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Wandering Antennae

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A silly little parody based on a scene from the movie "Robin Hood: Men in Tights." Inspired by an observation about Piccolo's antennae.

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Author's Note: Short fic. I figure every fanfic author is entitled to at least one piece of drivel during their writing career. This is mine. It's drivel, utter drivel, but maybe you'll enjoy it anyway ~_^. Inspired by the movie "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" (or, rather, a particular scene and a particular character from "Robin Hood: Men in Tights") and something I've noticed about Piccolo. I stuck a few other homages/references in there as well.

Disclaimer: DragonBall and DragonBall Z were created by Akira Toriyama and is copyright © Toei Animation and FUNImation. No infringement is intended.

Wandering Antennae

Piccolo and Gohan stood on very torn up piece of earth. A few new craters had been added to the landscape and a smoking, charred circle covered a half-mile area. The sound of the warriors' heavy breathing filled the air. They had just finished off one of the many villains that inevitably attack the planet (and get their butts kicked in the process).

"Wow," breathed Gohan, as he struggled to keep his shirt up. (Considering he had lost half the material, the attempt was futile.) Finally he gave it up and let the abused garment slip to his waist. He ran a hand through his mussed black hair. "That was some fight! For a moment I thought we wouldn't make it."

"Hmph," was Piccolo's reply. He barely noticed the fact that his shirt was completely gone, as well as most of his gi bottoms. They were easy to replace. His turban was also missing and his antennae (positioned high on his forehead) waved slightly in the breeze. He was concerned about something the villain (Funo? Funnie? Whatever the heck it's name was) mentioned just before it bit the dust. "We have to stay on the alert, Gohan. That guy mentioned something about 'others' coming."

"Yeah," said Gohan. He pondered that bit of news for a moment, then chuckled. "Well, we'll be waiting for them. With you and the rest of the gang, no villain stands a chance!"

Piccolo just frowned. He shook his head at Gohan's still youthful optimism. His antennae (now low and almost at the corner of his eyeridges) swayed with the motion. "We can't get lazy, kid. That's what'll kill you in a battle."

"Come on, Piccolo," Gohan smiled. He put hand behind his head a la his dad, Goku. "I'd think after all the fights we've won, we could have a little confidence in ourselves."

Piccolo's frown deepened into a scowl. "Confidence is fine. But /over/-confidence is not." He bent his head down a bit and his antennae (still low but now centered above his eyeridges) bobbed in response. "Don't get cocky, kid. There's always someone bigger and badder out there."

"Umm...I guess so," Gohan agreed, a bit deflated. He tugged his earlobe a bit. "But I still think we can handle them."

"Grrr..." Piccolo bared his fangs. His antennae (having positioned themselves on his cheeks) quivered. "Don't you even listen to yourself?! Two minutes ago you admitted that you thought we might not survive this battle. Now you're so sure we can survive the /next/? I swear..."

"Um...Piccolo?" Gohan cut in, looking a bit confused and pointing to the Namek-jin's face, "Weren't your antennae on your forehead? I mean, they move around a lot but I've never seen them on your cheeks before!"

Piccolo stopped mid-rant. He blinked, then stared at Gohan. His eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped open.


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