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Full of Grace

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Ocarina of Time: Sheik, Link, Zelda

Category: Zelda - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Link,Sheik,Zelda - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-12-12 - Updated: 2007-12-12 - 312 words

Timeline: Ocarina of Time
Warnings: PG
Characters: Sheik (Link/Zelda by association)
Theme: motherhood

He was born in a winter: that he remembered, between the cold and the shadow and the sudden self. All it took was a spell and a wish and a want, and out he came like a hatched bird, explosive and fragmented and new. This is not like human births - or he doesn't think so; violent though they may be, they come forth expected. The awkwardness of the ordeal stuck with him, the advent of seven years consummation, and he thought of the shadow frequently between the girl and the man and the space inside them and knew that he would go back to it, much like everything else.

Logically, he knows that the boy-Hero is something Normal, or was once, and that he had a coming and has a going, even with seven years blanked in dream-slate sleep. His own tabula rasa, clean and smooth as the infant mind, and Sheik is there to fill in the gaps - or that the girl-child inside made him say? But the boy can't remember the womb before the forest, and the girl can't remember anything at all, so Sheik feels something like life living for them, waiting for the world again.

In the end, he knows, there will be the girl and a boy and no room for the rags and that, he thinks, is something like motherhood, bringing children into the world made new and shiny and wiped clean of the smoke and ember of past life. And then he will die, and out of the womb of the shadow and into the earth and back to the darkness he will go (and will it be any different? he wonders), waiting to be born again, and that will be his spring.

He finds some peace in that.
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