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Can the love between a monster and a human exist in the daylight, or is it doomed to remain hidden in the shadows, unseen by the world? Yaoi.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Ushio and Tora. This is a yaoi Tora x Demon Hunter Ushio lemon, you were warned. NO FLAMES please.


Black. I was drowning in the ebony slitted depths, held captive in their surrounding hued waters. My claws stroking through the silken waves pouring down his pale form. His deep violet eyes staring into mine, a reminder of a blackness those eyes held in their other form. This one, is like me. The other, I cannot have.

As the glittering stars twinkled around us, binding us together in their false light, my large clawed hands took his own elegant fingers, grasping them gently. So small, this human hand that fits into my palm with such ease. Strangely, it seems almost delicate, despite the spear he's held for so long. The Beast Spear. Once I hated it beyond all things, now it allows me to be here, in this paradise that seems indifferent to our battles in the light. Under the pale moon, I am free to caress his silken flesh, trailing my talons over his chin and tilting his face into the lighted shadow.

Fangs. In this form, I always seem to forget that he is as powerful as I, perhaps even more. His eyes slitted by the very power that captured me, locking me away into the darkness. And yet, those same soulfilled depths seem to pull me to him, so that it is he that holds me prisoner. Though my immense form shadows his unusually fey-like body from the night, he has the power to lure my once blackened heart into the daystar's aurora. For him, I gave up slaughtering the humans he chooses to guard so dearly. For me, he seems unaware of my fearsome appearance, daring to stroke his soft fingers through my streaming mane.

Can he not see? Is he blind to what I am? I am a monster. And yet, he still dares to press closer, allowing my muscular arms to wrap around him even tighter. I could kill him if I chose. It would be so easy. But, I do not. He has earned my respect, as well as something deeper. How can he stand to brush his pure lips over my fur, caressing it with his gentle breath? He does not fear me, not like others of his kind would. But I am forgetting that here... he is no longer a creature of the day. In this shadowed glade, he is no more human than I. We are simply together, without concern or fear of the dawn. Alone in an embrace that releases our forbidden desires.

My body awakens as his lithe young form curls into my chest, my sharp nails brushing away the long raven silked strands to get to the white fabric of his silky shirt. Feh, humans wear too much clothing anyway. His body trembles even as I sift my claws through each button, tearing them aside to reach the paled chest. When I am through, his skin lays flush against my fur, his gentle warmth entrancing me as I toss the offending garments into the air, caring not for their destination. All that matters now is the act. The act of bonding that drives us mad.

I think now of his pure human form. Just a boy really, though he has nearly reached manhood. Tonight is his passing, from child to adult. From purity into obsession. That other form will no longer be the same. Once he was simply "boy," now he has earned his name, 'Ushio.' Ushio, master of the Beast Spear, monster hunter, yet human child. This form is a constant battle between human and monster, a bit of both, but uniquely different.

The waiting has become too intense. I take advantage of his parted lips, pulling him closer, devouring him. He simply sighs, tension seeping away as he strokes himself against me. How amusing, that I still refer to him as male. This form is quite different, for it has no gender. It is perfect. Soft, hairless chest flowing down into silky legs. So smooth, I draw my tongue over the base of his throat, feeling his pulse quicken at my actions. His taste, slightly salty, yet its sweetness entices me nearer. Desire clouds the atmosphere, dissolving reality into passion.

I seek him even now. My entire focus is drawn to him, for his very existence makes me complete. Slivers of moonlight mix with inky shadows around our bodies that are embracing in the glade. Violet eyes once again stare deeply up at me, calling upon my guidance in this finaling act. Responding to his plead, I lay him gently upon the flushed grass, gazing down with a hint of uncertainty. How can I continue? I will be stealing from him the most precious gift he has to give. Doesn't he understand why we can never be... The touch of his lips against my own shoved aside any further protests my mind would choose to give. In this time and place, I will do as he commands. If it is truly his desire, then he shall receive his wish in full. As our bodies join, the claim staked upon the shivering green, no longer are we two, but one. This everlasting darkness embracing our bodies in eternal passion.

At the very point of joining, I seal the bond by sinking my fangs into his glittering lifepulse. Ahhhh, the scent of joining mixing with the taste of pure blood. I have achieved what others of my kind only dream of. This perfect union; heart, body, and soul united as one. Together under the stars, we release our passion in a silent exchange of eternity.

Our time wanes, for the dawn approaches on fiery wings to push back the night and flood the land with rays of warmth. If I could, I would hide him forever from that light. But, I can do no more than stroke his cheek as the sun claims him, calling him back to his world. Lengths of black slip into nothingness, my claws brushing the shortened silk from his closed eyelids. His pale skin tans gently, giving him a more lively glow. The human shifts now, curling into my fur with a sigh. I can tell, just by his scent, that his skin and body have returned to his more delicate state, no longer tough muscle under pale silk. Clawless fingers now grip my fine hairs, pert nose wiggling against my chest even in his slumber.

How can he trust so easily? Does he not know that I am still a monster? A monster cannot be tamed, it is forever deadly. Still, I no longer carry the impulse to slit his pretty tanned throat. For even a monster can dream. And so, I take him into my arms and carry him back to his bed, his human home. In the morning, he will awaken as if the night had been just a dream, no more. Only I will know the truth. It is better this way. For a human cannot love a monster, nor a monster love a human. No, tis better to save the memory and allow life to continue as it once was.

Humans, their lives short and meaningful. Spending every waking moment trying to achieve what they cannot truly understand. We watch from the shadows, our lives stretching for centuries. But, we are empty, void of all love and peace. All that exists for us is the hunt, the smell of blood, the pain, and the desire to destroy mankind. I no longer remember why we are driven to such extremes. Perhaps I never really understood why we were apart. The day and night existing side by side, yet only touching for brief periods in between. Must it always remain this way? Will I live an endless life even after his body has turned to dust, his spirit ascending to the heavens? It is hard to think of such a thing. I bonded completely with him, so I desire no more than to spend eternity by his side. Will the madness overtake me when he is gone? Will I be driven back to the bloodlust, the hunt for human flesh? Perhaps. But, I will continue to guard that fragment of memory forever and beyond, in this world and the next. It is the closest a monster will ever be... to the immortality of love.


Author's Note: Everyone was waiting for a fic, so I decided to put this one up sooner than later. I've got a couple of crossovers in a works and a few non yaoi Ushio and Tora fics on the way, but it will take time. Please enjoy the next part of this fic. I just think Ushio and Tora make the cutest couple, not to mention I'm a big Beauty and the Beast fan. Bye, please review!
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