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Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

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A one shot for my 3 besties!! You guys mean the WORLD to me!! Enjoy!!

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"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!" Kaitlin said, as she opened the door to Trish's apartment.

"Merry Christmas, Kaitlin!! OHH MY GOSH YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!" Trish said, as she gave her bestie a hug.

"Hey Trish, Merry Christmas," Patrick said, as he stumbled into the doorway.

He was handling a load of presents, plus Kaitlin's purse. The steps to Trish's apartment were a little slippery and he was trying to not fall.

"Merry Christmas, Patrick," Trish said, as she helped her friend out.

Soon after Kaitlin and Patrick came over, Emily and Shaant came over as well. They brought Emily's famous white chocolate macadamian nut cookies, and Shaant made a Pomegranate Pie.

"Umm....Shaant??" Trish said.

"It was an experiement," Emily explained.

Trish laughed to herself and brought the pie to the kitchen. Just then the doorbell rang again. This time it was Krystle, Andy, Pete, and Joe. The boys of Fall Out Boy always celebrated Christmas/Hannakuh together.

"Where's Jon??" Krystle asked.

"Ohh, he said that he had something to get. A cake or something. I don't know, I asked him earlier if we had any tampons, but you know that man. He just sees a tampon and well....panics," Trish said.

Kaitlin giggled. Trish looked at her friend awkwardly, then realized the inside joke behind JWalkers and panicing. Ohh driver's training at its finest.

Trish helped all of her friends to the kitchen and dining room areas. They were all going to share Christmas Eve together and exchange presents. It was getting late and Trish was getting a little worried. Jon had NEVER been THIS late before. Except for when the seventh 'Harry Potter' book came out, but that was pretty much it. She tried to call him, but there was no answer.

"I'm sure everything is ok, maybe he just had to get gas or something??" Krystle commented.

Trish nodded, but still wasn't convinced. She cautiously watched the clock tick later and later.

Suddenly, Patrick jumped.

"Are you ok??" Trish asked, concerned.

"Ohh yea, I'm fine. It's just my new vibrating cellphone. It's all good in the hood," Patrick replied.

"That's MY line," Kaitlin said, as she playfully smacked her boyfriend's shoulder.

Trish smiled and then stared out the window; hoping that her boyfriend would be home soon.

"Hey Trish, umm that garbage bag is getting pretty overflowed and well you know what happened the last time we were over, we had garbage all over the place. Because I'm intelligent," Shaant said, coming into the dining room.

Trish laughed and nodded.

"Yea, I'll take care of it," she replied.

As she wrapped-up the garbage bag, she opened the door to the garage and turned on the light, only to find herself a huge surprise. There was a sign that read: "Go to the beach....I know it's cold, but pack a parka."

Trish giggled and was still confused. She turned around, only to see an audience behind her. She was now suspicious.

"Well do what the sign tells you to do," Kaitlin said.

Trish nodded and got into her car. As she made her way to the beach, she noticed different paper signs that gave her clues.

The signs would read: "Go to the swings."

Another would read: "Then turn right".

The signs kept on getting more and more mysterious, yet gave Trish more of a clue. It was dark out and so she knew that the beach would be closed for 2 reasons. 1 because it was CHRISTMAS EVE!! and 2 because it was past 10pm.

Once she arrived at the beach, she noticed that she was not alone, but that Jon's car was in the parking lot. She pulled up to a parking spot next to his. She then saw another car pull-up beside hers. She pulled down her dark, tinted window, only to see that it was Kaitlin and Patrick's car. She was now REALLY confused.

Patrick handed Trish a note that read "Why haven't you followed my directions?? Go to the swings and turn right, until you hit the jungle gym."

Trish the got out of her car, and got to the swings. Once she got to the swings, a white rose was waiting for her. She picked-up the rose and continued her way to the jungle gym. Along her way she saw rose petals and tea candles. Once she reached her destination, she saw a blanket and a bottle of Chardonnay with one wine glass.

She smiled and then noticed that a note was attached to the bottle. It read "You are the best gift I could ever ask for, but the last time I checked, I asked for a girlfriend, not an angel."

How corny. Trish thought. It was still super cute, but she still though it was a little cliche. She then heard her cellphone ring; indicating that she had just gotten a text message. She answered the text message and it read: "Want your surprise?? Meet me by the old willow tree. Bring the glass and wine bottle. Love, Jon."

As she picked-up the glass and bottle she made her way over to the old willow tree and saw a candle flickering in the cold winter's air. She then looked all around the tree, but Jon was no where to be found. She sighed and was just about to give-up, until she felt a firm hand upon her back. She winced and then turned around only to see her boyfriend's smiling face. Jon was all dressed-up in a suit and tie. He looked so handsome, but Trish knew that he had something up his sleeve.

"Merry Christmas, baby," Jon said.

"Merry Christmas, Jon," Trish replied.

Jon then complimented on Trish's outfit, told her how much he adored her, and then kissed his girlfriend on her head.

He then reached into his suit coat pocket, got down on one knee, and gazed-up into Trish's brown eyes. Trish gasped and started to cry.

"Tricia, ever since I first met you, I've always been in-love with you. You've been the most amazing, equally stubborn, equally Starbucks obsessed, beautiful, girlfriend I could have EVER asked for," Jon announced.

Trish mouthed I love you to her boyfriend and continued to cry.

"But I can't go on living like this. I want more. I want you for the rest of my life. I know that you can't have your dad here to have me ask for his permission, but I think he'll be ok with it. So Tricia Lynne, would you marry me??" Jon asked, starting to cry himself.

Trish smiled and nodded rapidly. Jon the placed a small diamond ring on his now fiancee's left finger. They then shared a passionate kiss and Trish heard cheering behind her.

Krystle, Andy, Pete, Patrick, Joe, Kaitlin, Emily, and Shaant, were all behind her and they couldn't be happier for their two friends.

Trish then noticed that Patrick and Pete had their acoustic guitars. Joe and Shaant had prepared a bonfire for a traditional best friends sing-a-long.

Everyone then sat around the camp fire, Pete and Patrick, then started to play the song 'Yule Shoot Your Eye Out' by their band, Fall Out Boy.

Jon and Trish were cuddling and occasionally sharing intimate kisses. Shaant and Emily were cuddling as well. Krystle and Andy were silently talking and sharing kisses. Kaitlin couldn't keep her eyes off of Patrick.

Once the song was ended Patrick kissed Kaitlin and then announced that everyone should go back to Trish and Jon's apartment to really bring-out their holiday cheer.

Everyone agreed and they all headed back. Jon and Trish went in Jon's car. Krystle took Trish's car back to the apartment. Once they all got back, it was like they were all in high school again. Just talking, laughing, eating, opening presents, and having a great time.

Jon put on Trish's favorite Christmas movie, "A Christmas Story" and snuggled back to his girlfriend. About half-way through the movie, Trish had fallen asleep on Jon's lap and he placed a blanket over her. He smiled to himself as he noticed the ring on her finger. Mrs. Tricia Lynne Walker is what she was about to become.

"You know what Jon??" Krystle said.

"What's that??" Jon asked.

"Trish hasn't been this content since her daddy passed-away," Krystle commented.

"Yea, I agree," Kaitlin said.

"She's happy at concerts and other fun stuff that we do, just us girls, but ever since you've entered her life, she's been so content," Emily commented.

Jon smiled and kissed Trish's head. Trish then squirmed around, and made herself a bit more comfortable in Jon's arms. This really WAS the best gift ever.

The End.

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