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Chapter 4

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Mikey and Kat go out hunting together. [Rated for violence and mild gore]

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Chapter 4
As we make our way to the warehouse in one of the vans I mentally prepare myself for what was in front of us. It was supposed to be a meeting of 3 to 5 vampires who were going to have a chat and a drink. It was assumed that they would be bringing their drinks with them, ie knocking out a human, bundling them into their cars and then driving them here to drink on whenever they feel like it.

Usually I wouldn’t be nervous at all when facing this situation. We have more information than we would normally have and I got more sleep last night that I’ve had in a long time, but being with Mikey puts me on edge. I feel like I have to constantly prove myself and his snide remarks don’t help matters.

I twist around in my seat and face Shaun who is working with Dan as back up. “Ok so 4 beeps and you have to come save us ok?”
“Sure. You’ve told me enough times.” He jokes. “You Ok boss?”
“I’m fine and I’ve told you to stop calling me ‘boss’.”
“Ok….boss.” He smiles. I roll my eyes and turn around, we were nearly there.
“We should get out and approach on foot.”
“It’ll take longer for them to come and get us if they’re parked further away.” Mikey argues.
“It’s a risk we’ve got to take. There’s more chance of the vampires being suspicious if they hear a car pull up and park with two people in when it originally held 4. Them two can drop us then follow in 10 minutes. I’m not risking raising their suspicions so early on.”
“What ever you say, it’s your show.” He sighs and pulls over.

That was another thing that had gotten to me. Usually when we do a big raid I drive the van up. It’s just part of the ritual. However Mikey being male assumed it was his job to drive us up there in my van. I let it drop because a confrontation would get us both worked up and make us sloppy on the job but I’ll raise the point later when he sprawls himself out in front of my TV on my sofa eating my food all the time telling me I shouldn’t need to live like this.
“You coming or what?” He asks me through my car window. I unbuckle my seat belt and get out of the car. “Remember 4 beeps.” I say holding up my walky talky. Shaun and Dan both nod with badly hidden smirks and wish me luck.
“Come on let’s get going.” I command then begin jogging in the direction of the old warehouse.

It takes about 5 minutes to get there. Mostly because Mikey insists on taking us down every alley and side street possible instead of sticking to the main streets and also makes us walk round the block 8 times because he ‘could have sworn we were being followed.’ When we eventually get there the warehouse is exactly as I imagined. Huge and tall even though there is only one floor and the basement. The paintwork on the wooden frames is a fading and peeling red and the brick walls are painted in white. The windows are opaque with dirt and darkness and have metal grids over them with rubbish piled up behind them. The window at ground level is smashed just like intelligence said it would be and the grid is ripped away.

“Come on I can see the widow.”
“Wait we need to scope out the area.”
“What? We need to get in there quick before they look out and see two people assessing the place with various wooden weapons stuck into their belts.”
“Your funeral.” He sighs again and I walk off ahead of him, not caring that my anger is jeopardising the task.

I make my way over to the window and after checking that no one’s inside I lower myself in through it. To my great delight Mikey falls as he follows me. As he falls he falls into the wall, leaning on the light switch and turning them on. He turns quickly and rectifies his mistake but I’d had enough time by then to see what the darkness had been hiding.

We were both in the basement underneath the main building. Cold strip lights lined the ceiling and cast their harsh light on row after row of metal rimed beds. “You thinking what I’m thinking?” I breathe.
“We’ve found it. We’ve found the venue.” Mikey replies. We share a triumphant glance then turn in opposite directions to scope out the room.

There were about 40 beds in total all with shackles that me and Mikey could easily get out of if we bought the right equipment with us. There was a small pen supposedly for exercise and a single dripping showerhead on the wall.
“Are we still going in? This could be bigger than we thought.” I ask Mikey, doubting for the first time whether we were going to get out of here in one piece.
“I say we go up and try to get a good look around, even if we don’t manage to bump any one off.”
“So we go up there to scope the rooms rather than to track anyone down?”
“Agreed. But if they find us or we find them in the process then we do them over.”
“Sounds good to me.” I agree and lead the way up the basement stairs.

