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Chapter one [[Issy]]

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Issy and Brendon are best friends. But can their relationship survive the hazards of L-O-V-E?

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My hazel eyes darted around the school theater, gazing at the other students. I loathed my free period. It caused me to sit in the midst of happy couples. It reminded me of how many boyfriends I’d had in my lifetime; none. I rolled my eyes as two lovers nearby smacked their lips together. It was like they were trying to rub it in my face. I sank down lower in my seat, counting the seconds until I could go to my band lesson next period. How many seconds were in fifteen minutes? There were sixty seconds in a minute so it would be 60x15, which would make—

“Issy!” A voice called, interrupting my calculations.

I lifted my head up to see a boy running towards my seat. I grinned at him. Scratch out what I had said earlier about hating my free period. Any class I had with Brendon was a great one. He arrived at the seat next to me and plopped down.

“Hi!” he said, bouncing up and down.

Best friends were so much better than any hot boyfriend, “Hey Brendon!”

“Do you wanna go out? As in /outside/? I hate sitting in the theater when we could be outside with the sun shining and the birds chirping and all that good stuff. And anyway, doesn’t it make you sick to watch all these random people make out? It grosses me out. Come on, let’s go!”

He grabbed my hand and pulled me up without waiting for a reply. He could guess that I’d say yes. I hurried to keep up with him. He was obviously sugar-high. The two of us finally reached one of the many unoccupied picnic tables in the schoolyard. People did not seem to share Brendon’s liking of sunny days. The few kids sitting on the other benches blinked at us with beady eyes and whispered to their companions. Brendon and I laughed in unison, guessing their thoughts.

“They all think we’re dating, don’t they?” Brendon snorted.

“The fools,” I smiled.

He shrugged, “Well...I don’t blame them, no other guy this school is good enough for you.”

I rolled my eyes, “Always the modest one, aren’t you Brenny?”

“Don’t argue when I compliment you,” he tilted his head, which was his way of saying, “Time for a new subject.”

“So...what did you do this weekend?” I asked.

“You mean the few hours I spent without you? I had my guitar lesson. Oh! That reminds me. I met this guy named Jon, he’s new here. And he said his band’s looking for a lead guitarist. He asked me to try out. What do you think?”

“That’s awesome!” I congratulated, “Go for it.”

“You think I’m good enough? What if they think I suck?”

“Then they’re deaf,” I said flatly, “Trust me Brendon Urie. You’re the best damn guitarist in the whole school.”

His eyes sparkled, “Really?”

“Yeah, no doubt about it,” I reassured.

“Thanks...” the corners of his lips turned upwards, “But will you come with me? For moral support? I always do better if I know you’re listening. The audition’s this Saturday.”

“Yeah, of course. My parents are out of town for something this weekend. And I don’t think my brother’s going to bother me. So it should be fine,” I planned ahead, “But you have to come pick me up.”

“Sure, that’s fine...”

I nodded. We sat in silence for God knows how long. I stared at the wooden leg of the table. I finally looked up. Brendon’s brown eyes were glinting with an emotion I couldn’t quite replace. Whatever it was sent blood rushing to our both of our cheeks. I felt the need to break the awkward moment.

“” I stopped right there because the bell rang, indicating that it was time to make our way to next period.

I stood up quickly, as Brendon did the same.

“Bye Issy, I’ll see you on the bus,” Brendon waved.

I waved back and turned around.

“Wait!” he stopped me before I could get very far.

I pivoted back, “Yeah?”

He threw his arms around me, crushing me in a hug. My breathing literally stopped until he let me go. He grinned and then ran. I shook my head and slowly followed my best friend indoors.


Well, so here's the first "intro" chapter. Thanks to the two people who volunteered guy characters. You guys will be coming in...soon...same with all you other minor characters.
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