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They gave us two shots to the back of the head

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We sat in the basement feeling helpless. Wondering what was going on. Frank told us in detail everything that had happened and we waited quietly for Gerard. When he returned we could see tiny spots of blood all up his right arm. He walked sadly down the stairs, shoulders slumped whilst Star giggled and shut the door. When he reached the bottom he sat down against the wall and put his head in his hands. "Gerard...?" Whispered Mikey.
"I failed...It was the easiest task ever and I failed..." Gerard whispered. His voice cracked and he moved his hands away and examined his arm. Small tears leaked out of his eyes. "What did you have to do?" I asked. Ray shot me a sharp look. I couldnt help it if I wanted to know. Gerard sighed and looked at me.
"I had to sit in a chair and let them put needles all over my body." He stated simply. I bit my lip and Frank gasped, we knew how Gerard was afraid of needles. "They got a needle and they said they would do my arms first, then my chest and then my neck and then my legs...they got a needle and they put it through so it would go along then come out again a bit further along" Gerard demonstrated by running his fingers over the lengh of the top of his arm. Now I looked closely at the spots of blood I realised they were holes, and each one had another hole about an inch to the side of it where the needle had gone in and then out. Gerard sighed and more tears ran down his cheeks. "They did all this arm and I had to tell them stop...I tried so hard...but I just...I just couldnt do it...I'm so sorry" He whispered. We all hugged him.
"Its okay Gee...It doesnt matter." Soothed Ray. Gerard turned on him.
"YES IT DOES! IT DOES MATTER RAY!" He yelled, we all stared at him in shock and he bit his lip. "I'm sorry Ray...I'm so sorry" He whispered.
"Its alright" Said Ray quietly.
"I'll kill those bitches!" Yelled Mikey.
"Oooh...temper temper Mikey dearest" Giggled Star from the doorway. We all turned and looked at her. "Your next" She smiled. Mikey got to his feet, teeth gritted.
"I wont fail guys" He promised before leaving the room...

He did fail.

He came back a while later looking as sad as Gerard. After saying sorry and receiving his hugs he explained what had happened. "They wanted me to drink some champagne they gave me. They said if I drank it then I could go, just one glass. But...I didnt trust them. Maybe they knew I wouldnt and thats why they gave me such an easy task but I didnt want to risk it...Maybe I should of" He looked thoughtfully at the ceiling and we all shook our heads.
"No Mikey, you were right not to trust them" Said Ray. I sighed, we were dropping like flies. If me and Ray failed then none of us would be allowed to go and we'd be stuck down here for god knows how long whilst they did god knows what to us. The door opened and Kat appeared. "Oh Raaay, we've got some good news for you..." We all waited for her to continue. "You dont have to do a task..." Kat smiled as if this was the best news in the world...maybe we were all too shocked to smile. Or was it because we all didnt like that we now had one chance left to get out of her. Suddenly all the pressure was dumped on me. "So that means its your turn Bob" Kat grinned at me and I looked at the guys, I had never seen them looking so scared in my life. "I wont fail." I swore, and I meant it. I'd do what ever they wanted. Just let me be freed...

I was taken into a room empty except for a chair which I sat on. Kat left the room and I was alone. A million thoughts raced through my mind. What would they make me do? What would happen if I failed? Would the guys ever forgive me? Would we ever survive this? Could I succeed? Did I have the strengh anymore? I was starting to panic and wondering if I could make a break for it when the door opened and Kat and Star walked in. They approached me with sly smiles on their faces. "Wanna know what your task is Bobbie?" Asked Star. I hated her calling me that, but I knew better than to start an argument, so I slowly nodded my head. Kat tossed a gun at my feet and I slowly picked it up. "Now Bob...That thing isnt loaded. But it soon will be. You have three choices. We can give you one bullet, and you shoot yourself in the head. We give you four bullets and you shoot each one of your friends down there in the head. Or, you choose neither and so we kill you all." Star giggled madly when Kat had finished speaking. My heart seemed to have suddenly stopped beating, I couldnt breathe. " mean. No matter what I do, at least one of us is gonna die?" I asked. Kat thought for a second before shaking her head. "No. At least four of you are gonna die, because if you choose to kill yourself we're still gonna kill your friends. Your best option is to kill them yourself, then you will live. No matter what you do, either all of you will die, or just your friends will die" She said brightly. I couldnt believe this.
"I understand..." I mumbled.
"Good. Clever arent you?" Smiled Star. I held my head in my hands. What should I do? "And remember Bob. You've got a fiance, she'd be heart broken if you died..." She added. I sighed, I knew that. Joyce...What would happen to her if I died? But what about the rest of the people we knew, what would happen to them if I killed the rest of the band. What would the fans think? It was like my life was already gone. I couldnt win. I had already lost. God, these girls were good. "So Bob, whats it gonna be. Tell us now or we kill you all anyway" Said Kat impatiently. I was thinking as fast as I could. There had to be a way out of this. There HAD to be... But I just couldnt think of it. "BOB!" Ordered Kat. I got to my feet and glared at them both.
"ALRIGHT!" I yelled angrily. Kat and Star giggled.
"Well?" They asked. I sighed and fought back tears as I answered -
"I'll kill them..."
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