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I cried after the game was done and ran onto the field to see my former high school rival beat my favorite team in the NFL. It was stupid to cry but I hated this guy. Even through high school he hated me and I hated him. But we had a deal and he didn’t keep his end of the deal.
“Tom!” I called to him angrily tears streaming down my face.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” Baby? He never calls me baby. What is wrong with him? Did this victory go to his head?
“I thought we had a deal?” I asked him.
“We did and do. You need to keep your part. Just let me go shower before we go out.”
“I don’t understand.” The field was chaotic and people passed us of both teams. Soon cameras swarmed around us. Tom told them that he didn’t have anything to say to them. He grabbed my hand and led me into the locker room. Wait! I need to find Jeff. I need to tell him good job and that I like him! But why was he holding my hand? I’ve hated him ever since he threw mud in my Barbie dream house when we were 6. Ok well hate is a very strong word. I mean we really haven’t gotten along that well. He always hung out with my twin brother – Aaron. “Tom, where are we going?”
“Well… I’m going to shower.”
“You can let go of my hand now and I need to find Jeff.”
“You’re not going to keep you part of the deal Miss Lyssa?” he asked me. Only friends called me that or Lys. I have to keep my end of the deal.
“Yes I will but I need to tell Jeff where I am going.”
“Run to Jeffy poo. I’ll be over when I’m done.” He told me and I left to find the other locker room. I waited for about 15 fifteen minutes. Then I spotted him.
“Jeff!” I called to him. I caught him coming out of the shower. “I’m going home with Tom tonight.”
“Why do I care?”
“Because I like you and I thought you liked me.”
“Why would I like a girl like you?”
“But what about those nights?” I asked confused as hell. I felt the tears starting to fill in my eyes. This can’t be happening.
“You were just a good shag Lys.” He started to walk back to the main part of the locker room.
“You don’t mean that.”
“Of course I do.” He replied. “You’re not tall, blue eyes and blonde hair. Why would you think you’d have the chance of being my girlfriend?”
“But-but…” I trailed off and started to blubber something but I just turned around and left. And who did I run into but Tom. I just broke down and cried then in his arms. He just scooped me up and carried off to his car. There he sat me in the front seat while he hopped in the driver’s side. “I’m sorry.” I curled in the seat and faced the window.
“Don’t worry it’s not your fault.” I felt his hand rest upon mine. It stayed like that he entire ride to his house. It was a mansion. But could you blame him? “Do you need me to carry you again?” I giggled, smiled and nodded no. “It’s good to see you smile.” Saying that made me smile more. We got out of his Lexus and walked hand in hand to his front door and into the foyer. I don’t know what came over me, if it was loneliness or anger or lust or love but I kissed him. But regretted the action it as soon as I pulled away.
“I’m sorry. Wow you could have a girlfriend and I could be ruining-“his lips met mine as he shut up me. I wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. Wow Tom could kiss, well. I felt my knees go weak and he lifted me up. I straddled his torso as he carried me up the stairs to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed and got on top. His mouth moved mine and traveled to my neck. There was going to be a bruise there in the morning. “God Tom…you’re wonderful…” I breathed as his one hand fondled my left breast. I was feeling all warm and tingly. “I need you in me.” I whispered in his ear. He stopped what he was doing and pulled my shirt over my head revealing my black bra. In return I took off his and ran my fingers all along his muscles. He took off my bra and I took off his pants. It continued like this until we were both completely naked. I never imagined being in this position. Tom was always the little boy with the larger than life attitude and now he stands before me all vulnerable.
“Are you ready?” he asks me standing proud and tall at my entrance. I slowly nodded taking in the surroundings. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He asked.
“No Tom, I want this.” I told him and smiled.
“Alyssa you are so beautiful.” He told before he tore through me. We made love. This isn’t the first time I’ve had sex but this is the first time that I ever made love. It felt wonderful. He was a marvelous lover and I got to experience all night long.

I awoke to a ringing cell phone. It was Lys’ and Aaron was calling. I decided to answer it.
“Hey buddy.”
“Tom?” he asked very confused. “Why do you have her phone?”
“She stayed the night.”
“WHAT?” he bellowed. “Did you sleep with her?” Aaron knows that I’ve liked Lys ever since high school. He was there when I tried to ask her to prom but she ended up going with the kicker of the football team. She’s always had a thing for football players, especially the kickers. That’s why she was so devastated when Jeff broke her heart last night.
“After all these years you finally make it happen.” I smiled to myself.
“She was worth the wait.” I told him. “It just felt so perfect and our bodies moved as one.”
“Dude she still is my sister I don’t want to know all the horny details.” He laughed. “But what happened to Jeff? How did you win her heart besides winning the bet?”
“He broke her heart.”
“Aww…I thought something was wrong last night.” They have that freaky twin thing going on. “I would approve if you married her. You know that right?”
“Yea I do. And you’d be my best man.” I looked over and saw her stirring. “Hey she’s waking I’ll have her call you when she gets up.” We hung up the phone and I placed it back in her purse before crawling under the covers and kissing her lightly on the lips. I could wake up every morning like this. With her next to me, I could do better things. Just the thought of her makes me go crazy. If it was for her love of football -and players – I would have never begun to strive to be the best player on the team. I looked at her face. Her gorgeous brown locks hung over the pillow in curls. Under her eye lids would her brown eyes glisten. Her high cheek bones framed her face all the way to those lips. Those luscious lips, how I finally got to taste them. I knew she was the one for me the moment I saw after her college graduation. That was about seven years ago. Aaron talked to her for me but she couldn’t let high school leave her. Besides she wanted to travel the world. Nothing was going to stop her, not even love. In the beginning her job was sending her everywhere, she was constantly moving so she would just crash at her brothers when she wasn’t living her dream. You can almost bet on that I was there when I didn’t have practice. Now she only travels once a month so she’s moved out of her brothers apartment and into her own. And now my chance of being with her is stronger. She fluttered her eyes and broke my concentration. “Good morning.” I smiled at her.
“Good morning.” She returned the smile.
“Would you like some breakfast?”
“I would love some. What do you have?”
“What would you like?”
“I’m craving a bagel with cheese, eggs and bacon.” I knew bacon was involved somehow. That’s one of her favorite breakfast foods.
“I’ll go make some.” I got out of bed and reached for my boxers.
“Oh, Tom. Do you mind if I take a shower?” she asked.
“Only if I can join you.” I teased her.
“But then we’d never get clean.” She giggled. She was right. I kissed her before heading down to the kitchen.
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