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Engulfed By You

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This is another AMAZING song (even tho I think its too long to be a song but he calls it that anyway) by my friend Butterz. Enjoy!!!! Comment?

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Last night I swear I saw an Angel
It was the prettiest thing I’ll ever see
And being with you is better then heaven
When your infinite beauty surrounds me

As I lay here, all alone with you
I can’t help but wonder why
Out of any man that you could have had
Why the hell you chose to be mine

How in the world did I get so lucky?
To have a beautiful girl like you
A girl who can talk and make me laugh
A girl I can pledge my life to

And how did I get so lucky
To have such a gorgeous girl to love
Being with you is all that I want
It’s better then being in the heavens above

Your love engulfs me
Your beautiful smile never leaves my mind
Your beauty controls every move that I make
You’re just so incredibly divine

Just as sure as the sky is blue and the ocean too
I swear, I will never lie to you,
and I hope that I've never, ever done anything
That would render me untrue

Cos I’d give up the world, I’d give my life
I’d give anything, or make any sacrifice
For just one more minute, just one last chance
For one last kiss, or slice of romance

And I know that I’m still just a boy
And they say that we’re still too young
But I couldn’t give a shit
Cos I know you’re the one

Just think of all the possibilities
Think of all that we could do
Imagine all the special moments
When it’s just me and you

We’ve laughed together so much
And helped each other through rough times
And through it all, my feelings grew
I just can’t believe you want to be mine

I can’t stand the solitude any more
I need to be with you now
I miss your smile and your touch
I need to see you, I don’t care how

You’ll never know just how much
Your love really means
And nobody will ever know what it’s like
To be such crazy teens

People call us crazy
People say it’ll never work
Well if that’s how the world thinks
Then fuck the world, its full of jerks

But there’s one shining diamond
One piece of beauty and love
It foreshadows the rest of the evil
Like a shining light from above

Sometimes I wonder
If I mean that much to you
If my love is vain
As is everything I do

But it just can’t be correct
I know that can’t be right
Your love lights a fire beneath me
So I’ll always continue to fight

Your love engulfs me
And I wouldn’t have it any other way
But there is just one more thing I need to say
I’ll love you, for the rest of my days.
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