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n i n e.

As soon as I walked into the house, I was pulled into an unfamiliar room by Patrick. "My room," he explained, waving around. "Now spill. What happened to give you that goofy smile?" I blushed.

I found myself telling Patrick everything that had happened, and when I had finished, he sighed. "Oh, to be in love again," he said wistfully. I laughed at the expression on his face. "Are you going out again?"

"Um. That's a good question," I replied. Patrick sighed exasperatedly and smacked his hand to his forehead.

"You didn't let him ask you out again?" he said. I just looked at him.

"You do know that we live in the same house. If he wants to ask me out again, he can. He'll just have to knock on my bedroom door and ask me. It's not that big of a deal," I said. Patrick just rolled his eyes and muttered something that I couldn't catch before leading me out to the living room. Joe was there playing Guitar Hero with Pete, and Patrick and I sat down and watched. Andy was nowhere to be found. Pete lost, and Patrick took the guitar.

"Hey Lane, could I talk to you for a second?" Pete said. I nodded, a bit nervous. Would he yell at me or would he be nice? It was a toss-up with Pete. "So I realize that I haven't been the nicest person to you since you got here, and it's mostly my fault that you're in this position in the first place." He gestured at my bandages and I nodded. "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for being an ass. And for crashing into you and totalling your car. So is there a way that we can start over again?" I shrugged.

"I don't see why not," I replied. Pete stuck out his hand.

"I'm sorry I crashed into your car. My name's Pete Wentz by the way. I'm the cute one in the band," he said with a dorky smile. I rolled my eyes playfully and laughed.

"Well my name's Lane Stanley, and I'm the disabled one in the house," I replied, shaking his hand.

"So we're really cool? There's not anything between us?" he said. I nodded. "Well, except for the car crash thing, but I'm working on that."

"I'll be fine, Pete. But I think that your ego might take a bruising when I beat you at Guitar Hero," I replied. He gave me a devilish smirk.

"You're on, Lane," he replied. We ended up playing best two out of three, and it was pretty close. Pete ended up winning, and I didn't even want to think about playing Patrick or Joe.

"Now it is time for the student to learn from the teachers," Patrick said in this weird, sensei-type voice. Or what was supposed to be a sensei-type voice, anyways. He and Pete played "Freebird" on expert level, and Patrick ended up winning.

"That's why I don't play guitar," Pete said simply.

"My fingers, they ache!" Patrick whined. Pete and I laughed, and Joe muttered something and left. Patrick apparently heard him and rolled his eyes.

"What's up with Joe lately?" I asked uncertainly. I had begun to notice the way that his expression darkened when talk turned to me or Andy, and when we were both in the room, he would leave. Put that together with his totally different attitude the first day that we met, which abruptly changed the moment he found out about me and Andy, and it spelled trouble for us.

"Well...Joe's just a complicated guy," Pete said carefully, and left it at that. I could see the reason that Joe had left, though.

If I had been looking properly, I would have seen it earlier, but I wasn't looking until after Pete had stopped talking, and by then it was almost too late, and it could have passed off as anything. Pete and Patrick had undoubtedly seen it, and Pete was probably buying time for my sake. Which was really unnecessary. I would have rather seen it straight out than just guessed.

When Joe left, Andy had walked through the door and straight to his room, only passing by the doorway to the living room briefly, but it was enough for me to see a little bit of him. He looked a bit disheveled, and he was on the phone, saying something in hushed tones about seven o'clock. And if I had been paying attention and thinking clearly, I would have seen all the signs long before I actually did, because by then it was already too late. The damage was being done, and there was really nothing I could do to stop it.
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