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Facing the Truth

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Ushio deals with his "guests"

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Facing the Truth

It was a whole twenty minutes later when Juro finally knocked on the kitchen door and let himself in. Ushio kept his back to the human formed beast and continued to prepare the sandwiches. 'Ushio...' Juro paused, watching the young human pretending to ignore him. With a sigh, the wind weasel stepped closer and stopped right behind the young man.

'It's been six years, Ushio. Six long years. I had hoped that you would have gotten over this by now, but...' the blue haired man trailed off. 'Gotten over what?' Ushio asked, arranging the sandwiches on a plate, his ears trained on the other man. 'You made it clear when we were last together, that you... had a problem with our relationship. Does it still bother you that we're both male? Or is it that...' Juro blinked when the young man spun around and glared right at him.

'I don't have a "Problem" with your relationship. Why you'd pick that baka tora for a mate is beyond me. Still, he's your problem now, you deal with him,' Ushio grumbled, turning back to his sandwiches. 'We're equals, Ushio. I don't deal with him, I work with him. Relationships aren't based on just trying to handle each other. I love Tora. But, it took me a long time to realize that. What are you afraid of, Ushio?' Juro's sudden question startled the dark haired man.

'I'm not "Afraid" of anything. Look, why did you two come all the way here? You are the ones who took off six years ago and didn't look back. Why bother to return now? Not that I care or anything,' Ushio commented, his voice taking on an icy edge. 'We left because we felt you were uncomfortable with us being mates. And you were, and still are, despite what you say. We came back because we wanted to make sure you were all right,' Juro announced.

'I'm 26, Juro. I don't need you two to baby-sit me. All the evil monsters are dead, and the beast spear is safely put away. The hunter isn't needed anymore, so why not just leave me alone?' Ushio whispered the last part, feeling the depth of angst washing over him.

'Be that as it may, you are still wanted. Tora and I were worried about you,' Juro continued, ignoring the young man's snort. 'Yes, Tora is worried, he just doesn't know how to show it. We both care about you, Ushio.'

Ushio froze, his body tensing up at the words that flowed from the weasel's mouth. Gritting his teeth and clenching his fists at his side, he hissed at the monster to get out. Juro just blinked at his back in shock. 'Get out... I said GET OUT!' Ushio screamed, refusing to turn around, refusing to let the other know how much his words had hurt him.

The former demon hunter listened as the weasel did just that, the door swinging shut behind him. Finally, Ushio slid down onto his knees, cradling his head in his arms. 'It's not fair. Why? Why couldn't they just leave me alone? I don't want to care anymore. I don't want to be hurt again...'


'He's crying again,' Juro turned to look at his mate who had come up behind him. 'He's so angry. What could have filled him with such rage, Tora? He wasn't like this before. Where's our innocent young Ushio?' the blue haired man wrapped his arms around himself, trying to block out the sounds coming from the kitchen. Those sobs, so low and filled with such pain.

'Perhaps... we were wrong to come back,' Juro whispered, trying to step around his lover. A hand on his shoulder stopped him, making him look back at the red haired man. 'No. We did the right thing. The brat... Ushio, needs us now,' Tora grumbled, clearly trying not to let his own feelings for the boy show. 'You do care about him,' Juro smiled, tears rising into his own eyes. 'Someone has to look after him,' Tora replied.


~It's been so quiet. I wonder if they're gone.~ A pang of panic ran through the man's heart as he envisioned a future without ever seeing "Them" again. It would hurt... perhaps too much to bear. But, if he could just lock up the feelings, then he would be able to... No, better that they leave, then for them to find out... If they ever found out...

Ushio shuddered at the thought. Juro would hate him, Tora would look at him with disgust. They didn't care about him. Who could care for a broken soul?


Author's Note: Yes, it is pretty angst filled. I can't help it, my best writing is angst romance. Please Review!
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