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Chapter 06: Hun on the Run

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Six: Hun on the Run

Theodore Nott sat in a chair in his bedroom at the house that he lived at with his mother. The house wasn’t Malfoy Manor by any means, but it was still a very valuable piece of property. The house had once belonged to Theodore’s father, but due to the messy separation between his parents, Theodore’s mother received half of all of the Nott family fortune, including this house and a few other proprieties, along with a considerable amount of gold.

The door on Theodore’s room creaked open and the young Nott boy looked up to see his father enter his room.

“Father, what are you doing here?” asked Theodore.

“Theodore, you act as if it is a crime to come and see my only son,” answered Steven Nott. Theodore decided not to answer that. Ever since his father was caught in bed with a woman that was barely out of Hogwarts, when Theodore was seven, he hadn’t heard much, if anything, from his father.

That was until word reached Steven Nott that his son had become friends with Harry Potter. Then the older Nott seemed to be making semi-regular visits to visit his son, making light suggestions about the proper way for a pureblood to act and the proper opinions to have.

“Is your mother home?” asked Steven.

“No, she’s out with friends, she won’t be back for several hours,” replied Theodore coolly.

“Ah, I was hoping so, I’d prefer to avoid any hostilities,” replied Steven. “So tell me Theodore, have you been following the news lately?”

“I’ve heard a bit of it, yes,” said Theodore calmly, having a sinking suspicion where his father was heading with this train of thought.

“Well, then you must have heard that Hermione Granger has been put in her place by some of the followers of the Dark Lord,” remarked Steven calmly. “I had nothing to do with this particular attack but Theodore, I can tell you that the Dark Lord ordered this attack to send a message to Harry Potter, about the danger he is putting his friends in by merely associating with.”

Theodore said nothing so Steven decided to continue.

“True, Granger was a Mudblood, but the fact she was one of Potter’s friends caused her to move to the top of the Dark Lord’s target list,” continued Steven Nott. “It’s a shame she survived, but she is currently in St. Mungos, slowly recovering from the damage done.”

“I know of this attack already, Father,” said Theodore, deciding to keep his tone neutral, even through he was outraged at his father casually talking about this incident.

“Excellent, so I don’t need to elaborate further of the dangers of siding with Harry Potter as the Dark Lord continues to gain steam,” remarked Steven Nott. “The boy has disgraced the noble house of Slytherin with his radical opinions, opinions that I fear might have contaminated you, which is unacceptable, Theodore. It is quite fortunate that any contamination can be and will be undone, when you accept the Dark Lord as the absolute power of the magical world when you come of age next spring.”

Theodore remained silent, unable to find the right words to answer this.

“Theodore, I would hate to see my son killed because he blatantly defied the Dark Lord,” continued Steven. “It would reflect badly on me as a father, so I am going to insist you make the right decision. Do you understand, Theodore?”

“I understand, Father,” answered Theodore quietly.

“Very well, but if anything I am a fair man,” replied Steven, surveying his son. “You have until the end of this coming year at Hogwarts to sever all ties with Harry Potter and his followers. If you chose to do this, then I welcome you to the ranks of the Death Eaters, where you will at last join your true friends. If you chose to stick with Harry Potter, that would be quite unfortunate and not only will you have to live with the consequences of your decision, but others may pay the price as well. Remember Theodore, make the proper choice.”

Theodore watched his father closely leave the room. He stayed rigid on the chair for a few minutes, making sure he was completely gone, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his two way mirror.

“Har-“ started Theodore, before mentally slapping himself. The last thing Harry needed right now was to worry about that he simply put someone else in danger just by existing. Hermione had suffered and would have died at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange, had it not been for Harry’s timely intervention. Theodore stared at the mirror for a few seconds, before gently placing it down.

Theodore knew he had to think of something to get himself out alive, but he was not putting himself under the service of Voldemort. Voldemort regarded his Death Eaters as nothing but mere tools. Theodore thought his father was a fool for not seeing that, after Lucius Malfoy was left in Azkaban like an afterthought. Still his father served Voldemort and followed his twisted ideals to the letter.

