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Chapter 03: Enter the Squib Inquistion

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Three: Enter the Squib Inquisition:

It was a slow work day at the Fleet Bank in New York City. The employees at the bank had little business today and it didn’t seem to be about to pick up anytime soon. A guard lazily leaned up against the front entrance, his gun to his side.

In the blink of an eye, a loud blast from the side caused the silence within the bank. The guard pointed his gun towards the large hole that was blasted in the side of the bank where a blond haired man with a bitter expression on his face led the way. This man was the disgraced squib older brother of Lucius Malfoy, Luther. Behind him were a hard faced man with light brown hair and a stringy woman with darker hair. These two were squibs as well and they all looked at the employees of the bank with utter contempt. They walked forward into the bank, as the guard pointed his gun towards them.

“Stand back!” warned the guard but Luther Malfoy just picked up his walking stick in a rather bored voice, before the top popped open, revealing a stun gun. Luther stuck the stun gun in the guard’s stomach before he could manage to shoot the squib. The guard crumpled to the ground, in a heap, prompting the other bank employees to issue loud shrieks of terror.

“I suggest none of you try and stop us, either,” drawled Luther in a bored voice, as his two associates aimed Triceraton laser blasters at the other employees at the bank. “Or, you might find yourself quickly becoming nothing but a pile of dust and blood on the floor.”

Luther turned to the bank teller, who looked as if she feared for her life.

“You, I wish to make a withdrawal,” ordered Luther Malfoy, pointing his walking stick with the concealed stun gun at the girl. “Seven Thousand, Seven Hundred, Seventy Seven Dollars, and Seventy Seven cents and I want the exact change.”

The girl backed off, wondering why someone would steal such a peculiar amount of money but the stun gun caused her not to ask too many questions.

“Boss, begging your pardon, but why steal that exact amount?” asked the hard faced man in a dull tone of voice.

“Seven is the most powerfully magical number and we need not discuss anything else of our plans in front of the Muggles,” replied Luther in a disdainful voice, as if it contaminated him to be in the same air with the other bank employees.

The teller reappeared in front of the homicidal squib, with a shaky hand as she passed the money in to Luther Malfoy.

“Let’s go,” replied Luther swiftly. “Before any police or Turtles or scar-faced twits for that matter cotton on to the fact we’re here.”

Luther Malfoy and his two squib associates walked from the bank, just as quickly as they had came, leaving the employees completely baffled as to their intentions and why they stole the dollar amount they did.

In the Potter Residence in New York City, Harry Potter laid with his head in his arms on the floor, with a very reserved expression on his face, with his communications mirror out in front of him. It had been two days since Hermione was attacked by Bellatrix Lestrange and her parents were killed. Harry’s friend now laid in St. Mungos, barely stable and no one could tell whether she would make a full recover from her ordeal. The operation to move all the muggleborns to a safe house had been managed, but unfortunately, there were a few more families of muggleborn students that Harry hadn’t reached before it was too late. The Death Eaters had gotten to them and maimed them, before leaving them dead in their houses. Still, the fact that Harry managed to reach at least seventy percent in time was a minor victory, Voldemort would likely to be in a rage once he found out what Harry had done, but since Harry suspected that Voldemort might already want to kill him, Harry had no problems blatantly defying Voldemort one more time.

Harry looked up to see his younger sister Hailey walk towards him. She frowned as she saw Harry down on the floor.

“Slow day Harry,” remarked Hailey.

“Yes, my scar isn’t really stinging now and all the muggleborns in Britain are moved to a temporarily safe location,” remarked Harry calmly. “Plus, I’m not allowed outside, because another mercenary could get the drop on me.”

Harry pointed towards his bandaged right ear instinctively.

“Mum’s working in the attic on something, I’m not sure what, she’s got the door warded,” replied Hailey calmly. “There’s something that tells me that she doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

“Not, that you didn’t try of course,” remarked Harry in a casual tone of voice and Hailey just grinned in agreement before reaching over to grab the remote control. “Uh, Hailey, do you think it’s a good idea to turn that on?”

“Now, Harry, I know that too much television rots your brain, but I think my brain is already sufficiently rotted,” declared Hailey.

“No, it’s just that every time I look at the television, I see something bad that wands me to blast the television into pieces,” answered Harry. “Most likely involving the Shredder.”

“Still,” said Hailey, as she pointed the remote towards the television and flipped in on, causing the image of a very bewildered newscaster appear on the screens.

“This just in, our top story, the Fleet Bank has been robbed,” declared the newscaster. “The suspects walked from the bank with seven thousand, seven hundred, seventy seven dollars, and seventy seven cents from the bank.”

The curious amount caused Harry to look at the television.

“Witnesses have stated that the top suspect is a blond haired, blue eyed male, in his early fifties,” continued the newscaster. “His two associates were a woman with dark stringy hair that appeared to be in her forties and a heavy set male in his late fifties, with brown hair with slight hints of graying. The lead suspect is said to carry an expensive walking stick, with a stun gun concealed in the top.”

