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Ferard. Jamia gets in the way, and if her heart stopped beating would Frank be wondering if she deserved what she got?

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Ray plucked the first notes to the song; the audience went crazy and started moshing. Gerard screamed then the madness really began. All the instruments stated to fill in: Mikey, Frank, and then Bob. Then those strong words he wrote came to life ‘And if your heart stops beating’ while singing those words he involuntarily looked over at the side stage where he knew Jamia was. He knew that she would just make him furious watching Frank play with his whole entire body. And he started singing again ‘I’ll be here wondering did you get what you deserved?’ now Gerard looked over at Frank nearly on the ground and the song had only just begun, this made him smile. How easily Frank could do that with out knowing it and how much he wanted him, so, so badly. His head flashed back to Jamia who gave him a quick smile. But, he turned away quickly before he saw her smile. Focusing back on the song. ‘The ending of your life and if you get to heaven, I’ll be here waiting babe. Did you get what you deserved?’
The mosh pit was getting intense, really intense, not really intense but pretty intense. So he walked around to left stage where Frank was. ‘the end’ he brought his hand up to Frank’s temple in the form of a gun ‘and if your life won’t wait then your heart cant take this’ The gun was now pointed in the direction of Jamia, but of course he didn’t look so she wouldn’t think much of it. A rare occasion this was, he was dead wrong. But he kept going on to the other side dancing by his brother, and Ray. He danced like no one at all was watching him. Like he knew everyone and he was so comfortable around them.
‘Have you heard the news that you’re dead?’ Now he was at center stage and he tripped over the wire, landing on his bottom. So to make it look like it was planned, he spun around to the audience and sang like he was a little boy in a sand box. Frank watched that with careful eyes how he spun on his full, round bottom. ‘God, that was the sexiest accident anyone has ever had’ Frank thought to himself as a smile plagued his face. He started up once again from his frozen trance and began to dance around once again as Gerard got up and started to sing again.
The rest of the song carried on great. They played two more songs ‘The Sharpest Lives’ and ‘House of Wolves’. During which they danced, screamed, and hugged fans. Constantly stealing glances at each other, and knowing it. Also, managing to bump each other’s butts on the occasional both-walking-backwards-from-different-sides-of-the-stage. Half time came up and when the boys went back stage to rest up and pee, to all of their surprise Jamia wasn’t anywhere near the dressing room. And she knew, she damn well knew that they were only allowed there and to the bathroom during halftime. Those were the rules during this whole tour. She wasn’t there to lay a ‘wet one’ right on Frank when he came in which always made Gerard want to tear her hair out. Frank, though he never told anyone he didn’t like her excessive kissing every night.
Gerard though did miss humming ‘Dead!’ around her, taunting her because the song really was meant for her. All their thoughts were pushed from their minds; they got dressed and headed back towards the stage. Quickly getting into their spots Gerard welcomed them back by screaming, “The Black Parade has left the building!!” he looked to Frank and smiled. Then they continued together “My Chemical Romance is back!!” Immediately launching into ‘Thank You for the Venom’ setting a good pace for this show. Their fans were crazy, and it was a good thing when they gave 110% the boys gave 115%. And the fans were hyped up more, enough to give them 120%. This was just what they lived for, each night, the nerves prepared them for all these adrenaline rushes. For helping these teens, giving them a safe place to be. Letting them know that it’s alright to be messed up, because there are five guys out there just as messed up as they are. And they had to be that in order to do what they do.
The lights changed, it was darker now, but there was a bit of red in them. The song was about a dark time, but the red showed the hope that everyone had, and needed. The beat of Bob’s drums echoed into the venue. Gerard crossed the stage and was just inches away from Frank. Who was spacing out, but was also eyeing Gerard. Before the beat of the drum was so loud that it was crazy a fan screamed “FERARD!!”. Gerard came in closer, and so did Frank, his guitar was behind his back and his hand outstretched with a smile on his face telling Gerard that it was ok. Gerard was looking in his eyes trying to figure out just what he was thinking. His microphone down so that no one could hear his unsteady breathing. So he grabbed by the waist and pulled him in. Their lips met and the crowd went wild. It wasn’t long, and nothing too rough just short and sweet. Gerard embraced Frank, he didn’t care who was watching, all he knew was that this wasn’t going to happen again anytime soon so he had to cherish it. Then he began to sing, “Way down mark the dead in the solitaire stone crashed the cemetery gates in the dress your husband hates…”
They played the rest of the ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’ set, said good night to the fans, and then headed backstage going straight to the showers. To everyone’s surprise and somewhat pleasure, Jamia wasn’t in her usual spot again. Gerard was the first out of the shower; he packed all his things back into the bag he and Frank shared. He reached in and grabbed a faded gray hoodie with red stripes that a fan had made for him. On the back was a really intricate design which he thought would make a good product, and everyone in the world should have one. But of course, Brian their manager told Gerard that it would be against the law because they didn’t have the owner’s permission to market it, and there was no way around that one. He zipped open a pocket which he took his cigarettes out of and went into the kitchen part of the room to get some coffee that he made before going into the showers.