Theodore felt that his father wanted him to take the easy way out like Peter Pettigrew did and turn his back on his friends for a little power, but Theodore wasn’t a spineless coward like Pettigrew was. He knew when to back down and when to step forward because of the cunning that landed him in the Slytherin House, but at the same time, taking the easy way out didn’t appeal to the Nott heir.

In a high security government facility on the edge of New York, Karai slipped inside a half open window. The Shredder needed a very important alien microchip to carry out his plans, but much to his displeasure, the government had beat him to the device. The female ninja stuck to the shadows, looking rather wary of any defenses that would likely to be guarding such an item.

Moving down a hallway quickly, katana at the ready, Karai saw the microchip in a glass case through an open door in a room off to the side of the hallway. Quietly, Karai slipped into the room, before reaching the glass case containing the microchip. After prying open the case, Karai put her hand on the microchip. This simple action triggered an alarm, alerting those inside the government facility of Karai’s presence. She quickly pointed a pen like device at the microchip and quickly ran the device over it, as the doors began to slide shut. Karai bounced off the wall, launching herself through the doorway just mere seconds before the doors slammed completely shut.

When she landed on the ground, Karai was met by a dozen men with laser blasters, lead by the sinister Agent Bishop. Karai stood, staring down the government officials with a decidedly neutral look on her face.

“So, I’m guessing you assumed that someone would come here to retrieve this microchip and set this trap,” remarked Karai coolly.

“Actually, this is the trap,” replied Bishop and at these words, a cylinder burst out of the floor where Karai was standing, with electric circling rings blocking Karai from escaping.

Karai swung her katana towards the rings attempting to break them, but instead, the blade of her Katana broke off, falling to the ground right at Agent Bishop’s feet.

“Impressive how this little force field makes your katana look like a butter knife,” said Bishop casually as Karai stepped dangerously close towards the force field. “Oh, I would highly recommend not brushing against that force field with any body parts, as it does slice through human flesh as well. “

Bishop turned to a wall pressing a button on it. The wall retracted to reveal a large view screen. Agent Bishop pressed a few buttons, causing the screen to come to life. In a matter of seconds, an image of Oroku Saki’s throne room appeared on the view screen. Saki looked up with momentarily confusion.

“How did you gain access to this secure channel?” demanded Saki. “What do you want?”

“Good evening, Mr. Saki, or would you prefer if I would call you the Shredder,” answered Bishop. “I have received intelligence that you and your men have been collecting every piece of alien technology left behind during the recent invasion that you can get your hands on.”

“How do you know of this?” asked Saki, raising his feet and staring threateningly at Bishop who didn’t seem too intimidated.

“I know many things about you, Oroku Saki, more than you want me to know at the very least,” replied Bishop casually. “You are to surrender all the alien technology to me within the next forty five minutes.”

“Or what?” challenged Saki, clenching the fists of his exosuit in anger.

“I will press the button that will cause the force field of this cylinder device to close in, slicing this lovely young woman, your adopted daughter Karai if I’m not mistaken, to ribbons, causing her to meet a rather messy end,” replied Bishop calmly as if this outcome didn’t bother him, before stepping to the side to allow Saki to see Karai’s predicament. “Forty five minutes Saki. I’ll be waiting.”

On his end, Saki saw the view screen go blank, without Bishop giving him any further information. Saki rose to his feet, before power walking from his throne room through the doorway and down the hallway.

In another part of Foot Headquarters, Hun and Baxter Stockman were at work, doing backbreaking, manual labor as punishment for recent failures. Hun grunted, with his face having a nearly faded black eye and his right hand lined with scars, shoveling coal into a large furnace that allowed to the creation of many of the metal weapons used by the Foot. Stockman did much of the same, with a sneer on the holographic projection of his human face that floated above his android body, a harness fastened to it.

“Pathetic, someone of my genius reduced to such common labor. The Shredder is a fool to squander my talent in such a way,” complained Stockman with a sneer, as Saki calmly walked into the room, Stockman spun around in surprise at seeing Saki entering the room. “Oh hello, Master! I was just commenting to Hun how therapeutic the work is. Truly a stroke of genius that…”

Saki pressed a button, causing the harness hooked to Stockman to send a painful electrical shock through the egotistical mad scientist. Stockman fell to his knees, screaming in agony as Saki surveyed him with an unfeeling expression on his face. After about a moment of shocking, Saki pressed the button again, relieving Stockman of the electrical shocks punishing him.

