before standing in front of her. She heard the snow crunch as he got down on one knee and held the ring in front of her, ‘I know we’re young but I love you. Marry me Holly.’

‘Oh my god, yes, yes I’ll marry you.’ She smiled as she threw her arms around his neck tackling him in the snow.

That was almost two years ago.

‘Are you planning on coming home anytime soon?’ Holly asked as she walked around the apartment in a pair of shorts and a tank top as beads of sweat ran down her neck while she fanned herself with a design magazine she had been using for homework just a few minutes earlier.

‘Maybe, I don’t know. I’m really tired of being in Vegas.’ Ryan shrugged realizing that Holly couldn’t see him.

‘I mean, I’m here.’ Holly whispered.

‘I know you are babe, but don’t you ever get sick of being in Vegas? The lights, the noise, the parents.’

‘Not really, Ryan Vegas is your home; you promised we would start planning our wedding when you got a break.’

‘I know baby, I guess you’re right. I’m just so tired of being there. I feel like it’s the same thing every day, I want to get out, to see the world to get away from everyone there.’


‘I know that you don’t understand, you haven’t been out of Vegas but once you get out you never want to go back.’

‘Ryan what are we doing?’ Holly began as tears welled up in her eyes.

‘We’re discussing?’ Ryan asked as confusion began to wrinkle his face.

‘Ryan, we’ve been engaged for two years and we haven’t even set a date for our wedding, you aren’t in the right place in your life right now where you need to be weighed down with a girlfriend and such at home and really all I want to do is settle down with someone who wants to be with me too.’

‘Holly I do want to be with you.’

‘Ryan, maybe this will work out later on but right now it’s just not working.’ Holly said as tears cascaded down her porcelain skin.

‘Holly don’t do this.’ Ryan said as tears ran down his cheeks as well.

‘Ryan, I just don’t see how we can keep this up like we are. I can’t do this anymore.’ She cried.

‘Holly I don’t think I can live with out you.’

‘I think we both need to learn before we can settle down and make this work.’

‘I told you when we were six years old that I was going to marry you. I’m going to marry you Holly Chase. It doesn’t matter if we break up now or not, we’re going to get married at some point in our lives.’

‘Hey are you ready?’ she heard a man say as she was snapped back into reality from her drifting memories. Holly turned around and looked at him. She saw his dark shaggy hair falling in his face. His big dark eyes shining as he held the puppy, His smile that warmed up the freezing weather outside.

Holly got off the window ledge and walked over to Ryan. She hugged him around the waist and laced his fingers with hers as they took one more look around the apartment. Holly took the puppy out of his arms and held it, scratching behind her ears and kissing the top of her head.

‘Ready to go honey?’ he asked as he held the small of her back and laid his hand to rest on her pregnant belly, ‘We need to get started on Maggie’s nursery before you pop.’

‘Yeah let’s go.’ She smiled turning to look at him. Ryan smiled down at her and slowly kissed her lips breaking out into a smile of his own.

After all these years, all the years of pain and heart ache, everything was perfect for Ryan and Holly Ross.
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