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About a girl, Lara, with a baby. Only Frank in the first chapter. Set during the time of Bullets. Please read... *puppy dog face*

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Her baby was in the cot screaming and crying, wanting its morning feed. While trying to make the milk, she was speaking to her mother on the phone. She was getting an earful of how much of an idiot she was to have a child at this age. And where was the man of her life, do I hear you ask? He was watching TV, which was on full blast. He was also yelling at his girlfriend to make the baby shut up. With the phone still glued to her ear, she walked over to the cot and picked up her son and fed him the milk. He drank it quickly, without coming up for a breath. She put her baby over he shoulder, burping it, and hung up the phone. She had, had enough of her mother telling her she was an idiotic, self-indulged, little girl. Her boyfriend was still yelling at her, this time saying that it was all her fault she got knocked up and had this thing. She put her son down in the cot and he lay there, dozing off into a deep sleep. How she wished she could do something like that. Instead, she had to clean the small shack of an apartment they lived in. Beer bottles and cigarette buts lay all over the floor and couch. Her boyfriend, laughed as she tried to talk to him about how she needed help with the baby. She worked 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, while he stayed at home, drinking and smoking, probably getting high as well. All she was asking for was some help with the baby and the house. He replied with a laugh and threw a beer bottle at her. She ducked and it crashed against the wall behind her. This caused the baby to wake up and start crying once again. She walked over to the cot and picked up her gorgeous son, only to have him throw up all over her. She wiped his mouth with some tissues and put him back in the cot with all his toys. With tears welling up in her eyes, she ran into the bathroom to clean herself up. But was that the only thing she was doing in the bathroom?


She woke up, with the sun shinning brightly on her face. She looked around and noticed she was sitting on the bathroom floor. To her left was what she had used to escape from everything last night. As she listened carefully, she noticed that the TV was switched off and that the baby was not crying. A million and one thoughts flooded her head and she jumped off the floor. Not a good move. She grabbed the towel rack to steady herself and regain her balance. She got back to normal and walked back out to see someone holding her baby. It wasn't her boyfriend and it wasn't her mother, so there was only one other person it could have been. He turned around a smiled weakly at her, she smiled weakly back.
"Hey Lara," he said, handing her the baby.
"Hey Frank. How are you?" she asked. He shrugged as he walked into the kitchenette to make some coffee.
"Alright. Better than you. What happened last night?" he said, grabbing two mugs out the cupboard. She put her son on the mat and watched him play with the toys for a few moments.
"Lara, read this. I think it's from Rob, but I am not sure. I didn't open it," he said handing her the letter. She tore it opened and scanned the page. A tear rolled down her cheek, and Frank wiped it away.
"He isn't going to come back, is he?" he asked. She shook her head and wrapped her arms around Frank. He stroked her hair as she sobbed into the crook of his neck. Once she had composed herself, she ripped the letter into pieces.
"I guess now, he is just a memory. I think it is for the best," Lara said to Frank. He smiled and nodded. They both looked over to the baby, who was now lying asleep on the floor.
"I hope one day Maggie and I could have a baby as gorgeous as Jack. What would you think if I asked Maggie to marry me?" he asked Lara. She smiled.
"I am sure she would say yes," she said. He smiled and got up. He kissed her cheek and left the house, closing the door quietly behind him. She sat there on the chair. Now all alone in her crappy apartment, having to look after a 6 month old baby. No man to support her and nobody to take care of her child when she was at work. As much as she loved Rob, she never really was in love with him. It was the result of one of her drunken party nights. 9 months later, Jack arrived. She made sure the door was locked and she went back into the bathroom. There she grabbed what was lying on the floor and resumed from where she left off. She felt her head fall backwards and hit something hard, then everything went black.


"Nurse, I want you to do half hourly checks on Miss Rowe. Make sure she is not left alone with any sharp objects or any medication," said an unfamiliar voice. She opened her eyes slowly but closed them straight away. The light was right above her head, shining into her eyes. She tilted her head to the side and opened her eyes again slowly. She saw Frank sitting on a chair and immediately sat upright.
"Jack! Where is he? Fuck Frank, where is he?" she said in a slightly raised voice. He walked over and pushed her back down onto the bed.
"He is outside with Danielle and Maggie. Lara why?" he asked, still with his hands on her shoulders. She turned her head away, not wanting to face this right now.
"Fuck it Lara look at me. You told me you fucking stopped. Why, God damn it? You have a beautiful son to think of," he asked turning her head back to him.
"Don't fucking blackmail me with that," she said coldly.
"And why not. You have to take care of him, and if you die who the fuck is going to do that. Who is going to take care of him better than his mother?"
"I don't know. Anyone. I am so fucked up Frank, I can't take it anymore. I work, I cook, I clean and I have to take care of the fucking baby by myself. I am struggling to make the rent and buy food for my child. How do you think that makes me feel? And my parents don't give a fuck about me. I bet they aren't even here, am I right?" she asked. Frank slowly shook his head and grabbed her hand.
"Lara I have known you since the 2nd grade, if you need help ask me, my mum, Maggie or Danielle. We are all here to help you. Don't feel like you have to do this all on your own," he said as he let go of her hand. He walked out of the room and left her to her own thoughts.