“I wish to speak to Hun,” declared Saki calmly, turning to the man mountain. Hun walked over as Saki turned to address him. “Hun, I require you to do a task that is of most importance but with little time to carry it out.”

“Anything you wish, Master,” responded Hun with a bow.

“I want you to track down Agent Bishop,” explained Saki. “He is holding Karai and I want her returned here.”

Hun didn’t look too happy about being forced to being forced to rescue Karai.

“I trust this isn’t a problem, Hun,” added Saki.

“No, of course not, Master Saki,” responded Hun quickly.

“Excellent, Dr. Chaplin will provide you with information on the location where Karai was sent and subsequently captured,” said Saki. “And be warned Hun, do not fail me this time. The price for failure you will be your life.”

Hun gave an involuntary shudder at that casual declaration by his Master, before hastening to leave to complete his mission. Saki followed closely, leaving Stockman alone. A calculating look appeared on Stockman’s holographic head.

“Hmm, it would be such a tragedy if something happened to Hun where he couldn’t reach Karai in time and rescue her,” said Stockman thoughtfully before adding in a sarcastic undertone. “That would be such a tragedy.”

Stockman used the technology within his body to hack into the harness that Saki had placed on him. A couple of moments was all Stockman needed to disable the harness.

“As if such a primitive device could contain the pure genius of Dr. Baxter Stockman,” proclaimed Stockman pompously to no one in particular, before activating another part of his suit, that began to hack into the Foot Headquarters computers to send out a transmission “Now let’s see, if I can lock onto the right frequencies, I can grab the attention of some old…friends.”

On the streets of New York City, the Battle Shell roared down the street, with the Turtles and Harry inside, with loud music blasting over the van speaks as they moved down the streets. A loud squealing sound echoed over the radio in the Battle Shell, before a very familiar deep voice echoed through the vehicle.

“This is Hun, I’m in position to leave with the device at the East River government facility,” thundered the voice on the radio. “And with the modifications that the brilliant Dr. Baxter Stockman will implement on the device, so we can easily annihilate the Turtles and Harry Potter, along with their rat master!”

The transmission died as Leo, Mikey, Don, Raph, and Harry exchanged looks.

“There’s something oh so phony about that message,” remarked Harry as the others looked at him. “Hun’s vocabulary was a bit more advanced than normal for instance.”

“You have a point Harry,” muttered Don. “Not to mention, I doubt it was a coincidence that it just happened to mention us and Master Splinter in particular.”

“Yeah, it smells like a trap,” added Raph.

“Be that as it may, it might be a good idea to check out this government facility, to see if we can find out anything regarding exactly what Saki is up to,” replied Leo as he turned the Battle Shell around, driving towards the government facility indicated in the radio message.

Just outside the East River government facility, Hun sped towards the location in an armored assault vehicle, taking out the gate on his way through. This was his last chance to prove his worth to his Master and he mentally vowed not to fail. Hun looked up, seeing a large pair of helicopters descending upon the vehicle, piloted by Bishop’s cronies.

The copters began firing on Hun, causing Hun to spin his vehicle around, causing the copters to give chase to him. The top of the vehicle opened, allowing Hun to spring out, clutching an orb shaped explosive device in his hand, before pressing a button, causing it to detonate fifteen seconds from now. With expert precision, Hun flung the explosive at the copter, causing it to blow the copter to bits. The second helicopter descended on Hun, but Hun rolled to the side to avoid the laser fire, before leaping back into his armored assault vehicle.

Hun jammed onto the gas, hurdling forward, before swerving to avoid the helicopter. The thug swerved around once more, before using a ramp to propel himself into the air, smashing into the copter slicing it in half in the air, but barely damaging the vehicle. Hun landed on the ground, his vehicle spinning around, as a dozen of Bishop’s troops opened fire on his vehicle. The shots bounced off the armor as Hun recklessly blasted forward, attempting to wipe out many of Bishop’s men in one shot as possible. Eventually, a trio of men with bazookas appeared, aiming them towards Hun.

