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What's it feel like to be a Ghost?

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Memory: The first time I saw a dead body I was six years old. It was a man...a man I didn't even know.... just floating in the lake almost like he fell asleep in the water. The police fished him out. He was shot through the heart. He was in the water so long....he got so bloated no one could identify the body. I'm not sure now but I don't think I knew him...I hope not.

Still Awake: She was just standing...floating above my couch. I could see my book shelf through the gapping hole in her chest. “W-what happened to you” was all I could stammer. “I don't know...I don't..that's why I need your help” She said. “How can I help?....I'm just a-” “You just have to listen to me” she said. “Ok Samantha” “Call me Sam” she said with the same beautiful smile she had in my dream. “What's your last name Sam?” I asked “O name is Samantha Elizabeth O'Connor” “That's a nice name” I said. “So what did it feel like when you... died” “Well I'm not dead yet..that's kinda the problem. my body is gone but I'm still here. I can't rest until I find my body then I can pass on and I need to find out how I died so I know where they put me.” “oh” was all I could say. I stared at the hole in her chest. “Don't you have some idea of how you died?” I asked. “I don't remember much all I know is I was in my apartment then someone came in and I black out. Next thing I know I'm at the morgue and my two little sisters are standing below me crying and my mom and dad are in the other room talking to the medical examiner and I just keep floating up and up like balloon. I try to go back towards my body but I can't. It's like the air weighs a thousand pounds. All I could do was stand there watching my family cry for me....wishing there was something I could do for them.” “That's so awful” I said trying to be empathetic. Then something strange happened...well stranger, Sam started to fade away. “I'm running out of energy I can't be here any-” “Sam?...Sam?!?...Where are you” I asked. “I'm still here you just can't see me I also can't keep this up for much longer.” “What do you mean?...” “Ghost's like poltergeists run of psychic energy. It's like psychokinesis mixed with astral projection... accept your dead.” “Uh so whose energy are you feeding off of” I asked. “Well yours that's why it's easier to visit you in your dreams because your body stores energy when you sleep” she said. “Ok I'm completely confused” “That's ok...the point is I'm tired and need to go” “Ok but how do I...Sam? does she keep doing that? Oh right
she's dead.” I was stuck so I did what any normal person would do...I googled her and found this:
Samantha Elizabeth O'Connor:
Parents: Dave O'Connor/Erin Stevens O'Connor
Siblings: Two: Kara and Jane O'Connor
Attended: Redwood Elementary School, Castro Middle School, Lincoln High School, Skidmore University
Autopsy Report: Death seems self inflicted knife wounds in chest, wrists, and bruisings on back(lower/middle) and arms. Burn marks on legs.
Body Found: In her apartment approximately three days after T.O.D
Body's Location:Cabrini Medical Center
Body's Use:Cadaver
This just might help accept for the fact this article is three months old.
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