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Random Moment Number Eight.

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More randomness.

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Ello, more to the story. :] Not that it's really a story lol. :P

Adam:: Do you ever wonder why we're here?
Hunter:: Umm, to be human?
Davey:: To live.
Jade:: Because we are.
Adam:: No I'm being serious!
Hunter:: So was I.
Davey:: Is that seriously your question?
Adam:: Yes.
Jade:: Oo, oo! I know! I know why! -raising his hand, as if he was back in school and waiting to be called on-
Hunter:: What is it?
Jade:: -stands up, making himself look all important- TO WORSHIP ME!
Davey:: Who said we wanted to worship you?
Jade:: Me!! I rule so you have to!
Adam:: ANARCHY!! -gets up-
Jade:: Nooo!! No anarchy!
Hunter:: -stands up- Yes anarchy!! -both him and Adam take a couple steps towards Jade-
Jade:: RUN AWAY! -runs off-
Adam & Hunter:: -chase him screaming some type of war call-
Davey:: I guess it's off to the hunt! -joins the chase-

Heh. Okay, bedtime for me!!
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