“Luther Malfoy,” muttered Harry darkly, remembering his two previous encounters with the villainous squib. The first time, Harry was nearly strung up and shot with Ginny, Don, and Raph by Luther Malfoy’s goons. As much as Harry hated to admit it, if it had not been for the untimely interference of the mysterious, if a bit incompetent, Black Phantom, he might not be alive to this day.

The second encounter was just as perilous. Luther Malfoy wanted to shrink the city of New York and ransom it to the American Wizarding Government in exchange for receiving magical powers. Despite such a thing being impossible, Malfoy managed to steal a working device, a positronic dematerializer. In character with his luck, Harry had an unfortunate encounter with the device and was shrunk to nearly microscopic levels. Harry’s mother had managed to figure out a way to rewire the device and when Malfoy had blasted Harry with the device with the intentions of shrinking him into nonexistence, Harry returned to normal. After a quick battle involving Harry, Leo, Don, Mikey, and Raph against Luther Malfoy and his henchmen, Malfoy’s gang was subdued and sent to prison. Unfortunately, Luther Malfoy managed to escape before Harry and the Turtles could subdue him. Harry didn’t think any Malfoy would be much of a problem without a group of goons to hide behind, but apparently the squib had acquired some new friends and had gone on a fresh crime spree.

“Harry, did you notice something peculiar about the numbers in the amount that was stolen?” asked Hailey, breaking the silence.

“Yes, all sevens,” replied Harry calmly, nodding slowly. “Since seven is the most powerfully magical number, it would appeal to a squib who is bitter with his lack of magic.”

“So, now what?” asked Hailey calmly.

“I think the authorities can handle Luther Malfoy and whatever cronies he’s scrapped together,” answered Harry. “With Voldemort back, I really can’t concern myself with wayward squibs. It would be something else if he was stealing a piece of rare and dangerous technology that could put the city in peril, but bank robberies just seem as if they are a bit below my notice.”

Hailey nodded reluctantly. Something about Luther Malfoy switching from technological thefts to bank robberies seemed to quite off. She understood why Harry felt as if it wasn’t a big enough issue to concern him. However, Hailey also realized that it wouldn’t hurt to look a bit closer to see of Luther Malfoy had some more nefarious intentions in mind. A quick change of outfit would be in order and Hailey would be able shadow Malfoy and his cronies under the guise of the Black Phantom.

Now, if only Hailey could find a way to slip out without Harry becoming the wiser.

“I just remembered, I’ve had a killer essay to do for Snape, for Potions,” said Hailey quickly as she edged away from her brother. “I’m going to get that done, so I can get it out of the way.”

Harry just nodded slowly, barely acknowledging Hailey and keeping his eye on the communication mirror. He seemed to still be a bit battered from his encounter with that mercenary a couple of days ago and not to mention, he seemed to be a bit on the edge after Hermione was attacked by Death Eaters.

Hailey moved from her room to go upstairs and change. She had a hunch where Malfoy might strike next.

At an abandoned magic shop on the outskirts of the city, quite the ironic hideout for a gang of squibs, Luther Malfoy stood over his money, while his two squib cohorts from the bank robbery looked on with anxious looks.

“We are halfway from acquiring the funds that we need for our plan,” announced Malfoy. “Throughout the ages, squibs have been shunned by society, as second class citizens, lower than Mudbloods in fact. Harry Potter, the so called hero of the magical world has not said one word in our favor. He flaunts his magical powers, but not once has he lifted a wand to assist a squib.”

Luther Malfoy slammed his fist down on the table, gaining the full attention of his two cohorts.

“Harry Potter, champion of Mudbloods, blood traitors, and freaks alike everywhere, does not speak out for the true oppressed magical population, squibs,” concluded Luther Malfoy. “Fortunately, I have found a way to gain the magic that is ours by divine right! Nine out of every ten squibs were descended by the oldest pureblood families and they had to stand by to watch disgusting Mudbloods get magical power instead of them. This changes right now. We will take our magic from the filthy Mudbloods.”

His two squib associates seemed to be giving him a disbelieving look, so Luther decided to elaborate on this point.

“I’ve done extensive and quite painstaking research about the elusive Y’Liantian Magical Empire,” started Luther Malfoy slowly. “Or Atlantis as it is most commonly known to the common Muggle subsection of the population. The Y’Liantians forged power crystals of great magnitude that gave the possessor undreamed of power. One such power is the ability to steal magic. The reason of course why we have Muggles, as the world was once composed of one hundred percent magical people. Thanks the tendency of the Y’Liantians to abuse the crystals, they sucked the magic dry out of other long lost magical cultures in the Western Hemisphere before turning the crystals on themselves and very nearly wiping themselves out of existence thousands upon thousands of years ago, with the newly created Muggles fleeing to Europe in shame and thus this land would not be rediscovered for quite some time”

“Malfoy, even if those crystals existed, they would’ve burned themselves out a long time ago,” said the female slowly.

“An incorrect assumption, Dempsey,” drawled Luther Malfoy in a bored voice. “The power crystals were created in such a way they were never burned out. True, many became buried so deep under the earth that they are not salvageable, but there are hints of a few old Y”Liantian strongholds still existing and I know of one such stronghold that has a steady supply of power crystals at hand. It’s just our luck that stronghold is right in the heart of New York City.”

“So, why don’t we go there, and grab them crystals down,” grunted the hard faced man.