The heavy wooden door is locked but I use my handy lock picking wire to break through it and sneak out onto the landing when I am sure there is no body around. It seems as though the door to the basement is situated at the back of a makeshift yet grand dining room. Not useful as the original plan had been for me and Mikey to sneak all the captives out of the holding cell and then return to wage wars on the monsters. The vast room is empty so I walk out into it further and allow my eyes to examine the four walls.

The walls have been covered in deep red velvet wall paper. A huge oak table stretches down the centre of the room and is surrounded by a collection of expensive looking, high backed, velvet cushioned chairs. A large chandelier filled with new white candles hangs from the beams over head. The windows have been shrouded in colourful materials to mask the dirty glass and metal grids.
“They must have been working on this for some time.” Mikey breathes from behind me. I nod and set off towards the doorframe set in one of the walls.

The rest of the warehouse is separated with giant screens. There is an area that will obviously be used to prepare the humans for lunch, an area with a small collection of sofas and battered chairs. “A vampire staff room.” Mikey sniggers. Then finally we come to a completely shut off place.
“What do you think is in here?” I ask him. He shrugs and motions for me to move one of the screens slightly.

I place a slightly trembling hand on one of the screens and push it to the side by mere millimetres then hold an eye up to the new opening. Behind the screens are about 5 coffins, a pile of suitcases and trunks and various articles of bedroom furniture scattered around. I move over to let Mikey have a look then begin to walk away.
“We need to get out of here now. I have a really bad feeling about this.” I can’t explain why I feel so uneasy but I just do.
“Yeah. It’s like vampire hotel in here.” He agrees and leads the way back to the basement door.
“Mikey wait.” I say suddenly. Grabbing his wrist and pulling him behind a large freezer we’d learnt earlier contained mountains of meat.
“What?” He hisses, obviously annoyed that I’d interrupted his leading.
“I heard someone.”
“There’s no one here.” He answers, “Intelligence was wrong.”
“You can say that again.” I whisper sarcastically. “Why were there 5 coffins here yet no people Mikey?”
“They were out hunting?” He replies just as sarcastically.
“And now they’re back smart arse.” I say through gritted teeth just before a tall man with flowing blonde hair steps into the room. Mikey motions to me that we should sneak out behind him but I stop him.

Sure enough two other men join him straight after. One of them is the split image of the first and the second, the second is Frank. Mikey looks at me quickly in panic and I figure that Bob must have told him about the me and Frank situation. I shake my head and hold a finger to my lips, signalling for him to stay quiet while I think of a way to get us out of here.

“So how many has Ray gotten us?” A gruff voice asks from across the room.
“I don’t know. He’s bringing them over tomorrow. No one’s seen him for a few days, he’s been keeping his head down since Gerard found out he’d been drinking all the food.” Frank gives a short laugh and starts walking towards me and Mikey. My heart beat speeds up and I close my eyes to try and calm it down. If they had all been out hunting together their senses would be mega sharp and who knew what Frank’s senses were like? For all I know he could be able to see through solid objects, in which case crouching down behind this freezer is a complete waste of time.

I let out an inaudible sigh of relief when Frank stops, opens the freezer door and removes a leg of lamb. “Go and warm this up Dom.” He commands and one of the blonde haired vampires hurries over to him and takes the meat from him. “I’ll be in the dining room. I don’t care what Gerard says we’ll eat in there. What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right boys?” The two vampires hurriedly agree and share startled glances before setting to work as soon as Frank leaves the area.

I take one look at Mikey and it’s all we need to decide on our plan of action. When both of the twins are standing over the oven me and Mikey stand up into a crouch and circle around until we’re behind them. Then we withdraw our wooden daggers and drive them straight into the blood sucking freaks. The pair immediately slump down in a pool on the floor.

