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Dividing the forces...And the friends..

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"Can I have my phone back now that you're done?", he stretched out his palm in front of me.
"What's with the attitude?", I crossed my arms on my chest.
"What attitude?", he frowned.
"Yours", I cocked my eyebrow. Mikey could be one mean motherfucker when he wanted.
"I have no attitude", he dropped his hand, realizing he won't get his phone that fast, "You're the one with the attitude"
"Me? I have no attitude", I said.
"Oh yeah, you broke my brother's heart and you're acting like nothing happened", he pointed his finger at me.
"He seemed fine to me earlier, Liz took good care of him", I smirked.
"Well he's usually quite cheerful after doing a few lines", he said with a fake laugh.
"What the fuck, Mikey?", I sighed, "It's none of your business anyway".
"Oh so now it none of my business?", he chuckled, "After all these years we all kept you together it's none of my business"
"No one asked you too", I pouted, no one asked them to interfere but I couldn't help by wondering how long our relationship would've survived if it wasn't for the guys patching skills.
"You never wanted us together anyway", I snapped, "Now you got your wish and you're taking sides?"
"What?!", he exclaimed, "He's my fucking brother! You broke his heart so many times before and I never said a word but I never thought you'd leave him at his lowest"
His words burned deep inside, "How about my heart Mikey? How about him breaking it? You're supposed to be my friend!"
"God", he muttered and looked away.
"No Mikey, look at me", I ordered even though I wasn't in the position to boss him around, "How come no one cares about me? About how hurt I am"
"Skyler", he breathed out my name, "Because we know you would be just fine, Gerard's however sinking by the hour", he slided to the grounded and crouched, "Every hour I look in my brother's eyes and I have to remind myself it's the same Gerard I grew up with, I'm losing him. How do you think it's like for me? To know he's slipping and I can't do anything to help him, and at the same time I know you can make him better and you won't?"
"You know I can't", I wiped away the tears that began rolling on my cheek, "I'm not the problem and I'm not the solution"
"But how can you stand back and watch him fall?", Mikey yelled, "How cold can you be? He loves you so much and you're gonna turn your back on him?"
"Don't blame me, Mikey", I sobbed.
"See you're crying cause you know I'm right", Mikey drew circles in the sand. I didn't know what to say, Am I really as guilty as Gerard and Mikey seem to think?, "You're supposed to be my friend"
"I am Sky and I love you", he looked up, "But I can't bear the thought you won't save Gerard", he stood up, grabbed the phone from my hand and walked off.
I kicked the buses wheels repeatedly, again and again and again and the more I kicked the more angry I felt.
My bag fell to the floor but I kept kicking!
I kicked the frustration away and the fact that Mikey betrayed me and how Gerard just replaced me in a heart beat but everybody still think he's the victim and how I can't never be happy and I kicked the father who abandoned me so many years ago and I kicked Gerard again for doing the same thing and I kicked my mother for constantly telling me I wasn't worth it and I kicked her for being right and I kicked Billy and I kicked Lynn who was hurt and Spencer and I kicked all the injustice I felt and Liz who stabbed me in the back the second she could and Alessa for being happy and Ronald for being successful and Pete for doing me in and I kicked again everything until my foot went numb.

"Hey hey stop", Frankie pulled me away from the wheels, "You're gonna hurt yourself"
I threw my arms around him, "Frankie I need you so much!"
"I know, sunshine", he pulled me closer and rubbed my back.
"It's so unfair, Gerard gets to be treated like a victim and he doesn't even care and I'm the evil one who left him to die but I don't want him to die"
"I know, baby, I know", Frank whispered in my hair.
I cried on his shoulder
"So you're on my side, general", I sniffled.
"Of curse I am", Frankie caressed my cheek, "Ray however moved to camp Way".
I looked down, pouting a little, I always thought he liked me more.
"We have Bob however", Frankie said, "And Bob can kick anybody's ass while Ray will talk them to death"
"I'm not sure which is better", I chuckled, "You know I'm still a Way"
Frankie tensed up and broke the hug, "In some cultures not inviting your best friend to a wedding can ruin a life time friendship", Frankie's voice was dead serious.
"In some cultures it's can also fuck up a friendship not telling your best friend her husband is on crack", I threw a curve ball right back at him.
"He's not on crack", Frank exclaimed like I was crazy, "He's on coke"
"Oh ex-cuse me!", I rolled my eyes.
He sighed, "So are you seriously gonna divorce him?"
I shrugged.
"You know he threaten Mikey and Ray", Frank smiled, "He said he'd kick their fucking asses if they make you cry"
"Oh Frankie, tell me what to do", I pleaded, "I really don't know what to do"
"Oh no, no, no ,no", he shook his head violently, "You have to decide on this one on your own"
"But I can't", I whined, "I hate him and I love him and I don't know"
"You gotta grow up sometime, sunshine", he stroked my back gently.
"Like this?", I exclaimed.
"Well you always were a masochist fucker", he smiled, "But if this what it takes to clarify shit then this what's gonna be"
"So you won't help me?", I pouted, what the fuck happened to them helping me decide shit? Since when they're not butting in? Since when Mikey's not on my side? Since when there are fucking sides?
"This is how I'm helping you", he said, "By letting you decide and then letting you live with your decision and supporting you all the way"
"You're lame", I declared childishly.
"I'm a grown up", he stoke out his chest.
I rolled my eyes.
"Look babe", he held my shoulders, "No one said it's gonna be easy and I realize it's hard but sooner or later you would've find out and make a decision".
"How long it's been going on?", I asked.
"We used to threat him to tell you so he kept it under more or less control but now..", Frankie shrugged.
I felt kinda angry with Frankie, it felt like they were leaving me to tackle this issue all alone, when I needed him telling me what to do more then anything, I avoided looking at him out of fear he'll read what I was thinking about and completely desert me like Mikey did.
"If I were you, I wouldn't read too much in the shit Mikey says", Frankie looked at the ground a little and I realized once again that I'm being selfish and it must be hard for them to be in the middle of it all, "On top of everything he's uber pissed about you keeping the wedding a secret, he's overwhelmed and he's been yelling at Gerard too"
"It hurts", I told him, "He basically called me cold blooded murdered"
Frankie dismissed it with a wave of his hand, "That kid is all over the place but it kinda takes away from the intensity", he chuckled, "Like now Gerard has to keep Mikey from losing it so it distracts him from you"
"And Liz does a good job at it too", I murmured bitterly.
"My silly silly sunshine", Frankie forced my head on his chest.

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