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Things Change

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Ryan has two bestfriends who do not get along. Not slash.

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Things Change:: Part 1

She ran towards Ryan and awkwardly stopped as she saw Brendon talking animatedly to his and her best friend.

She rolled her eyes and stood there glaring at Brendon. She wanted to have alone time with her Ry, no fair, idiot Brenny. Yeah she had a pet name for him as well but there was no way he was going to find out about it.

She stood there longer waiting and she wanted nothing more to just go over there and steal Ryan away from him.

Brendon smirked as he caught sight of her, he knew he had ruined her morning. Secretly, she loved that smirk of his. She just rolled her eyes, but only because she knew would ruin his lunch.


After her first two classes with Ryan and now in her third class, which she inconveniently had with Brendon.

Math, the worst subject with the worst person!, she thought.

They didn't talk to anyone else in that class so, they pretty much made a silent agreement to be civil towards one another, sort of.

"Bitch, move your dirty ass bag off my chair," she told him. He did this everyday except for when she randomly was here before him.

He secretly did this so no one else attempted to sit with him. So only she could.

"Ugh. Fine. My names Brendon, Whore!" he snapped and moved it very slowly. She was 'patiently' waiting and he was wearing an evil grin the entire time the bag seemed to be moving in slow motion. Finally the bag left the chair and she was free to sit.

"Thanks, Bitch." He just glared at her and she smiled.

The professor came in and took attendance. She always said "present" for Brendon and he always said "Absent.. Uh I mean, here." For Lacey.

Sometimes you would almost think they were friends not enemies. Almost.


Class let out and she smirked at Brendon. Then she booked it out the door and towards Ryan's locker.

Left Brendon back at math confused as shit. But when wasn't he confused about Lacey.

"Ry!" she squealed and wrapped her arms around her best friends neck. "Lace!" he squealed back trying not to laugh. She let go and fake glared.

She seen Brendon walking slowly, looking miserable and when he caught her looking at him, she smirked.

While he mouthed the word, 'Whore'. She felt oddly accomplished and grabbed Ryan's arm and when to lunch.

Knowing very damn well that Brendon always ate with them, but still the fact that she got to Ryan first was all that mattered.


They ate there lunch in peace. Ryan and Lacey eating burgers while Brendon ate a salad.

Lacey half way through her burger stopped. They both gave here weird looks. Brendon with food still in his mouth asked "What?"

She sat there with obvious disgust on her face. Eww, he could have at least swallowed first, she thought.

He did and attempted to try again but was startled when Ryan interrupted him. "Lacey what's the matter?"

She looked down. About ready to burst into tears. Brendon's heart broke a little. This was wasn't like Lacey at all, she was always happy and stuff. Lacey was lots of stuff but never sad.

She got up not looking at anyone and walked out of the lunch room. Ryan and Brendon both shocked and confused as shit about what the hell just happened.

Ryan started panicking but Brendon snapped him out of it. "What the fuck just happened? She was fucking fine two seconds ago! Ryan lets go find her."

Ryan startled by Brendon's outburst, smiled sadly. "No Bren. You go," He said simply. This definitely confused Brendon, but no time for that, he had to go find her.
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