A large blast ricocheted off of Hun’s vehicle, damaging the side. Hun skidded out of control as another blast completely blew out one of Hun’s tires.

“Ah crud!” cursed Hun, as he wrenched the top of the vehicle open as the bazooka sent a large blast towards him but Hun managed to tuck and roll underneath the assault, causing the bazooka to blow a hole through the fence.

Hun grabbed the man by the throat and flung him to the ground, before wrenching the bazooka from his grasp. The thug squatted down before aiming his weapon towards the troops. Several of the troops were blasted backwards by an expert shot from Hun. The others decided that a strategic retreat would be among their best options.

Hun advanced forward towards the entrance of the government base, stepping in the puddles of blood left in his wake. The door was shut but Hun gave a mighty bellow and rammed his shoulder into the door, causing it to burst open. Hun stepped inside the base, looking around for Bishop.

“Bishop!” yelled Hun threateningly. “Show yourself!”

Outside of the government research facility, the Battle Shell pulled out. The Turtles and Harry exited the vehicle, surveying the wreckage and broken bodies outside.

“Yep, Hun’s definitely been here,” remarked Mikey.

“He must have gone inside,” added Leo. “Let’s go.”

And without a further word, the Turtles and Harry snuck their way into the government facility.

Hun tore his way further towards the government facility, as he spotted Bishop at the end of a long winding corridor, standing in an elevator. Everything of value had been moved from the building once his men had given him word that Hun had arrived and that included Karai.

“Bishop!” growled Hun angrily as he moved forward,

“Sorry if I seem a bit short, but I have a train to catch,” remarked Bishop as the doors shut and the elevator descended to the subway station under the facility.

Hun threw the bazooka to the side before his hands clasped the door, attempting to yank it open but the four Turtles and Harry snuck in behind him.

“Alright Hun, you wanted to come after us, well here we are!” cried Leo but Hun turned to the five ninjas, surveying them as if they were a nuisance.

“Get lost!” bellowed Hun, stepping to the side and picking up a large metal canister and throwing it at the Turtles and Harry, causing them to scatter to avoid being struck by the heavy weapon.

Hun stooped down, picking up the bazooka as the Turtles and Harry moved forward once again. With a couple of blasts, Hun blew a large hole in the ceiling. A barrier of rubble prevented the Turtles and Harry from pursuing Hun.

Without a word, Hun pressed a couple of buttons, activating the elevator, with the idea to catch Bishop before he made a clean and clear getaway. Hun stepped into the elevator, before pressing a button, indicating that he wanted to be taken to the lowest floor, to the exit towards the subway station below this building.

Behind the rubble, Harry waved his wand, blasting pieces out of the way, clearing the path for his brothers.

“It’s a lucky thing we have you here Harry, otherwise we’ll be digging through this rubble for hours,” said Raph.

“Never mind that, it looks as if Hun got away,” said Harry, frowning deep in thought. “I’m now sure there was more to that radio transmission than meets the eye. Hun didn’t seem too happy to see us.”

“Yeah, if Hun came here for the express purpose of trapping us, he could have fooled me,” added Mikey.

“Yes, but he did come here for a reason, whether it has to directly do with us or not” said Don logically.

“Yeah and I have a feeling we may find some answers if we follow Hun,” concluded Leo and the four Turtles and Harry moved quickly forward once it was ensured that all the debris have been cleared away.

In the basement, Hun moved towards the train, watching Bishop disappearing forward. Hun grabbed onto the edge of the train, as it began to move forward. The mountain of a man grunted, buckling his knees, attempting to use his strength to stop the train from moving forward.

Sparks flew backwards on the tracks as Hun’s efforts did impair of the train’s movement in an amazing show of strength. A rocket launcher retracted from the side of the train, pointing at Hun.

“Ah crud!” yelled Hun angrily, as the rocket blasted towards him. Hun threw himself to the side toward the side to avoid the rocket, which blasted the wall behind him into smithereens.

The train began to move forward but Hun pulled a tracking device from his pocket and flung it towards the train. Just barely the device latched to the back of the train, giving Hun the opportunity to track the vehicle to its new destination.