“Because, Rosier, I don’t know exactly where it could be but I have a contact on is willing to part with a map leading directly to this Y’Liantian stronghold,” declared Malfoy in a bored voice. “For a price of course.”

“Then, why waste time with bank robberies when we can just track down this bloke and steal it,” challenged Rosier.

“Oh yes, that would be wise, let Harry Potter gain a hint of what we are up to,” replied Luther Malfoy sarcastically. “If we purchase the map legitimately, then there would be no need for a police report to be filed and thus, no need for the jackals at the news media to get involved. If I know Potter, he’ll be keeping a close eye on the news. Not because of me, mind you, but because of the simple fact that Lord Voldemort is back and I don’t need to chance him getting an idea of what I’m up to. Is that understood?”

Dempsey and Rosier nodded slowly, as Luther Malfoy looked content with their compliance.

“In time, Harry Potter will be crushed,” concluded Luther in a bored voice. “Then, I’ll get revenge on my oh so perfect little brother, Lucius and make him pay for every disgrace I’ve suffered tenfold. Then, we’ll go after the biggest one of them all and bring down the Dark Lord, putting a more suitable pureblood ruler in his place. Lord Voldemort will not expect the Squib Inquisition!”

Luther Malfoy paused for dramatic effect as his two associates exchanged a look if they were unsure about if their boss was exactly the sanest of people.

“The other should return by this evening, they are casing the other part of our scheme right now,” drawled Malfoy calmly. “Then, we’ll meet my informant. He requested that we meet deep under ground for the transaction, don’t really know or care why. Doesn’t really matter, as the crate of Triceraton laser blasters we managed to smuggle right from under Oroku Saki’s nose will do the job against any turtles that we meet or anything else for that matter.”

The squibs laughed in agreement, as Luther Malfoy prepared to pull off the job of the century with help of his Squib Inquisition.

At twilight, outside of Judith Ripka Jewelers on 777 Madison Avenue, in New York City, ten men and one woman, armed with Triceraton Laser Blasters were led by Luther Malfoy, who had an orb device in his hand. The squib placed the orb on the lock on the door. A bright blue flash illuminated the building, before the door effortlessly swung open.

“It is quite fortunate that the Triceratons left so much of this alien technology lying around, it’s so easy to swipe a few crates worth without noticing,” declared Luther Malfoy.

“Boss, how do you know anyone hasn’t figured out that you have been stealing a few crates here and there from that Saki character?” asked one of the squibs.

“Because, you dolt, the Foot would be down my neck if he had a word of it,” declared Luther shortly. “Now, inside quickly and bring the scale. Our contact wishes to have seven hundred and seventy seven pounds of diamonds and not a pound less.”

“What’s the deal with the sevens?” asked another squib dully.

“Magic, no doubt that dunderhead’s way of torturing us with what we don’t have,” interjected Rosier but Malfoy neither confirmed or denied this theory, as the squibs began pilfering diamonds from the jewelry case, placing them in a large, reinforced bag on the scale, causing the amount on the scale began to increase.

“Shopping hours are over gentlemen,” said a cool, quiet voice and the squibs looked up, to see the smiling form of Hailey Potter, under the careful disguise of the Black Phantom.

“The Black Phantom!” hissed Luther Malfoy angrily. “It’s normally against pureblood etiquette to slap around a girl, but in your case, I shall ignore that fact. Get her my Squib Inquisition!”

The members of the Squib Inquisition spun around, grabbing at Hailey, who dodged the assault, before grabbing one of the squibs and flipping him to the ground. She rolled over with a laser blast from the Triceraton made weapon and kicked her attacker in the face. Two of the squibs grabbed her from behind but Hailey manages to twist out of the attack, before blasting them right in the jaw with a pair of hard punches. The attackers cautiously closed in, not wanting to blow up the diamonds in their haste to take out the Black Phantom.

Luther Malfoy sighed, it appeared that he would have to do this himself, as he saw the Black Phantom entangled two of his Squib Inquisition members in a chain. The top of the walking stick was popped as the Black Phantom knocked a Triceraton blaster from the hand of Dempsey, before grabbing the woman by the hair and flinging her to the ground. Luther crouched down behind the case as the Black Phantom rushed forward. Seizing his chance, Luther managed to trip up the Phantom with the walking stick. She gave a surprised yelp, and two of the Squib Inquisition members grabbed her by the arms, holding her as Luther Malfoy raised the walking stick, stun gun concealed inside before jabbing the Black Phantom roughly in the side, knocking her out. The Phantom laid on her back, her eyes slightly crossed and her tongue hanging limply from her mouth, stunned from the attack.

Malfoy casually freed the two tangled Squib Inquisition members, before one of them walked over to the Black Phantom, preparing to rip her mask.

A walking stick down across his hand via Malfoy quickly put to rest any of those notions.

“But, boss, don’t you want to see whose under that hood?” whined the squib, as a grey haired, brown eyed middle aged goon to his side seemed to look curious as well.

“I could care less,” replied Malfoy coldly. “We need to get out of here before someone infinitely more dangerous than her comes after us.”

Luther Malfoy looked from the Black Phantom to an empty case on wheels that was large enough for one person to squeeze into her.

