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The Hand Unyielding

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Majora's Mask: Kafei, Link

Category: Zelda - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Anju,Kafei,Link - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-12-12 - Updated: 2007-12-12 - 369 words

Timeline: Majora's Mask
Warnings: PG
Characters: mild Kafei/Link, Kafei/Anju
Theme: lyrics - "loneliness comes crashing in"

Loneliness comes crashing in around twelve o'clock, when the hands of the clock were intertwined, close as lovers and he is not. He is thinking of eternity in the bottom of amber glasses, and all the things size denies him. He is missing the bar and the babe - or something like it. He figures a man who can't love a woman marries the bottle, and trapped in this tormented circle of time winding back, there is nothing more compelling than an endless world of spinning (but the man behind the counter wouldn't give him that either).

Regret is a heady wine and a ready ink, so he writes letters about Something (now that time has cut him short of Everything) which he knows he'll never send, but it makes him feel better to think there is a woman out there who'd care to hear it. They still have false faces to trade, but the one he wears is no longer the one he wants her to see, so he thinks it's best if they become Nothing at the turn of the last light.

And then there is the boy (the boy, the boy, the boy who's not), and he puts a face to the words and mouth beneath the mask, and once again he is stripped - this time of Nothing, the solitude and ease of waiting for the time-ender. They make quite a pair, a fancy set of masks playing the part of Real Boys, but Kafei finds there is some condolence in the secrets that make up everything under the skin - a mask is nothing if there is nothing to hide, and between two boys who saw the world and came back, there is much to know, and somehow that makes Everything better.

After the fact, when the world is moving again, he'll decide that seven years is quite a long time; longer than three days, at the least, and maybe that it's something to have known a boy too much time too late and known him better than the rest -

- something good at least.
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