On the other side of the blown up wall, the Turtles and Harry laid on the ground, having been throw backwards from the force of the missile.

“Damn, what in the hell is going on here!” cursed Raph angrily but Raph didn’t have to wait too long as Hun came from the subway towards the basement where the Turtles and Harry stood in front of him, blocking Hun’s pathway.

Hun’s eyes grew wide and angry as he saw Raph, Don, Leo, Mikey, and Harry blocking his pathway out of the door.

“Get out of my way, you freaks!” growled Hun, grabbing a section of the floor and pulling it from the foundation before throwing it towards the five brothers.

Harry quickly pulled out his wand, blasting the projectile to dust with a powerful blasting spell but Hun had departed out the door already.

Hun quickly looked around, searching for an alternative source of transportation since his ride was totaled by Bishop’s men. After about a minute of intense searching, Hun spotted the back of the Battle Shell open and walked forward, before spotting Raph’s Shell Cycle visible from the back. Walking forward, the man mountain removed The Shell Cycle from the back of the vehicle.

“Well, maybe those Turtles aren’t that useless after all,” remarked Hun, as he placed Raph’s helmet on his head before sitting on the Shell Cycle.

The Turtles and Harry exited the government facility just in time to see Hun speed off on the Shell Cycle, a duffel bag draped over his shoulder. A horrified look appeared on Raph’s face, as he saw Hun leave with his bike.

“No, no, no!” yelled Raph angrily clenching his fists. “That pumped up oaf is taking my bike!”

“And he’s wearing your helmet Raph,” declared Mikey, before shuddering. “Nasty.”

The Turtles and Harry scrambled towards the Battle Shell, with Leo in the driver’s seat. Leo sped off, following Hun down the street.

Hun sped down the street on the Shell Cycle, checking the progress of Bishop’s train. A security helicopter flew over Hun, sending a barrage of bullets towards the Shell Cycle but Hun managed to swerve to avoiding the first round of bullets. The copter pilot switched gears, sending a missile towards the Shell Cycle. Hun threw himself off the bike a second more the missile collided with it. Hun rolled to safety as the Shell Cycle was blown into several pieces, rendering it to a pile of flaming wreckage.

Hun rebounded by pulling the helmet from his head and throwing it towards the copter. The pilot was caught off guard by this unexpected move, allowing Hun to pull remove an explosive device from the duffel bag draped over his shoulder. Hun set the explosive to detonate in fifteen seconds, before throwing it towards the copter. The explosive detonated on impact, blasting the copter

Hun checked the progress of the tracking device that he placed on Bishop’s train. It appeared to have stopped just behind the armory across the street. Hun rushed across the street as fast as he could manage. The window of time that he had to successfully complete his mission was rapidly closing.

Back at Foot Headquarters, Saki leaned against the wall, his arms folded when Dr. Chaplin approached him with a bit of a bewildered look on his face.

“Mr. Saki, sir, I reviewed all of the transmissions coming in and I found a strange anomaly,” explained Chaplin slowly.

“Play me this Anomaly, Dr. Chaplin,” replied Saki curtly and Chaplin produced a recording device, before pressing play.

“This is Hun, I’m in position to leave with the device at the East River government facility,” thundered the voice on the recorder. “And with the modifications that the brilliant Dr. Baxter Stockman will implement on the device, so we can easily annihilate the Turtles and Harry Potter, along with their rat master!”

Saki stood silent for a minute, before putting two and two together as only the Shredder can.

“Stockman,” said Saki coldly.

Outside of the Armory, The Battle Shell drove up upon the flaming wreckage that was once the Shell Cycle. Raph quickly exited the vehicle, looking absolutely mortified when he saw the wreckage of his bike.

“No, no, the Shell Cycle…HUN!” bellowed Raph, angrily before rushing towards the armory as the others exited the vehicle.

“We’ll get him Raph but we’ll do it together,” started Leo but Raph seemed to have flown into a mindless rage and had nothing but gaining a bit of revenge on Hun for trashing his bike. Don, Mikey, and Harry exchanged exasperated looks before following Leo inside to join Raph.