“Put her in the case and lock it,” replied Luther Malfoy calmly to two of the squibs, and the squibs obeyed, hoisting the Black Phantom up, still stunned from the encounter with the stun gun concealed in Malfoy’s walking stick, before depositing her in the case. “Finish gathering the rest of the diamonds.”

The others nodded as the case was shut and locked. A few more diamonds were placed on the bag on the scale and the amount raised just slightly above seven hundred and seventy seven pounds, prompting the squibs to rifle through the bag and remove a few of the larger diamonds, before replacing them with smaller ones. After a tedious few seconds of experimenting, the Squib Inquisition had deposited the correct amount into the bag.

“Now bring the glass case with the Black Phantom outside, we can roll her down the street, right into the jagged rocks below that unfinished bridge below, leaving a nice splatter” ordered Luther Malfoy. “Then, we will be able to purchase the map and we will finally have the magic that is ours.”

The hair of the squib that seemed interested in unmasking the Black Phantom, quickly turned from straight grey to an unruly black and his eyes turned from brown to a vivid color of green, shrinking a few inches and several signs of aging vanishing as well, revealing the unsmiling form of Harry Potter.

“POTTER!” yelled Luther Malfoy in horror, as he stepped back, at the sight on one Harry Potter. “But how…”

“Normally, I wouldn’t be bothered with the likes of you, but I decided to go for a walk and saw a couple of suspicious characters hanging around, looking at this jewelry store all day,” remarked Harry. “Metamorphmagus talents handled a nice little disguise to blend in, so I can see what exactly you were up to. Another hair brained scheme to give yourself artificial magical powers, I see.”

“It won’t be hair brained Potter, once I’ve gotten my hands on the Y’Liantian power crystals!” cried Luther Malfoy causing Harry to look at him with a curious expression. “You won’t live to see it through. Squib Inquisition take him…”

“You really thought I would have come alone,” remarked Harry and from the shadows came Leo, Don, Raph, and Mikey, who had their weapons raised.

“Blast the ceiling!” ordered Luther Malfoy and sure enough, a pair of Triceraton laser blasters shot upwards, causing a pile of rubble to surround the Turtles and Harry in one fell swoop. “Let’s get out of here. They don’t have enough to fully deduce our plan anyway.”

Raph, Leo, Mikey, Don, and Harry sliced their way towards the rubble, but the squibs managed to get to the door, with Luther rolling the glass case containing the Black Phantom down the street before pulling it back and pushing it down an incline, causing the glass case to wheel down towards an unfinished bridge area. Luther climbed into the getaway van as the Turtles and Harry managed to fight their way from the jewelry store, unknowing of the Black Phantom’s predicament. Don pulled out a shuriken, equipped with a tracking device, managing to fling it into the van. The tracking device struck to the van as it drove away.

“There, now we’ll be able to track it through the equipment in the Battle Shell,” muttered Don.

“And then we can put a hurting on those Squib Inquisition clowns,” replied Raph, who looked ready for a fight, as they moved towards the Battle Shell, parked a side street away from their encounter with the Squib Inquisition.

Hailey screamed in terror, trying to raise her wand, but there didn’t seem to be enough room to do the proper wand movements inside the tightened glass case. Looking around, as the glass case, Hailey managed to find her salvation, a jagged piece of diamond left behind from the heist. She put her hands on the diamond, before cracking the edge across the glass case, shattering the top and not a second too soon. Hailey threw herself from the case, just a second before it plummeted over the edge, crumbling into dust on the jagged rocks below. The girl placed a hand over her chest, breathing a sigh of relief at escaping her near brush with death. Hailey admired her brother even more for fighting the forces of evil day in, day out, for over six years, because it wasn’t exactly the easiest of tasks.

Inside the Battle Shell, Don leaned over the tracking device, with Raph, Leo, and Harry looking around closely, Mikey driving in the front.

“So, any guess where this thing is going,” injected Leo.

“It’s gone west for a few minutes but now it’s stopped,” replied Don in a confused voice. “He’s seemed to stop at the entrance of an abandoned underground cavern on the outside of town.”

“I take it this ain’t a spelunking mission,” said Raph.

“Far from it,” replied Harry slowly. “Malfoy mentioned that he is going to steal Y’Liantian power crystals, apparently he intends to take magic and implant it with him and his squib cronies.”

“Y’Liantian power crystals!” exclaimed the four Turtles in horrified voices.

“Okay, did I miss something?” asked Harry in a confused voice.

“Harry, you know those crystals that we found in the lair when we moved in,” explained Don slowly.

“You mean the one’s that I took to Hogwarts to see if I can find out anything about them and actually, I think I still have a couple in the bottom of my trunk,” replied Harry slowly.

“Well, those crystals belonged to a race of creepazoids called the Y’Liantians,” said Raph in a disgusted voice. “They’re pretty damn powerful, almost like magic in fact come to think of it.”

“Wait a minute, Y’Liantians,” muttered Harry slowly before remembering something he briefly came by in an obscure history of magic text in the library of Salazar Slytherin. “They’re the reason why there are Muggles.”

“Uh, come again, Harry,” remarked Mikey.

