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Something Never, Someplace There

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She'd be a pretty murderess for a pretty corpse. (Mugen/Fuu; spoilers eps. 13-14)

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Something Never, Someplace There
Notes: First line by Resmiranda

She'd be a pretty murderess for a pretty corpse.

All wrapped up in bandages nursed by bandaged hands, Mugen is a dead man looking through a stained-glass eye at a faceless girl. It is an abstract thought, and though he is not an abstract man, blunt and uneasy like a sword left untended too long, it is not the first time he's known it.

a man more dead than alive he recalls a decaying, autumn smell as he fell to the ground he wonders if that is death calling at the door

Sound is muted, quiet, stilled, but it wouldn't matter anyway because Mugen never listens, and even though the rain is falling hard, he can't taste it on his lips.

But he can feel her hands.

half-buried when she found him, she wondered if he was worth the saving

She is clumsy and crying and things in between, but her hands do their best as they wash away the salt and slime and reek of death.

After the fact, when he tries to speak, she puts a finger against his mouth and tells him to hush. Though he wants to scream out loud, he does it anyway.

when he woke up, she had a knife in one hand and his heart in the other

Before she left, he grabbed her hand. She clutched it in her own and murmured something reassuring because that's just the way she is. If he was dead and gone and buried somewhere in his own hell, she'd still cover the wounds and kiss away the tears that never fell.

as he drowned it felt like heaven

Fuu is anything but a woman and nothing that he can have. She is pure and kind and everything, nothing, maybe something that he never wanted.

But she wipes away the death, and that's what makes him ache.
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