I hesitate for a minute, unsure what to do next as we couldn’t just leave them here to be discovered. We have to hide our tracks. I look down at them again, then over to the freezer, then at Mikey. He nods stonily and we set about cutting the vampires down into smaller chunks.

I pull Mikey with me back behind the large freezer, now stuffed full of vampire body parts, and we wait. He shoots me numerous inquisitive glances but I simply shake my head and keep my eyes on the doorway into the dining area.

Just as I’m beginning to think that my plan won’t work and we’ll be trapped here forever I hear Frank scrape his heavy chair back and begin to walk in the direction of the door. “Hey you two! What are you doing with that food?” He calls out, coming into sight suddenly. “Guys? This isn’t funny. I’m fucking hungry.” He yells. The noise fills my head and leaves me clutching my ears praying that the eardrums haven’t burst.

As he moves away from us to look around for the twins I motion to Mikey to follow me. We stand to a crouch again and sneak back into the dining room where we stand completely and sprint for the basement door, unsure of where the door on this level was and whether it would be locked or not. I crash into it and shove my wire into the lock, giving it a quick twist before pushing the door open and charging down the stairs. Mikey follows but as he lets the door go it slams loudly. “RUN!” I scream at the same time that Frank shouts “I can smell you two rats!”

Me and Mikey stop suddenly at the window after weaving in and out of the hospital beds and I stand back and let him scramble out of the window first while I get my walky-talky from my utility belt and send out 4 sharp beeps then lift it to my mouth. “Be ready to drive, we’re being chased.”

Mikey pulls his leg through and moves away from the window. I pull my hood up as I hear Frank coming nearer and nearer not wanting him to see my face. I hoist myself up onto the ledge as Frank throws himself across the room towards me. I don’t want to look back but I can’t resist taking a quick peek over my shoulder as I’m nearly outside. His face is a mask of pure horror. His lips are pulled back showing the longest, most lethal looking fangs I’ve ever seen. His face is pure white to the point of almost being translucent and every feature seems to have been etched in, giving it an over blown and dramatic look. He gets nearer suddenly and I gasp and go to jump outside.

Just as I’m almost clear of the window I feel some cold force wrap itself around my ankle and drag me backwards. I cling onto the window frame, slicing my hand open on some of the remaining glass. My leg is still being pulled by this strange force, Frank is stood a few meters back holding out his hand with an evil look in his eyes. He’s doing this, he can move things without even touching them. I’m slipping.
“Joseph, help me!” I scream, making my voice higher with a northern accent so that Frank wouldn’t recognise me and intentionally calling the wrong name out to Mikey to protect his identity.

He rushes over to the window, taking my lead and covering his face behind his hood, then grabs my wrists and pulls hard. The pressure on my ankle grows and spreads half way up my leg. “Oh God…” I whisper as the blood from my torn hand causes Mikey’s grip on me to slip and I’m drawn further into the basement and closer to Frank. “1…2…3…heave!” Mikey says through a clenched jaw and we tumble out of the window. I scramble to my feet, pausing to pull my hood back up and then chase off after Mikey in the direction of the waiting van.

We clamber into the back seats and Shane drives off before we’ve even closed the door. “That was damn close.” I sigh, resting my head back on the seat and watching Frank’s silhouette grow smaller and smaller until the darkness fades him out.
“What the hell happened?” Dan asks as Shane drives me and Mikey in the direction of my flat, taking a few detours here and there in case anyone’s following us.
“I’ll tell you tomorrow at the meeting.”
“There’s a meeting tomorrow at heads?”
“There is now.” I agree and see Shane nod in answer to my unasked question. He would see to it that everyone knew they had to be there tomorrow.
“Whoa. It must have been good.” Dan enthuses before I give in to the exhaustion and fall asleep.
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