“All Muggles on earth are descendants from the magical races that the Y’Liantians turned their crystals on and thus blocked their access to the use of magic,” explained Harry slowly. “That also explains why there are muggleborn witches and wizards, as there was a point where the world was populated with one hundred percent magical people, so eventually the magic genes, came back up again, given the right circumstances. In fact, there are a few theories that magic predated humanity and will be around long after humanity has perished.”

“Could it be used for the transference of magic from one human to another?” asked Leo.

“Might be possible, but I’m not quite sure how,” replied Harry. “I do know that the crystals are very dangerous in the wrong hands and it is imperative that we don’t let Luther Malfoy and his Squib Inquisition get their hands on them.”

“But, all the crystals that we had in the lair are gone, except for the ones you have” replied Mikey in a confused voice. “And the only other crystals were the ones in the Underground City and that place has been fried to a crisp underneath lava.”

“That wouldn’t be the same Underground city that you got lost in for five months during my second year?” asked Harry.

“The very same, Harry,” answered Don as the Battle Shell reached the end of a quite rickety path.

“This is the end of the line, gentlemen and Raph,” replied Mikey calmly, looking over the dashboard, causing Raph to shoot him a nasty glare. “It looks like our squib friend decided to take a trip down below.”

“The caverns underneath stretch for miles, there is no way we can find Malfoy in time, before he gets his hands on the crystals,” said Leo with despair.

“Can’t you just use your Portus-Amulet to get us down there, Harry?” asked Raph.

“No can do, the caverns are too deep below the ground for any kind of magical transportation,” replied Harry. “The pressure from above ground to that deep under ground magical travel could be enough to kill us all.”

“Still, the Portus-Amulet can get us to the lair and we can use the Turtle Tunneler to drill beneath the earth, to head Malfoy off at the pass,” said Don.

“It just might work,” replied Leo and they gathered around, as Harry activated the Portus-Amulet, pulling the Turtles and Harry from the outskirts of town, towards the lair.

Deep underground, beneath the sewers, Luther Malfoy shivered and his fellow Squib Inquisition members seemed to have similar feelings of discomfort. Malfoy cursed his contact’s insistence to have a meeting in this near sub zero environment.

“Ah, welcome Mr. Malfoy,” replied a calm voice, and Luther Malfoy looked up towards the group of black cloaked wizards, their faces obscured.

“Okay, Black, I have what you wanted, now hand over the map,” drawled Malfoy in a bored voice.

“Of course, we at the Black Wand always keep our word,” replied Regulus Black in a bored tone of voice, as he handed over the map, as Malfoy and his goons handed over the money and the bag of diamonds. “May you have a magical journey to the Y’Liantian power crystals.”

Just as Luther Malfoy moved to the side, the cavern wall to the side broke open and a large green turtle shaped vehicle with a drill on the end appeared in the underground caverns. Harry and the Turtles escaped from the vehicle, as Regulus and his fellow Black Wand members stepped back casually.

“Let’s go, we have what we have came for,” yelled Luther Malfoy in an excited voice, and he followed his squib inquisition members up a steep incline, leading towards a mine car that they would journey to the outpost that contained the Y’Liantian power crystals. The final two squibs raised their Triceraton Blasters and blasted the top of the cavern entrance, caving it in.

“I really wish they wouldn’t have done that, I spent months getting this place exactly the way I wanted it,” answered Regulus calmly, bringing the attention of the Turtles and Harry towards him.

“Black, what in the hell are you doing down here?” asked Raph angrily.

“And more importantly, why are you cutting a deal with Luther Malfoy?” demanded Leo.
“An underground resistance removement against the Dark Lord does take capital and if a fool hearty squib wishes to be naïve enough to buy a map to an abandoned Y’Liantian outpost that has been cleaned out of all of the power crystals, well, that’s no skin off my nose,” replied Regulus calmly.

“Abandoned…Y’Liantian…” stammered Don.

“YOU IDIOT, YOU SOLD HIM A MAP TO THE LAIR!” screamed Mikey angrily, twirling his nunchucks, with full intent to bash Regulus’s skull in, as Raph gave his second youngest brother an approving look.

“Really, I didn’t quite know where it led, I just managed to sneak it out of the Department of Mysteries a time ago,” said Regulus in a bored tone of voice, buffing his fingernails. “Merlin, if I would have known that place had the aquarium you four lived in, I would have stopped in for a cup of tea sometime.”

Regulus gave a dry chuckle, as all four Turtles looked ready to pummel the wizard turned vampire to a pulp.

“What did you think I was on your side on all matters?” asked Regulus. “No, I’m only on your side in matters that concern the fall of the Dark Lord and information on his Horcruxes. Otherwise, it’s open season as far as I’m concerned, especially when there’s profit to be made.”

“You infernal blood sucking piece of….” Started Raph, but Harry pointed his wand upwards, causing a loud banging movement to echo throughout the cavern.

“In case, you haven’t noticed, a group of squibs are heading straight towards the lair,” hissed Harry in a sharp voice, causing looks of realization to appear on the faces of his four brothers.

“To the Turtle Tunneler!” ordered Leo as the four mutant turtles and Harry scrambled into the Turtle Tunneler. There was an ever dwindling chance that they might be able to head the Squib Inquisition off before they reached the lair.

