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Chapter Twelve.

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More choosing, more terror, more death maybe?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2007-12-08 - Updated: 2007-12-08 - 443 words

Hey!! I haven't updated this in FOREVER! I guess C is what people wanted. Do you guys just not want them to die? Come on! :P
Please enjoy and remember the only way for this to progress is for YOU to decide!

Ray was the first to hear the low growls coming from the bush. He looked up, trying to place it. It was then that he saw the lion walk forward, but there was something different about it. Not only was it sneering, but it had an owner with it.


"Wh-what-what's this about?!", Ray was confused. Bob smiled, "Yes, it was me! It was me the whole time! You bastards never appreciated me. Now your precious lead singer and stupid guitarist is dead!" His voice led into a harsh laugh.

Mikey was angry and confused, "But!! WHY?! WHY MY BROTHER?!" "Did you not hear me Michael? I said you never appreciated me. But now you will pay. You will PAY for your mistakes!!", Bob smirked. Both he and the lion disappeared.

Ray and Mikey were stunned. Ray stood, "Mikey we have to go." "I'm not leaving him!", Mikey wouldn't leave Gerard behind. "Mikey please! We've got to go! We can come back! Do you want to die as well?!", Ray was almost frantic.

After a few thoughts he lay his brother back down. He stood up, he whispered "I'm sorry" to Gerard's corpse before turning to Ray. Ray tore his eyes away from the vocalist, "We have to go."

They found their way to the path just fine, then they found their way out of the woods just as well. But when they got to the opening, there was Bob.

Ray and Mikey froze. Bob was smiling that evil smile, the lion beside him. Mikey stood up, "Bob! Get out of our way and leave us be!" Bob laughed, "I can't do that Michael." Ray and Mikey had no idea what to do.

They couldn't hurt their friend, could they? Sure, he wasn't a friend, but maybe he was delusional.

...and maybe he wasn't.

Oh choices! They need your help!

C- Must everything resort to violence? Can they have a tea party to resolve their problems?
D- Kill Mikey and Ray, let Bob win!!
E- Kill Ray, leave Mikey to fend for himself after Bob disappears!
F- Ummm, let the lion eat everyone.
G- Goldfishy where are you?!

I hope you liked it. Sorry if it sucks, I shouldn't have waited this long to update. ><
Maybe if I make a different one like this it'll be better. :]
Please review! :D
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