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The Closet's Open.

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Imagination can take you far, Ady. But not far enough.

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Ady quietly walked into the kitchen, now changed and refreshed, her steps firm and soft against the wooden flooring. She crept up behind Patrick, who was expertly handling his pancakes with a wooden spatula. Holding in a giggle, she leaned in towards his right ear and whispered a demonic 'Boo'.

Chaos struck as Patrick screeched and leaped 5 feet into the air, sending his spatula flying. It landing with a loud clang on the floor, spraying sparks of hot oil everywhere. Ady yelped loudly as a large blot of oil fell onto her left arm. She bit her lip in pain and whimpered while Patrick desperately scuffled about for something to ease her pain. Within three seconds, he was at her side with a wet cloth and a worried expression. He motioned for her to get on top of the counter. He slowly took her arm and gently dabbed the spot with the soothing wet cloth. She winced as pain shot through her like a bullet. It was like acid, eating through her skin. And there he was, her knight in shining amour, tending to her wounds like a cliched Disney Princess movie.

"Ssshh...", he whispered, as she winced again. She closed her eyes as he continued to wipe her arm and bit her lip again, endearing the electric shocks shooting up her spine. The problem was, she didn't know who it was who caused the shocks- The oil or Patrick? She slowly relaxed under Patrick's rhythmic touch. It was like the chorus of a Queen Adreena song; steady slow and irresistible.

Just as the pain started to fade away, she felt the pressure on her arm stop. Puzzled, she opened her eyes to see Patrick walking across the room, towards the door.

"Where are you going?", Ady asked, her voice wavering. Her heart nearly froze at the thought that he was leaving her even for a second.

"I'm just going up to get some anti-infectant," he told her, noticing a strange look of loss in her eyes. "I'll be back in a minute. You sit tight and stay away from the oil." He smiled as she chuckled lightly and then turned and walked out the door.

Ady sat on the counter, admiring the way Patrick's shoulder blades moved smoothly against his skin as he walked away. It was the second time that day that she had caught herself staring at him. But this time, there were no mental slaps or regrets. She willingly let her mind wander from his shoulder blades to his lips. Her hands automatically moved slowly to her own, brushing them lightly as she pictured Patrick's face close to hers. So close, that they were practically breathing each other's air. A hurricane of emotions flashed through her as Patrick moved closer to her, if that even seem ed possible. She pinched her lip harder as her imaginary lover pushed her onto her back on the counter and crawled on top of her, his legs on either side of her waist. Patrick stared deeply into her eyes, unsure of how to let out the bubble of passion that had formed in his chest. He slowly brushed her cheek with the back of his hand, causing her to close her eyes at the delicacy of his touch. Bending slowly to the front, he placed his head on either side of her face and leaned in slowly to--

The door suddenly flew open and imaginary Patrick vanished into thin air, leaving Ady blushing madly as the real Patrick walked towards her, a small black bottle in one hand and a swab of cotton in the other.

"Missed me?"
"Like you never left."
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