Inside the armory, Hun stood face to face with about a dozen of Bishop’s armed goons. Hun was armed himself with a machine gun and avoided the firing from Bishop’s men, before blasting a barrage of bullets towards the goons, causing them to scatter. Those who weren’t lucky enough to avoid getting shot fell to the ground. Hun marched forward, the machine gun pointed as he moved.

“Bishop, I know you’re in there Bishop!” yelled Hun as he moved forward but his attention was momentarily diverted by a loud bellow of “HUN!” behind him.

Hun turned around and got both of Raph’s feet planted firmly in his face with a double foot kick. The man mountain crashed to the ground, as Raph pulled him up, drilling his fist viciously into the face of Hun, breaking his nose.

“That’s for stealing my bike!” yelled Raph angrily, before ramming another punch into Hun’s face, blood splattering upwards from Raph’s fist connecting with Hun’s broken nose. “And that’s for trashing it, you bastard!”

Raph pulled out his Sais, but Leo, Don, Mikey and Harry appeared on the scene, momentarily distracting Raph from his vengeance. Hun slid back, before kicking Raph viciously in the chest, causing Raph to fly backwards, wiping out his four brothers.

“FUCK OFF, YOU INTERFERING FREAKS!” growled Hun, before moving forward without another word as the Turtles and Harry scrambled to get to their feet, but Hun had already plowed through the doorway and moved quickly down the stairs toward the stairs, as his tracker indicated.

Hun reached the bottom stairway, before rushing towards the open train car doorway. Stepping inside, Hun saw Karai trapped in the cylinder with the electrical spirals spinning around her.

“Karai, how I dreamed often you would be in this position, moments away from a grisly demise,” said Hun, before bowing his head seriously. “Yet, I find that my life hinges on my ability to save yours.”

Hun stepped forward and Agent Bishop’s feet flew out of nowhere, blasting Hun in the face, causing the large man to fly down to the ground. Bishop dropped down as Hun growled, getting to his feet.

“I’ve enjoyed this game of cat and mouse but I think it’s time we’ll be saying farewell, Hun,” remarked Bishop as Hun made a movement to go after Bishop but the sinister government agent quickly dodged out of the way. Hun turned around and Bishop kicked him flush in the few, sending Hun flying out of the train car to the pavement below.

Bishop looked down at Hun, calmly readjusting his tie, before pressing a button to close the train car door and the train moved forward. Hun rose to his feet, before quickly rushing over and placing his hands on a pipe. With a mighty tug, Hun ripped the pipe out of the wall and rushed over towards the train before it left. At the last moment, Hun wedged the pipe in between the wheels of the train and the track.

Hun rushed around, as sparks flew from the tracks. He pulled himself to the side of the train, punching open a window, sending shards of glass flying inside the train. Reaching inside the train, Hun pressed a button, opening the door, just seconds after the pipe broke and the train continued its progress down the track.

Just before the train left the track, the Turtles and Harry managed to move their way to the top of the train in an attempt to fully see what Hun was up to.

Inside the train, Hun went after Bishop, but Bishop dodged behind Hun quickly. Hun angrily spun around, grabbing Bishop by the arms and pulling him back in a full nelson, attempting to snap his neck but Bishop jerked his head backwards, causing his sunglasses to fly off, catching Hun in the face and staggering the thug back. Bishop hunched down as he put his sunglasses back on, before pulling picking up a laser blaster. Hun dodged and ducked around to avoid laser fire from Bishop, before managing to grab Bishop’s arm.

Hun bent Bishop’s arm backwards, causing the laser blaster to fire out of control, towards the ceiling of the train.

On the top of the train, the Turtles and Harry had to roll out of the way to avoid being hit by the lasers.

Bishop’s laser blaster brushed across the dangerous force field trapping Karai, breaking into several pieces. Hun grabbed Bishop and threw him towards the ground but Bishop swiftly landed on his feet right next to Hun. Hun swung his fist towards Bishop but Bishop grabbed Hun’s arm and twisted it behind his back, causing Hun to drop to his knees in pain.

“All right meathead, you want to play,” taunted Bishop. “Let’s play for real.”

