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Chapter Thirty One

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Note: Sexual references.

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Chapter Thirty-One

My plan did need planning. So that’s what I did. Big mistake. Never wait to wreak revenge. You never know what’s going to happen next.

She was sitting on the window ledge, watching the rain collide with the ground, and the window, causing the world outside to become distorted. She never had liked January. It was too wet; too cold and too dark. There was no Christmas to look forward too, not fireworks really, except for New Years Eve, which was technically December.
She sighed, her breath misting up the glass. She ran a hand through her unruly hair, as she looked around the room. It was her parents’ room. Theoretically she wasn’t supposed in there, but she had been granted permission to enter the holy grounds. It was like entering a warehouse. Everything was white or silver. Everything was tidy. Everything was sterile. She wrinkled her nose for a second as she stood up and turned to open the wardrobe. She leafed through the clothes until she found what she was looking for. She pulled out the shiny silver mini dress. She grinned. Perfect.

It was for Harvey. He was doing about sixties fashion at his school, and I promised him I’d find something out for him. When I was little I loved going into my parents room. Dad would bring some toy out of his wardrobe and Mom would dress me up in her clothes. Then Dad suddenly stopped playing with me and Mom wouldn’t let me in the room any more. I don’t know what I did. But all I know is they suddenly stopped loving me.

“Where’s Lara?” Joanna walked into the living room carrying the mini dress in a waterproof bag with her. Her mother looked up from the television.
“She’s out,” was the short reply.
“Okay…” Joann looked puzzled but didn’t comment. “I’m gonna take this round to Rick’s. Bye!” And she ran out of the door, not even pausing to pick up a coat. As soon as she stepped out side her hair was flattened to her head and she was cold to the core.

Yes, it was a stupid thing, but I did it so Mom couldn’t stop me leaving. Yes, I ran all the way to Rick’s. I’m a fast runner. Got to his in about three four minutes. Harvey let me in; took the dress; said his thanks; marvelled that my Mom had ever worn a silver mini dress, and then told me that Rick was upstairs.

She smiled as she softly padded up the stairs. Led Zeppelin was playing; ‘Thank You’ to be specific. It was unofficially their song. Then, as she reached Rick’s bedroom door, she heard soft voices. She couldn’t hear what was being said, but she knew that tone of voice. It was the tone of voice used when there was a pause during a make out session. A pause that went on too long, so meaningless talk came babbling out. Except that this talk had an English accent. And it wasn’t Joanna’s. She pushed the bedroom door slightly to reveal Rick in the dark with another girl. A girl with long straight dark hair, and an English accent. A girl whose body was pressed so close to Rick that they looked like Siamese twins.
“Having fun are we?” Joanna asked in icy tones before turning on her heel and running out of the Clinton’s house. It was a shame she did that, because she missed Rick looking up in shock and confusion. She missed him pushing Lara away horrified. She missed a malicious Lara explaining to him that, no, she wasn’t Joanna. She missed Rick throwing Lara out of the house.

I just ran. Ran in the pouring rain. You know where I ended up? The cemetery. Typical setting for something ghastly to happen. Rain, graves, night falling. I sat under a faded awning, by a marble angel for three hours. I don’t know how long of it was spent crying and how much of it was simply rain falling through the holes in the old covering. Frankly, I don’t care.

“Is Joanna there?” were the words said the next day into the phone.
Joanna’s mother placed a hand over the speaker. ”Sweetheart?”
Joanna shook her head. ‘no’ she mouthed.
“I’m sorry Rick, She’s unavailable.” And with that she put the phone down. “What’s happened honey?”
Joanna shook her head again. “I- I can’t Mom.”
“But darling-“
“Just leave it!” Joanna snapped, and then turned before she could see her Mom’s reaction and hurried up the stairs. She slammed open her bedroom door, and then recoiled as she saw Lara lying on the bed.
“I see why you’re still with him Josie,” Lara purred. “Such a fantastic kisser and as for that thing that he did with- Oh wait I forgot. You don’t let guys past first base.”
Joanna stood there, her fists clenching as she felt her blood begin to boil.
“But seriously, darling, you should think about it, you really should. Especially with Ricky.”
“Don’t call him Ricky.” Joanna’s voice was low and dangerous. Lara slid off the bed and walked to stand in front of Joanna.
“Why not? Maybe you’d prefer me to call him-“ she paused before saying the next word breathlessly, “/Rick/” She laughed cruelly. “Tell you what Jo. If he’s that good, just imagine what his older brother would be like.” She grinned malevolently before walking past Joanna, humming the opening bars to ‘Thank You’.

It took all my will power not to physically attack her. I had to restrain myself if my plan was to work.
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