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what i am...

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Spencer tells Emma what he is, and where she has to stay.

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When I opened my eyes it was still dark, at least in my room. I lifted my head and then rolled to a sitting position; a pain in my head loomed as I became dizzy. I heard Keane in the background of the room, one of my favourite songs. / A Bad Dream /.

“Good morning,” Spencer said from the darkness.

I glanced to his direction and a click of a switch lit the room entirely. My green eyes squinted against the change in lighting and I looked towards Spencer.

“Hi,” I croaked.

I shifted in the bed and my sheets fell from my mid section. My whole body ached from the after effect of being flattened by Peter. I looked at my arms holding lacerations of hands which were stronger than any human. Shivering to the thought of something else Spencer cleared his throat and I directed my attention to him.

“It’s 2:30 am.”

“What day?”

“July 3rd,” he whispered.

I pulled my blankets above my shoulders feeling self-conscious of his dull yellow eyes no longer a war like red. He brushed his angle bangs to the side of his face smiling a little.

“So,” I mumbled looking away from his soft skin showing through a slightly open black collared shirt, “I’ve been here for three days?”

He stood coming over to the bed I sat in. My heart raced slightly as the scent of old cinnamon showered my nose, filling my cavities with a warm sense of home. Spencer’s eyes grew fuller as he sensed the change in my heart rate, his eyes turned amber.

“Why do your eyes change?” I asked staring into the beautiful orbs.

Spencer looked to my neck as the amber turned darker and darker becoming crimson. My own flesh began to glow under this strange situation; I looked to my shoulder as it somehow sparkled.

“They change, because I’m a vampire.”

“What,” my tone totally dropped to a dull sound, “like the Anne Rice bullshit?”

Spencer laughed as his eyes flashed to a green.

“What does that color mean?” I teased.

“Well Anne Rice had one thing right about us, we can only venture out in the night, other than that she seemed to just run with the word Vampire,” his eyes clouded slightly and the green began to dull.

“So why do you’re eyes change color?”

He sighed and looked into my own eyes, a smile spread on his face.

“You ever heard those stories that EMS people tell, about human eyes losing a light to them so to speak,” he waited for my nod, “Well when you’re turned you lose that light but you don’t lose your emotions,” He watched me scoff, “They say it goes to your eyes.”


His eyes flashed emerald as he chuckled to my response.

“So green is happy?” I asked.

He nodded.

“Blue is sad,” Spencer added and watched me laugh.

“Of course,” I muttered pulling legs under me, “and red?”

“Self defence or hunting mode.”


“Intrigued, interested, stuff like that.”

I looked into his eyes slowly growing to yellow.


“Calm, or relaxed.”




He rubbed his hair and his eyes flashed to an indigo.

“Well,” I urged.

He shifted in his seat as his eyes remained a burning indigo; he was giving me an awkward look and I tried to look into his eyes for the answer.

“Purple, is…um,” he paused and looked away from me, “Well indigo is embarrassment and purple is,” he muttered the last of his answer.

“Purple is what?” I grabbed his arm.

“Can I tell you another time?”

“Is it when you’re aroused, or that general idea?”

He nodded and I recoiled.

“Magenta is when your in love, and violet is when you like someone.”

I started laughing and Spencer watched me roll around on my bed kicking and screaming with laughter. At first he didn’t understand and I rolled into his side breathing heavily. He closed his eyes.

“Well,” I whispered, “that must be awkward; people can read you like an open book.”

Spencer stood and nodded again.

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to stay with me in this house.”

“That’s fine, can I go outside?”


I threw my blankets of me and stood grabbing Spencer’s shoulders but he wouldn’t turn and look at me. He kept his eyes closed sensing my anger.

“Why not? It’s not like I’m in any danger.”

He lashed around his eyes burning red; I was scared as his fangs forced themselves from his jaw. I watched the red flicker and battle out with the yellow.

“Peter is still after you.”

“What?” I barely whispered, “You killed him.”

Spencer released my arms and turned again.

“He isn’t dead, I can’t kill him, I don’t know how.”
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