"Miss Rowe, I am Dr. Ian Jacobson. You are free to go now, some of your friends have come to pick you up, but first you have to sign some papers," he said. Lara smiled at the Dr. weakly. He walked out and left her to get dressed. Slowly she slid on her jeans and blouse, followed by shoes and a jacket. She really was not worried about her hair so she just left. She grabbed a small bag and the teddy bear Danielle had bought her, and left the room. Outside at the reception desk, she was greeted by Frank, Maggie, Danielle and her brother, Jason. She went up to Jason first and hugged him tight.
"You flew all the way from LA for me?" Lara asked her brother. He nodded and kissed the top of her head. He walked her over to the desk where she was to sign some papers. Lara read over them carefully and stopped half way down the third page.
"Excuse me," she called to Dr. Jacobson as he walked by. He smiled and walked over to her.
"Umm, I think you have made a mistake. You see I didn't try to kill myself," she said. The smile on the doctor's face vanished and was replaced by a large frown.
"Miss Rowe, we found several large bruises over your body and deep cuts on your upper thighs. Now may I ask, if you were not trying to kill yourself, what were you trying to do?" he asked quietly. She looked to the ground, trying to come up with an answer to his question that didn't involve names or anyone getting hurt. When she looked back up, he was gone.
"Miss are you going to sign those, there are some people behind you," the lady at the desk said, in a monotone voice. Lara nodded and signed the papers quickly. Then her brother wrapped his arm around her shoulders and led her outside, followed by Frank, Maggie and Danielle, who was holding Jack. She looked up into the night sky, staring at the stars.
"How long was I out before I woke up this morning?" Lara asked everyone. Maggie answered.
"Around 36 hours," she said. Lara nodded and helped Danielle strap Jack into the baby seat in the back of Jason's car. Lara and Jason got in the car and started driving back home. Frank's car was behind them the whole way.
A few minutes later, they were back at the apartment. Jack was down for the night and everyone was sitting in the lounge room. Nobody was saying anything, it was an awkward silence.
"I need to be getting home," Danielle said. Maggie and Frank nodded. They all said their goodbyes and left the house, leaving Jason and Lara in the lounge room.
"If you needed help why didn't you just call me Lara?" Jason asked his sister. She rolled her eyes and walked away.
"Please don't start this right now Jason," Lara replied.
"No, I want to. Why the hell didn't you call me? I would of come back to help,"
"Exactly. You would have come back. I can't ruin your lie just because I ruined mine. You are actually doing something with your life," she said firmly. He shook his head and walked back to the lounge room. Lara heard clanging, so she poked her head out. She saw that Jason was gathering all the beer bottles off the floor.
"You don't have to-"
"Yes I do. Stop trying to do everything on your own. You are not super mom and nobody expects you to be," Jason responded. She walked over and hugged him, before picking up the rest of the beer bottles.
That night, Lara went to sleep. For the first time in 6 months, she didn't take anything or do anything to help her sleep.


She woke the next morning to the sounds of her son crying for a feed. Slowly, Lara raised herself out of the bed, slipping on a robe. Making her way to where her son was sleeping, she saw her brother, Jason, laying asleep on the couch. He stirred in his sleep, but did not wake up.
"Hello beautiful," Lara said as she picked up her son and rocked him in her arms. He settled down and looked right into her eyes, smiling. She walked over to the kitchen with the baby playing with the ends of her hair. As she tried to make the milk, she heard Jason wake up and turn the TV on. Lara glanced at the clock to see that it was 9 am. No wonder Jack was hungry. After she had tested the milk on her skin, she gave Jack the bottle and watched him drink it all up.
"I will burp him if you like. Take a load off and watch some TV," Jason said, standing in the doorway. She smiled and handed her son to him. Lara settled down on the couch, flicking between the channels. She chose a random movie playing.
Ten minutes into the movie, the phone started to ring. Lara leaned across the couch to answer it.
"Hello," she spoke into the phone.
"Good morning. I am looking for Lara Rowe," the unfamiliar voice said back.
"Yes, you're speaking to her,"
"Good morning Miss Rowe. My name is Julie Walters and I am from the Department Of Children Services. We had a call the morning from an anonymous source in regard to you being unable to provide for your son. Jack, is it?"
"Yes my son's name is Jack. Who called and I am sorry but I am doing fine providing for my child," Lara spoke half agitated, half worried. Jason looked at her shocked.
"OK, Miss Rowe I would like you to calm down. As I said, this call was anonymous and we were unable to trace it. Seeing as you do not agree with this statement, we will be sending someone to your house within the next 48 hours. I advise you to stay calm and not leave. It will only make you look worse if you run away,"
"Fine. Just one question. What happens if the result of this house call finds that I cannot provide for my child? What happens then?" she asked. The lady on the other end of the phone sighed.
"We would have to do several background checks and see if there is any other family your son could stay with. If not he will be put up for adoption. But I assure you Miss Rowe, we only chose the best suited families for the children,"
"You're going to take my son away from me?" Lara spoke, voice slightly raised.
"Not unless we have to. Miss Rowe, we will be speaking to you shortly. Thank you and have a good day," the lady said and hung up. Jason sat Jack down the cot and then sat next to Lara. She retold the whole conversation to her brother and by the end, she was in tears. Jason held her as she cried and cried. Different thoughts and scenarios filled Lara's head. Was she going to lose her baby? Or was she going to run away to try and protect him? Welcome to the life, of Lara Rowe.
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