On the top of the train The Turtles and Harry looked down, spotting Karai trapped in the cylinder with a force field

“Karai?” declared Leo in confusion as Bishop and Hun came into focus, with Hun forcing Bishop to let go but Bishop kicked Hun in the back of the leg, causing him to drop back down.

“Bishop,” hissed Harry angrily, pulling his wand out, before blasting the top window of the train open and dropping down, kicking Bishop right in the face.

Bishop was caught off guard by this unexpected intrusion as he flew backwards but landed on his feet. The Turtles dropped down, with weapons drawn as Bishop stood in front of them, not seeming too surprised they had shown up.

“You know Bishop, you’ve got to be the only guy that I hate more than Hun,” remarked Raph as Hun got to his feet but Raph grabbed Hun by the arm and flung the big man to the ground. “AND YOU OWE ME A NEW BIKE!”

Harry, Raph, and Mikey rushed forward after Bishop, as Don and Leo stayed behind to see how to best get Karai out of her predicament.

Mikey swung his nunchucks at Bishop but Bishop dodged underneath and grabbed Mikey before sending him backwards with a horrific kick. Raph threw his Sais at Bishop, but Bishop expertly caught them before throwing them back towards Raph, knocking him off balance.

Harry wildly swung at Bishop but Bishop dodged to the side and kicked the Boy Who Lived in the side, causing him to stagger. Bishop grabbed Harry, throwing him to the ground before he leapt over, knocking Leo away from Karai. Don swung his Bo Staff but Bishop dodged, before kicking Don and pulling his weapon from his head. Bishop twirled Don’s Bo, before jabbing it in Don’s midsection, knocking the Turtle down. Raph rushed forward, jabbing his Sai at Bishop but Bishop calmly used the Bo Staff to block Raph’s swing, before bending down and casually sweeping Raph’s legs out from underneath him.

Hun grabbed Bishop, yanking the weapon out of his hand but Bishop removed his tie, wrapping it around Hun’s right arm and yanked him down forcefully. Hun landed on the ground and Bishop punted Hun in the side, knocking him forward.

Harry and Leo attempted a double assault on Bishop but Bishop dodged down, causing the weapons of Harry and Leo to clang together. Bishop sprung up, delivering a split kicking causing Leo and Harry to fly to the ground on either side. Bishop calmly stepped over, picking up a remote control and preparing to retract the force field to crush Karai but Hun was over in a flash, grabbing Bishop from behind. The remote fell to the ground but Bishop rammed his elbow into the gut of Hun, doubling him over.

Bishop grabbed Hun from behind, forcing his face towards the force field. Hun struggled as a few more inches and it would have been sliced to ribbons.

“Got to…save…Karai!” grunted Hun as Harry grabbed Bishop from behind, pulling him back and Hun quickly backed off.

Bishop blocked a punch from Harry but Harry sprang up before bouncing off the wall and flipping over Bishop. Another swing but Bishop dodged underneath and grabbed Harry from behind by the arm, before flinging him directly to the ground.

Hun pulled himself to his hands and knees, before Mikey stepped back, before using Hun’s back as a springboard, leaping at Bishop. Bishop dodged to the side, as Mikey’s nunchucks bounced off the ground. Bishop reared his leg back, kicking Mikey in the ribs. Raph rushed over, kicking Hun in the face, before going after Bishop. Sai jabbed towards Bishop but Bishop darted behind Raph before he knew it and grabbed Raph by the back of the facemask, before jerking him down towards the ground. Raph landed to a thud.

Meanwhile Don and Leo stood by the force field, examining closely.

“Leo, you need to slice the top…now!” declared Don and Leo sliced the top of the cylinder, deactivating the force field, as Harry went after Bishop in the background, stepping on Hun’s right arm in the process.

