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Losing the Feeling of Feeling Unique

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The story of Panic! At the Disco told through two perspectives: Ryan's and his twin sister's. I realise this may have been done before, but this is purely my own work!

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I walked down the hallowed halls of Palo Verde High School, Ryan Ross' hand in mine, feeling as happy as a girl can get. Up ahead, Spencer Smith was fumbling with something inside his locker, not far from shouting at the tin box.
I let go of Ryan, and ran the 50m to Spencer, and kissed him with as much passion and want as possible. Not to mention as much lust as I could muster!

I suppose I need to explain why I had my hands over two of the members of Panic! At the Disco. Well, it's really quite simple: I'm Ryan Ross' twin sister.
Yep, my name's Virginia Ross, but everyone calls me Nia. I am exactly the same as my brother, but my eyes and hair are different colours. Seriously, from the back, if you weren't paying attention, you'd think I was Ryan and Ryan was me. My hair, as opposed to Ryan’s chocolate brown locks, is black, dyed when I was 10, and has purple and green streaks running through it. My eyes are a dazzling, sparkling blue colour, they look almost like sapphires. Unlike my brother who likes to wear coloured clothing, my wardrobe consists entirely of black, with maybe one or two white t-shirts. This was the beginning to my emo/gothic nature. I’m not a die-hard emo, but you will only find me wearing black, and heavy eye make-up, and my hair/clothes/make-up is a great contrast to my pale-as-milk skin. That’s another difference between me and Ryan. He is slightly tanned, and I am the whitest shade of white humanly possible.

It is very rare to see me without my knee high motorcycle boots, with buckles up the outside, and wedge heels; fishnet tights, and black choker. It’s lucky that my dad doesn’t care about how I dress, because if he were a conservative parent, he would have died of a heart attack by now. But apparently it’s my look – once I tried to wear red and white, and had little make-up on and wore a pair of volleys, and people literally didn’t realise that it was me! To complete my description, I have pierced my ears twice, the bottom earrings are diamond-drop earrings that used to be my moms, and the top pair simple black studs set into an intricate gothic design of white gold. My left eyebrow is pierced with a simple silver bar; my nose is pierced with a blood red stone set in silver; my belly button is pierced, and houses a silver bar with drop butterfly made of sapphire; and on my lower back, Pete Wentz’s infamous “bartskull” tattoo. I’ve had this tattoo for two years now – it was a sweet sixteen present from my dad, and I chose the bartskull because Pete Wentz is my idol, in so many more ways than one. His lyrics have helped me through a lot, I own loads of Fall Out Boy merchandise, and I’ve even met the guy - we’re really close friends. We talk every weekend, whether he is on tour or not; and whenever he plays in Las Vegas, he always sends a couple of backstage passes and show tickets my way. So I see him about once every three or four months. Ryan was also offered a tattoo for his sixteenth birthday, but he chose not to as he doesn’t really like the idea of being marked permanently.

On the day of my sixteenth birthday party, Spencer confessed his feelings of love towards me, as I did with him. I didn’t even think twice about the fact that I was over a year older than him. For the past two or so years, we’ve been dating, and I’ve never been happier. I love Spencer with my heart and soul, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although it’s obvious we love each other, by seeing us together in the corridors at school, or when we watch a movie with friends, we’ll be all cuddly, lovey-dovey and passionate, we have never been passionate in THAT way. But enough about me.

I was really happy to see Spencer today, because he had finally given in to me pestering him and let me come to his band rehearsal. Ryan is also in said band, and so is his best friend Brent Wilson, and my bestie Brendon Urie. Ry plays guitar and does backing vocals, and is also head lyricist for the band, Brendon is the lead singer, lead piano and occasional guitarist, Brent the bass player, and my Spencer is on drums. Together they make up Panic! At the Disco, in which they took their name from a “Name Taken” song, entitled “Panic”.
I was their biggest, and at this point only fan, and I also come up with choreography for when they get signed and go on tour, because Ryan’s always dreamed of a stage show with dancers and ‘circus’ performers, and I’m all they’ve got for now! The boys are sceptical that they’ll ever get signed, but I have this gut feeling that they make it, and become a huge success. Brendon has been giving me singing lessons lately, and apparently I rival the talents of Mr. Urie himself. Every now and then, I’ll be asked to jump in on vocals, and I accept, just to please them, because I don’t like to turn friends down. Ryan also occasionally asks for my help writing lyrics or music, and I gladly help. Writing is my passion.
But as I took hold of Spencer’s hand as we left the school grounds, I suddenly found that I didn’t want to leave, because leaving meant that I would have to go home at some point, home to my father. Our father is an alcoholic, and can’t control what he does when he is drunk, which is pretty much 24/7.
“Baby, what’s up? Why the sad face?” Spencer asked, cupping my cheek in his hand as we settled down in the backseat of Ryan’s car, headed for Brendon’s place for rehearsal.
“Hmmm? Oh, nothing to worry you about honey. Just…a new idea for my next story.” In my spare time, I love to write poetry and novels, and even had some of my work published. I find it a good release from the “real” world. We got to Bren’s place, and rehearsal was fabulous. I had to leave half way through though, as I wasn’t feeling good and headed home alone, fearing what ultimately awaited me beyond our dark oak door.
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