Don backed the Tunneler up before plunging it through the rock walls, drilling upwards towards the lair, as fast as they could manage. They were glad that Master Splinter was out for the day; otherwise he would have to face an unexpectedly perilous situation. While their sensei could handle things pretty well, the Squib Inquisition was pretty dangerous with those Triceraton laser blasters.

Elsewhere, the mine car was being piloted down the New York City subway systems just a mile or so away from the lair. Luther Malfoy grew more and more excited as they

“Make a right here,” barked Malfoy and sure enough the mine car made a sharp right, aiming directly towards an area of the sewer system.

The Squib Inquisition’s mine car’s journey ended right in front of a stone wall. On the other end of the stone wall was in fact, the infamous Turtle lair, even through Malfoy was ignorant of this fact at the moment.

“Dead end, Malfoy,” grunted Rosier but Luther Malfoy seemed rather bored.

“No, the entrance is just obscured,” answered Malfoy in a bored tone of voice. “We’ll just going to have to create our own entrance. Blast it open.”

Three Triceraton Laser Blasters raised and a large hole was blasted in the side wall. The Squib Inquisition exited the mine cart and climbed through the hole.

On the other side, Luther Malfoy looked up in surprise, before his surprise quickly turned to glee.

“This place has signs of habitation but there can only be one logical explanation as to who resides down here!” exclaimed Malfoy in an excited voice. “Do you not see it, my fellow squibs?”

The squibs shrugged in confusion, so Malfoy decided to let them in on the secret.

“The dream of every criminal in this flea bitten city, we have found it!” cried Malfoy. “The place where those miserable, slimy, Turtles live, staring us right in the face. The Y’Liantian power crystals can come later.”

“Boss, won’t those Turtles be arriving soon to try and head us off?” asked Dempsey, a worried expression on her face.

“They’re too late, but we can use this to our advantage,” replied Malfoy. “Revenge is the order of the day and as soon as the Turtles and for that matter, Harry Potter, arrive, we can blow them sky high. Quickly, hide and have your blasters at the ready.”

The Squib Inquisition scattered in different directions, before hiding in different directions. Malfoy removed a Triceraton Laser Blaster from a holster underneath his shirt and stepped back, his stun gun/walking stick combination in the other hand.

The Turtle Tunneler burrowed from the ground, in a sewer system just less than a mile from the lair. The five ninjas climbed cautiously from the Tunneler before rushing as fast as they could go towards the lair. They stopped after a brisk jaunt, horrified at the sight of the mine car just outside of the lair and the large hole blown right in the wall on the west side, giving a suitable entry point.

“We’re too late,” replied Mikey in a horrified voice.

“Now, they might have found the lair, but there is a chance that might not have deduced who lives there,” answered Leo in a reasonable voice.

“So, there’s still a chance that we can knock them around and prevent them from finding out,” added Raph, with a determined look on his face.

“Let’s go before they have a chance to find out,” suggested Harry and with that, Raph, Don, Leo, and Mikey followed Harry into the hole, climbing the lair, with their weapons drawn. Harry had his wand out as well as an extra precaution.

“Welcome home, Potter, Turtles,” declared Malfoy jovially with the Triceraton Laser Blaster pointing. “Just to think, I’ve come here for the Y’Liantian power crystals and I find out it is the home to the biggest thorns in my side.”

“Malfoy, five against one, you have an even bigger ego than your brother and nephew,” said Harry, as he pointed his wand towards Malfoy but Malfoy just smirked.

“Potter, if you’re going to hex me, I suggest you make that shot count, because that’s the only one you’ll have before you get blown straight to hell,” drawled Malfoy and Harry joined the others in looking up. They were surrounded, outnumbered, with at least ten laser blasters pointed towards them.

“Damn, Malfoy lured us right into a trap,” muttered Raph angrily. “Now what Leo?”

“I’m don’t know, they are so spread out, there is no way we can rush them all at once without getting injured,” replied Leo in a low voice.

“In other words, we’re screwed,” suggested Mikey.

“Bingo,” confirmed Leo dully.

“Drop your weapons or we will open fire,” ordered Luther Malfoy as the Triceraton Blasters became armed around our heroes. “And that goes for your wand as well, Potter, it will look nice in my hand once I drain your power with the crystals. You have ten seconds.”

“At the moment of truth, drop your weapons and duck,” muttered Harry, causing his brothers to shoot him strange looks. “Just do it.”

Weapons clattered to the ground, Raph’s ever so reluctantly, giving Harry a look that basically said: “I hope I know what you’re doing, bro.” Harry faked dropping his wand, before quickly whipping around, sending a circle of bright, nearly blinding light around the area of the lair with his wand.

“KILL THEM!” ordered Malfoy but as the Squib Inquisition pressed the triggers to fire at the Turtles and Harry, nothing happened.

“Something’s wrong, boss, these things aren’t firing,” grunted a squib inquisition member.

“I made my one shot count, Malfoy,” interjected Harry calmly. “It counted so well that it fried all your little weapons.”

“Damn you Potter, you cheated!” yelled Luther Malfoy angrily, stomping up and down, throwing a bit of a childish tantrum.

