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Chapter 33 - A Wedding.... What?

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I'm not dead! I'll be writing more often so I won't make you guys wait that long.

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*A/N: SORRY! I had a lot of things to do with school and such… then again, when do I not? Craaazy… any who, carrying onward.

We’re almost to the end everyone so bare with me! I have plans for a new fanfic on the go still. I’ve written up the first and second chapter.

Looks like I‘m going to continue writing fanfiction. Be happy… because I’m going to do it more frequently. REJOICE! 8D Thanks to those who have continued to read this… you’re all amazing =) Rock on! --Christiexox

Adam’s P.O.V:

“They’ve been gone for over a week, Adam. What the fuck do you think happened? I mean, did they get hurt? Did they run away together, leaving us all behind?” Jake said, pacing the room frantically. Angrily. He and Derek have been acting like this since the day they left.

“Calm down, man. They’re fine.” Ray told him reassuringly.

“How do you know? You a fuckin psychic er somethin? NO. I DIDN’T THINK SO!” Jake yelled at him. I walked over to him and shook him by his shoulders.

“CALM IT RIGHT NOW. We’re all going through a shit load of stress and worry. Ever think of how hard it is on anyone else? All three of them were our friends and family. Hell, they ARE our family. Blood or not.”

“ You said, ‘were,’” I heard a faint voice from the corner of the room say.


Jake, Ray and I all looked over to whomever spoke to notice Mikey sitting on a sofa in a shadowed part of the room. He stood up and looked me dead in the eye.

“You said, ‘All three of them were our family’. I came in here hoping to hear something that will help give me hope that Gerard and them are alright. Don’t even know why I did, sorry.” With that he walked over to the door.

“Mi-” was Ray get out before we heard terrified screaming coming from down the hall.

“Alicia,” Mikey whispered before running as fast as he could to the room where the noise was coming from. We all darted out after him, just as Bob and Derek came running down the hall too.

“What the fuck is going on?” I asked as we ran.

“I don’t know. But it’s not good,” Bob said. As we reached the end of the corridor, the lights started to flicker, then went out completely.

“ ALICIA?” Mikey yelled out for her. Then all of a sudden, I found myself sitting in a pew at some foreign gothic church. I looked around anxiously and found that everyone else was there, looking just as confused. I tried to stand up but found that I was chained to where I sat.

“What the fuck!” Derek yelled.

“Where are we?” I whispered to no one in particular as I gazed at the strange, dark architecture and painting strewn across the massive room.

“Please be courteous everyone. The wedding will begin in several minutes,” an elderly man at the front of the room said in a threatening type of voice. He was dressed up in a dark robe and held an antediluvian looking book.

“A wedding… what?”
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