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One-shot When the universe is taken over by robots and aliens in the year 2022, Elysia, or 110357, decides to rebel against this new government.

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Disclaimer: Some language, violence, but no sex.
Just something random I typed up while bored in class. It isn’t too good, but please review my mindless drabble of a story.

Heart pumping, I raced through the forest. How long will this last? This suffering inside me? Will only death bring me happiness? Sweat pours down my face as I force myself to run further from my problems. How long till they find me? What happens when they do? Dirt ripples up from the ground as I trip under my own two feet. I can’t hide it forever. They will punish me, just like they punished my parents. Pushing myself up from the dirty ground, I run quickly out of the forest. How long till they find me?

“Have you found her yet?” The alien’s shrill voice rang through the office, harsh and moody. He had been trying to find the rebel girl for more than ten days now, ever since she made an attack on the Senate house. “Negative. 110357 has not been located yet.” The computer replied back to Zortan, vice president of Earth. Things sure are different in the year 2022, I remember when we used to have a human president, and the only robots seen in the streets were those used for technology. “Maybe that is why we she tried to destroy us…” Zortan told himself. We might seem a little harsh to her, but even if this new world has changed from the one she used to know long ago, 110357 has no right to bring an assault on us like that. Shaking his head of all the plaguing thoughts, Zortan moved from his desk to the door. “Dinner should be ready soon; I can talk it out with the president then.”

Beep-Bo-Beep Annoying sounds came from the droid as it flew around the forest, scanning the area for any sign of 110357. Despite her not having the locator device attached to her, the robot was determined to bring the rebel back to base. Sensing something in the trees, Locator1000 swerved in to find out what was making the noise.

“Oh shit…” The bot had noticed me. My time is up, there is no outrunning these bots. Gathering my stuff, I stood up, waiting for the bot to come in for the arrest motion. After 30 seconds of silence, I carefully walked out of the cave, looking for the bot, but instead I saw a young man dressed in what seemed to be an antique superhero outfit, holding a smoking laser gun. “Looks like I’m not the only rebel here.” I stood in awe as the stranger twirled the gun into the holster, but not before blowing the smoke off the gun in style. “Who the fuck are you?” I know it was rude, but this strangely dressed man just appeared out of nowhere, with no introduction whatsoever. “I think you might want to be a little nicer to me…110357…I just saved you a lot of trouble. That little robot was about to take you back to the president’s base.” Rolling my eyes at this man’s huge ego, I just replied angrily back, “The name is Elysia, not that degrading number, and I suppose I do owe you an apology.” Reaching my hand to shake his, the unnamed stranger took it. “By the way, name is Aiden.”
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