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In the Company of Shadows

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Link to the Past: Moldorm

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Timeline: Link to the Past
Spoilers: Vague for the game.
Rating: PG
Characters: Moldorm
Theme: Word was "centipede." No joke.

In the land of the golden light, they'd called him centipede - a beast with a thousand arms and legs and made to crawl on his belly. In his thrashing, made lower than the snake, a wild rebellion of motives and limbs with no channel, no aim, no design. An incautious mistake of the divine, where even light could not squelch the shadows hidden in the cracks and imperfections of the creation act.

They had bound his world in borders in the tower they called "Hera," and there he had waited, volatile and impatient and tempestuous, for the master directive. If he'd had the mind to think, he'd have called it the agony of accidental life - made to linger in the world with no purpose. Torment begot anger which begot murder; tyranny became his colossal art. In his blind rage, he made a land of exile, where all who dared to wander never wondered again.

In the shadow of the land of the once golden light, in the centuries after the great fall, there are whispers of a darkness yet to come.

Moldorm waits.
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