Don, Leo, and Karai moved towards Bishop as well, as the battle between Harry and Bishop continued. Bishop blocked two uppercut punches by Harry, before darting behind the Boy-Who-Lived. The government agent removed his tie, before managing to wrap it around Harry’s throat. Harry struggled for breath as Bishop yanked the tie, causing Harry to lose his balance and land on the ground. Bishop calmly kicked Harry in the side, before calmly putting his tie back on. Don picked up his Bo Staff and swung it at Bishop, but Bishop leapt up, grabbing Karai’s arm as she swung a tanto at him. Bishop darted around Karai, holding both of her arms backwards, before forcing her arm to cause her tanto to clang against Leo’s sword. Leo attempted to get at Bishop but Bishop expertly maneuvered Karai around, using her as a shield.

From behind Bishop, Raph and Mikey pulled themselves to their feet. Raph rushed forward, kicking Bishop directly in the back of his right leg. Bishop dropped Karai and Karai tried to stab Bishop with her tanto but Bishop barely moved out of the way. He turned around, as Harry leapt up, grabbing Bishop by the tie, before flinging him against the wall. Bishop barely managed to kick Harry off and a series of weapons, along with Hun’s fists swung towards his head. Bishop dodged out of the way, sliding to where the Turtles, Harry, Karai, and Hun had all stood, ready to close in on Bishop.

“It seems as if the odds have changed,” remarked Bishop as he rushed forward. Hun attempted to grip Bishop in his arms but Bishop slid underneath. Bishop picked up a briefcase as Hun rushed forward like an angry bull. With a swift swing, Bishop whacked Hun with the briefcase, causing Hun to fly into Karai, the Turtles, and Harry, knocking them over like bowling pins. Bishop quickened his steps, reaching the front of the train. “But I never do like playing the odds.”

Bishop watched the Turtles and Harry shakily get to their feet, before addressing them.

“By the way, thank you Turtles and you as well Mr. Potter. The mutated DNA samples along with the sample of concentrated magical energy has put my research to create an army of genetically altered super soldiers ahead by fifty years,” declared Bishop, before giving the Turtles and Harry a mock salute, before detaching the front of the train from the rest of it. “Chow.”

They watched as anguish as Bishop made a quick and clean getaway. Hun rose to his feet, before looking at the Turtles and Harry with a purely homicidal look on his face, before advancing upon the five brothers.

“Now that Karai is safe, I can finish you five off as a little bonus for the Shredder,” proclaimed Hun savagely, advancing on his prey but Karai casually kicked Hun out of the open door on the side of the train, causing Hun to fly from the train, nearly crashing against the brick wall

“Thank you,” said Karai graciously, before she quickly exited the train,.

“Well at least she said thanks,” remarked Leo calmly.

“That’s all well and good, but Bishop got away,” said Harry moodily.

“And even worse, the Shell Cycle got trashed!” added Raph angrily, twirling his Sais.

“Hey, Bishop might have slipped out away and the Shell Cycle might have been wrecked to pieces,” remarked Mikey. “But, Bishop left us with this sweet looking train car.”

“Can I keep it, Leo?” asked Don in a childish voice.

“If you can find a way to get it home,” answered Leo in an exasperated voice.

Back at Foot Headquarters, Karai, Hun, Stockman, and Chaplin were in Saki’s throne room.

“Thank you for sending Hun, Master,” said Karai. “If he hadn’t arrived in time, I might not be here at this moment.”

“I live to serve you Master,” added Hun sycophantically.

“Good, as long as you serve me well, then you shall live,” responded Saki curtly before turning to Karai. “Karai did you retrieve the microchip?”

“No, I’m afraid I didn’t but I did retrieve a detailed scan of the microchip,” answered Karai. “Using that information, we should be able to create an exact replica with a minimum of difficulty.”

“Which is why I’m here!” injected Stockman pompously. “You have finally decided to use my untapped genius to its fullest potential. It is quite fortunate that you have seen the error in your…”

“No, that’s why Dr. Chaplin is here, Stockman, he will be the one constructing the replica of the microchip,” declared Saki coldly, causing Stockman to step back. “I have called you here so you can explain an unauthorized transmission that left this facility earlier in the day.”

“Sir, I can explain,” begged Stockman as two Foot Ninjas grabbed Stockman from behind, holding his arms behind and dragged him from the room with Saki following them with Stockman attempting to vainly explain to Saki.

Stockman’s loud screams of agony were heard briefly by those inside Foot Headquarters, before the scene in the building grew eerily quiet.
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