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The Last One

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My entry into the bleachcontest community on LiveJournal for the Week 1 - Future prompt. Ishida is the last one.

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The Last One
by: eternalsailorsolarwind AKA youkai_girl

Disclaimer: Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo, Ichijinsha, Viz, and a few other legal entities whose name escapes me at the moment. Me, I just play with the characters for fun.

A/N: I wrote this after joining the the bleach_contest group over at LiveJournal to work on my writer's block issues. Methinks I was at least partially successful. It's for Week 1, Future. Ichigo and Ishida have a short discussion at the end of Ishida's life.

Ishida Uryuu got up from his body and looked around. It was amazing to be able to see again. He'd finally gone blind five years ago from the combination of genes and eye strain from all the close-work he did when he sewed. He mentally “tsked” at the state of his bedroom. If he hadn't just died, he'd have taken his grandchildren to task over it.

The clearing of a throat got his attention. Turning his head sharply, ice-blue eyes narrowed as he saw who was waiting for him. “Kurosaki. I'm not surprised they sent you.”

Kurosaki Ichigo, lounging comfortably in the room's only chair, smirked up at him. “Yama-/jiji/ decided you deserved having a captain perform konso on you. I made sure I was available when the time came.”

Ichigo stood up, his captain's haori falling in neat pleats over his /shihakusho/. “Are you ready?”

“Why you?” asked Ishida, looking at him thoughtfully. “If I ranked a captain to guide me over, why not Abarai or Hitsugaya? Last I heard, you spent most of your time fighting those mutant hollows in Hueco Mundo.”

“You're right, I do. In fact, Toushiro is over there covering for me,” agreed Ichigo, his natural impatience beginning to get the better of him. “Can we get going now?

“But why you/. Any captain would have done, as long as it's not Mayuri,” Ishida persisted. “I /might have preferred someone else.”

Ichigo snorted. “Don't you get it, Ishida? You're the last of my nakama to die. I've come for all of the rest of them, so I came for you too.”

Ishida nodded wordlessly, and Ichigo performed the ceremony. “See ya' on the other side, Ishida. Party's at my place.”
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