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Chapter Five.

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No, don't run away!

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“Brendon, come on what’s wrong? Ever since yesterday you’ve been acting really weird”, Ryan’s voice jerked me back to reality. His voice was filled with concern. I still felt bad, even though I knew I shouldn’t, “I know.” I wasn’t really up to talking that much. Not after that encounter with my mom. I guess it made me seem...well I dunno. But you get what I’m trying to say. I hope.

I don’t see why I was taking it so damn personal. I never took anything else she said personal. What made this so fucking different?!

Ryan sighed, “Something’s up and you won’t tell me what.” He looked at me. We were sitting at the park under a tree for shade. The tree we picked was on top of a hill. It was overlooking the park. “Ry something happened earlier and I just feel bad about it”, I replied. I was looking down, not at him. “Brendon what happened?”, he was concerned. Again.

I was silent for a little bit, then I told him. “Well my mom found out about us. And she didn’t seem mad or anything. She said it was my decision but she was disappointed that I didn’t tell her. I guess she just made me feel bad.” I still wasn’t looking at him. He was silent for a little bit, “Bren...I don’t know what to say to make you get out of this mood. All I know is that she sounded like she didn’t care but wanted you to tell her.” He took a short pause, “Now, I’m sick of not being able to see your precious face and hear your beautiful voice. So please talk and at least glance up. I love you okay?”

I smiled slightly, “Thanks Ry. That really helped.” And then we kissed.

After a few weeks me and my mom had progressed to arguing. I now hated being at home.

“You said you’d respect my decision!”, I angrily retorted. “Yes I know! But Brendon this isn’t the best for you!” I could tell my mom was sick of arguing, but that didn’t mean I was going to give up. “How would you know! This is my life! Not yours!” “Brendon, until you break up with Ryan you cannot leave your room. You are grounded, give me your cell phone.” She held out her hand. I was dumbfounded.

And then I did something I thought I would never do in my life.

“No.” I was staring at her. She seemed surprised, “Brendon. Give me the cell phone and go to your room.” She didn’t give up, but I sensed her insecurity. I sure as hell wasn’t about to give up. I wasn’t about to get grounded for loving someone. I stood up, “And I said no.” I walked over to the door, “I’m leaving. I hate you.” I walked out the door without another word.

Soon enough I found myself lost. It was near dark and I was half crying. My cell phone kept ringing and I kept ignoring it. Well actually it was on vibrate, but I’m not trying to be technical. Finally I actually answered my phone. This time it was Ryan, but what number had he called from? That wasn’t his cell phone number.

“Dude! Where are you?! Everyone’s worried sick!” How long had past? “I haven’t been gone that long, have I?” “Brendon you’ve been gone for more than twelve hours. Where are you?” I suddenly realized something; I was lost. I was also hungry, tired, I despised my mom and there were a few other emotions in there too. “I don’t know where I am.”

But then something hit me. Something big. “Bye Ryro, I’ll be home sometime.” I hung up. Whoever made him call was probably tracing the it. Come on people, I’m not as stupid as I look.

“Damn, he didn’t stay on long enough”, an angry police officer shouted. “Can I go home yet?”, Ryan asked, having being forced to call against his own will. “No. Try back again.” Ryan sighed.

I guess misfortune smiled upon me because it decided to rain. I turned off my phone and kept walking. It wasn’t quite pouring, but I supposed I shouldn’t have jinxed it.

After fifteen minutes I was soaked. You couldn’t even tell I was crying. I was on a long dark road in the middle of nowhere. I kept stumbling on the uneven road, I couldn’t see. Pretty soon I was on the ground. I had skinned my knees and hands. I felt numb from the cold and I was still sitting in a puddle. I looked miserable hugging my knees sitting there. Thunder claps shook the ground as lightening streaked through the sky. I was never fond of thunder storms, so I was scared.

I awoke to a horn. “What the hell?” I, confused, looked around. I realized that I had fallen asleep next to the road. Whoa, dangerous much? Suddenly I got splashed with freezing cold dirty water. I started coughing. I had a bad taste in my mouth and I was shivering. I looked around, there wasn’t anybody on the road. That car just happened to pass by, ugh. I stood up, feeling an ache throughout my body. My stomach was growling and I had a headache. I was totally soaked as I walked down the side of the road. The sun was already up, but it was a freezing day. I don’t know if it was from being wet or if it really was cold. I don’t remember.

After a few more hours I decided to stop. There was a dense forest on both sides of the road now. I was utterly lost. I leaned against a tree, completely exhausted. I also decided to turn on my cell phone. I had about five new texts and ten missed calls. Just from home and Ryan. All the texts were from Ryan as well. They read;

1) ‘Bren we're really worried please come back’
2) ‘Bren whyd you hang up on us? We're trying to find you!’
3) ‘Bren...please answer your phone’
4) ‘Why aren't you answering!’
5) ‘I love you’

I couldn’t help but smile when I read them. Another decision, I called him. It didn’t even ring before I heard his angelic voice, “Hello?” “Hey Ry.” Wow. Was that really my voice? I must have cried harder than I thought. Now that I think about it, I did have a pretty bad headache. “Brendon?! You sound really bad.” “Am I being traced?” “No, I’m at home now. Bren you’ve been gone for almost two days. Where are you?” I looked around, “Lost.” “You can’t be serious!”, he squeaked. Ha, he actually squeaked. “I am.” “Brendon you’ve got to get found! Seriously! I miss you.” “I miss you to Ry, but”, I paused, “It’s my mom. She either said grounded for basically the rest of my life or break up with you.” He was quiet for a moment, “Bren, it’s okay. We’ll work that out. Please just come home.” “I will. Love you”, and with that I hung up. “I’m sorry Ryan.” I turned off the phone after ignoring the next call I got.

They would probably be checking the phone records soon, or maybe shut it off? Well, I’m no villain, all I did was run.

I was walking through the woods now. I was starving! I tried to find something edible, but I sure as hell wasn’t a boy scout. The only think I recognized was poison oak and ivy. Like I knew what was edible.

I suppose if you don’t eat for a few days and are soaked the whole time, that’s a bad thing. Well I was learning that the hard way.

I fell into a fit of shivers. Everything was still wet, and I was soaked to the bone. I hugged my knees close shivering. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Not to mention it looked like I fell in the mud and wrestled with a bear.

After another two days like that and I was too weak to even move. I think that’s when I came to my senses.

I grabbed my phone, turning it on, praying that I had battery and service. I still hated my mom so of course, I called Ryan. He didn’t even let the phone ring, I swear he was watching the damn thing. “Hello?” “Hey again Ry.” “Dude, you sound terrible! Please tell me you’re coming home”, he sounded like he hadn’t had any sleep in forever. “Ryan tell me you haven’t been staring at the phone and getting no sleep.” “Well I fell asleep twice. Now are you coming home or not?!” Jez, testy much? “I need the guiding light home, I’m lost.” “Stay on the phone and I’ll help you.” “Just hurry. I feel a black out coming on.” “No, don’t you dare pass out on me Brendon Boyd Urie!”

It was too late. I fell over. The phone was still in my hand, loosely. I guess it was a good thing I had been sitting. “Brendon? ...Brendon...Brendon! DAMMIT!”

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