“No, I just made the odds a bit more even,” answered Harry, as the others picked up their weapons. “End of the line for you, Malfoy, now give yourself up.”

“Potter, I don’t think you understand the situation,” replied Luther Malfoy, as he pushed over a wooden rack of old swords, and the others climbed down to help themselves to a sword. “We know where your little hidey-hole is and soon, once we rip this place apart for the Y’Liantian power crystals, the entire criminal underworld will know of its location. Right now, we’ll settle for stamping you and those infernal turtles out of existence. Wipe them out, Squib Inquisition!”

The Squib Inquisition rushed forward, swinging their swords towards the Turtles and Harry, who scattered in every direction. Leo sliced the sword of one of the squibs in half, before grabbing the magically impaired goon by the neck and flinging him to the ground. Another squib went after Leo, but Raph managed to leap up, before flinging his Sais at the squib, knocking him off balance.

Don was pushed back by the swords of two his attackers scrapping against his Bo Staff. Harry saved the day, shouldering one of the squibs, before grabbing him by the arm and flipping him to the ground. A knee to the head, knocked the squib loopy as Don raised his Bo staff and cracked it right against the jaw of his attacker, knocking him down to the floor.

Mikey leapt up, swinging his nunchucks, cracking a pair of squibs in the face, knocking them down. Another squib rushed the Turtle but Mikey managed to avoid the attack before swinging his weapon madly. Another crack and the squib flew to the ground, with a large thud.

Harry blocked a swing with Malfoy’s walking stick with his sword, before knocking him backwards. The Boy-Who-Lived kicked Malfoy right in the face but before he could attack him further, Malfoy was saved. One of Malfoy’s goons grabbed him from behind but Harry spun around, flinging the squib over the couch. Harry sprang up onto the couch and knocked the squib down with a double kick, snapping both of his feet off of the attacker’s face.

Two squibs lifted a wooden practice dummy up, rushing Leo but Leo rushed forward, swinging his swords, slicing the practice dummy in half. One of the magically impaired individuals was elbowed in the face compliments of Leo, while Raph leapt into the air, throwing his Sais right at the back of the other squib. The squib hit the ground, in shock from that blow from Raph.

One of the squibs attempted to make a break for it, but before he could, Don threw his Bo staff, causing to spin in mid air, before knocking out the squib with one shot. Harry and Mikey stood back to back, as Rosier and Dempsey attempted to take them out, before springing up. Harry took out Rosier while Mikey knocked Dempsey for loop.

The center of the lair was scattered with half conscious members of the Squib Inquisition, as Harry raised their wand, looking over his shoulder at his brothers.

“Memory modification and then take them to the surface and deposit them in an alley, they won’t remember anything about the location of lair,” muttered Harry calmly, with Leo, Mikey, Raph, and Don, before Harry advanced on the first member of the Squib Inquisition. “Obliviate!”

The squib’s eyes clicked out of focus and he looked up with a dreamy expression, not realizing where he was. Several more cries of “Obliviate” from Harry and in about a minute, the knowledge of the location of the lair was wiped from the memories of all but one of the members of the Squib Inquisition, before the Turtles dragged them one by one from the lair, to do has Harry requested of them.

Malfoy rose to his feet, with the map and walking stick clutched in his left hand, his fingers scrapping around the door. He heard Potter modifying the memories of his fellow squibs and he had to find a way out of this place before Potter got him to. The sinister squib looked up, his eyes on the door, before inadvertently brushing across a button.

A door in the wall sprang open, revealing the elevator that went from the lair to the warehouse that the Battle Shell was normally stored in. Harry’s eyes darted to the side as Malfoy seemed to realize that he had found a way out. Malfoy quickly threw himself in the elevator, before pressing a button to shut it and begin the descent upwards, just as the Turtles returned, horrified looks on their face.

Quickly, Harry summoned a remote control device from a table in the lair. He pressed a large red button in the center of the device.

“Malfoy’s gotten away again, he found his way to the elevator,” said Raph darkly.

“Oh, he might have found the elevator, but I don’t think he quite made it to the warehouse,” replied Harry, as he pressed a green button on the device that was marked, “turbo”, ‘

A second of silence, as a loud scream of terror was heard from inside the elevator and the unmistakable sound of an elevator rising up and down at the speed of light. The Turtles looked at Harry, before breaking into a loud round of laughter.

“Wicked, Harry!” exclaimed Mikey in an approving voice.

“Yeah, you showed that sneaking squib,” answered Raph and after a minute, Harry flicked a small blue switch.

The elevator cracked open and a very ill looking Luther Malfoy stumbling out, leaning on his walking stick. Malfoy looked queasy before throwing up right on the lair floor. Harry walked forward, holding his wand up but Malfoy had the presence of mind to pop the top of his cane and jab the stun gun towards Harry.

A shield appeared in front of Harry and blasted the electricity from the stun gun back, giving Malfoy a magically amplified shock. Malfoy fell face first into his own sick. Harry let the shield charm down, casually kicking Malfoy’s walking stick to the side before raising his wand. The squib weakly looked up, vomit hanging off of his pale face.

“Obliviate,” muttered Harry, as all knowledge of the location of the lair vanished from the mind of Luther Malfoy. Harry picked up the map, before causing it magically burst it into flames. The ashes dropped to the floor and Harry waved his wand, vanishing the ashes and thus the only known map leading towards the lair.

Harry turned to his brothers, who looked at him with grateful explanations.

“Let’s take Malfoy up and leave him with the others, for the police,” ordered Leo, as Mikey and Raph gave him mock salutes, before they grabbed an arm of Malfoy and dragged him to the surface.

“Let’s go scumbag,” said Raph.

“Merry Christmas,” replied Malfoy dreamily, the effects of the Memory Charm still evident.

“He should regain his criminal tendencies in a few hours once the after effects of the Memory Charm wear off,” explained Harry. “But by then, it will be too late. I’ve got to run but one more thing before I leave…”

Harry waved his wand, causing the large hole in the lair to mend itself. With that hole closed, Harry decided to take his leave, before something else happened.

Ollivander looked over the nearly deserted streets of Diagon Alley, as he cataloged his collection of wands from within his shop. In a few weeks, the Alley would be crowded with Hogwarts students, many of them first years who were about to purchase their first wand. Until the time the Hogwarts letters were delivered, it seemed that most witches and wizards were not taking their chances and go out in public any more than they had to with the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

The area around Ollivander’s shop suddenly became uncharacteristically cold for this time of year. Ollivander looked up and a trio of Dementors was floating close to his shop, in the nearly deserted Diagon Alley. Ollivander stepped back slowly, preparing to contact the Ministry of Magic, because the official word was that the Dementors had joined He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. The wizened wand maker moved quickly towards the Floo Connection but in the back room, he saw a quartet of Death Eaters, who were promptly joined by another two Dementors who effortlessly floated through the window.

The next arrival caused Ollivander to do a double take. It was He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in the flesh, who had his wand on him.

“Good afternoon Mr. Ollivander,” hissed Voldemort in a venomously voice, fiddling with a crystal pendant tied around his neck, that had a small bit of fog circling it not unlike the type that was created when Dementors were breading.

“Tom Marvolo Riddle,” declared Ollivander in a forced casual voice. “Yew wand, thirteen and a half inches, Phoenix feather core, perfect wand for the Dark Arts, if I’m not mistaken.”

“You are correct, Ollivander,” answered Voldemort in a low hiss.

“Ah yes, a very powerful wand, I hope it is treating you well,” replied Ollivander nervously.

“Quite well but I did not come here for the small talk,” replied Voldemort. “I am here for a different wand.”

“But, forgive me for asking, but why request a different wand if yours is working perfectly?” asked Ollivander, with the air of having morbid curiosity.

“This is no mere wand I seek, Ollivander,” said Voldemort. “This is a wand of the greatest wizard who ever lived, one that I had been searching for ever since I left Hogwarts. Unfortunately, all my efforts have been in vain, until right now when my dearly incarnated friend Lucius Malfoy found out through the Ministry that you purchased the legendary wand I seek from the Japanese Ministry of Magic, who were holding it unknowing to Lord Voldemort.”

Voldemort paused, his slit like red eyes fixed upon Ollivander’s face.

“I seek the wand of Salazar Slytherin,” hissed Voldemort. “It is my birthright to possess that wand so I suggest you hand it over and I might spare your pathetic life.”

Ollivander should have known that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would have come after the wand but he couldn’t have given the wand to Voldemort anyway, as it was in the possession of one Lily Potter.

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to kill me, because I sold that wand two years ago,” replied Ollivander.

“Who dares think they have a right to my birthright?” asked Voldemort angrily, as the Dementors grew restless to his side.

“The buyer has requested that I’m not to tell anyone about the purchase,” replied Ollivander before hastily adding, “The wand of Salazar Slytherin wouldn’t be a fit for someone of your temperament anyway Mr. Riddle.”

“I am the last remaining descendant of Salazar Slytherin, so the wand would very well fit me,” hissed Voldemort. “Do you dare contradict Lord Voldemort?”

“No of course not, but the wand does have a very interesting quirk that you must know about,” said Ollivander quickly. “The wand can only be used…”

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” yelled Voldemort angrily and a jet of green light flew from his wand, striking Ollivander dead. The wand maker slumped to the ground and knew no more.

“My Lord, shouldn’t you have forced the owner of the wand out of him?” asked a Death Eater nervously.

“If the buyer made him take an oath, he would have died before the name passed his lips, so it is a lost cause,” replied Voldemort with coldly, before turning to his Death Eaters. “Take all the wands to be distributed to those that I deem worthy, destroy the rest and burn this place straight to the ground.

The Death Eaters scrambled off to do their Master’s bidding.

Meanwhile, Voldemort was enraged. Someone had dared to purchase his birthright, the ancient wand of Salazar Slytherin. The wand was capable of feats of power that Voldemort had yet to begin to even dream of and was completely indestructible. Voldemort would not need a single Death Eater if he had the wand in his hand, he could bend the will of the entire Magical World single handily. Whoever had the wand now was completely naïve of the power that possessed and once Voldemort tracked the owner of the wand, they would pay and the wand would be in the rightful hands of Lord Voldemort.
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