He poured himself a cup and grabbed a glazed donut then sat on the leather couch that he slept on for most of the day. Mikey came in seconds after Gerard had took his first bite of his donut, with a half full cup of coffee. “Man that was one hell of a show huh?” Gerard jumped at the sound of his voice; Mikey’s presence hadn’t really registered into his mind.
“Yeah I know,” Gerard ran a hand through his hair thinking back to Dead! and Cemetery Drive
“What was up with you falling?” Mikey laughed making the towel that was on his head fall off and the chairs that he was jumping on fall.
“And may I ask what is wrong with falling?” Gerard asked through a huge smile and a little bit of laughter. Still, Mikey didn’t stop laughing, “Okay, I guess that you’re letting all the laughter that you held in on stage out right now?” he guessed. All Mikey could do was nod, then he fell on the couch grabbing his stomach while doing so. After regaining a steady breath he poured himself a cup of coffee.
“Yes, you’re correct” Mikey assured his brother “I didn’t want to mess up the middle of the song." Its not like he was lying, he was really telling the truth. Although he did laugh a bit and had a smile for a while.
Gerard nodded “Nah, it’s okay. Just remember all those times when you were a kid and you fell” He flashed his cheesy grin.
“Not funny” Mikey pouted “That is just crossing the line, bud.”
Now Gerard began to laugh, “Yeah, I know” he shrugged “Just wanted you to remember.”
Mikey flashed Gerard an evil look, “And whose fault is it that I always fell?” he asked trying to convince Gerard that it was really him that made him fall instead of himself.
“It’s always me right?” Gerard wanted to go where his brother was going with this argument “Gerard is just always the bad guy huh?” He shoved pass him humming ‘I’m not okay (I promise)’ Just as Mikey turned his head to look at Gerard, Gerard jumped at him. Causing the both of them to fall on the floor, Gerard was giving Mikey the worst noogie of all time.
“Ow! Ow!” Mikey struggled to get free from his brother’s grip. Frank came out of the shower and changed, he was watching them for about three minutes. These ‘love fests’ were so enjoyable. As Gerard tried to get Mikey into a headlock, he got free. His older brother was really shocked by that. He was still hovering over the couch when Mikey’s foot connected with his ass which ended with a loud thud from Gerard’s head, and an uproar of laughter from Frank, Ray, and Bob. Mikey Ran around the room like he was the champion of a boxing match. Ray and Bob tried to keep themselves up off the ground, as well as the towels around their waist.
But as Mikey circled the room once more Gerard flicked him on the head, and these flicks, were pretty damn hard they really hurt.
So Mikey just turned around and said, “Truce.”
And Gerard hugged his brother and whispered, “For tonight.” Gerard kept a firm on Mikey, “Bob-o-san, Torosaurus get changed! I want to get some food already”
“Ma’am, yes ma’am” they both said in unison.
Gerard flipped them both off and let go of Mikey who pretended to be suffocating. And he remembered the time when his mom called him “ma’am” because he asked for a PB&J sandwich army style. Donna knew her son was too ‘girly’ to eat an army style sandwich
Mikey said he was gonna help load up the equipment leaving Frank and Gerard kinda alone.
“I haven’t heard a fan scream Ferard in so long” Frank said slowly pouring himself a cup of coffee.
“Yeah, I know. I thought everything would have gone down since Jamia and you announced the engagement.” Frank was actually happy that a fan had screamed Ferard, he had been longing for Gerard for so long. “How do you think she took it, man?” Gerard wanted to sound like he cared, but he really didn’t.
“Fuck, I have no damn clue.”
“It totally shocked me when she wasn’t in her normal spot during intermission.”
“Yeah, I wonder where she could have gone” Frank was starting to get really worried about her. He plopped down onto the couch wondering where his fiancée went.
Bob came out, towel in hand as usual. He gave Frank one look, “What’s up with you?”
He mumbled, “Mia” he wished that he said “Gee” instead.
“What about?” he took a sip took a sip of his coffee. “She’s not in her spot tonight?”
“Nope, I don’t know where she is?”
Ray walked in with his tea bag in his hand and lap top in the other.
Gerard was pretty annoyed by all of the Jamia talk so he told everyone that he was gonna go outside to get a smoke.
Frank walked quickly to catch up with Gerard but the time that happened they were outside and Gerard’s cigarette had already been lit. Gerard looked next to him to see Frank spreading a smile across his face. “Hey” he said
“Tsup dude” Frank copied Mikey like so many other times
“What a show tonight. The people down here in Texas get pretty rowdy.” Gerard’s mind was fully off the whole Jamia subject.
“Hah, yeah.” He took one deep breath and looked at Gerard, “Dude, you have to stop smoking.”
Gladly, Gerard took a long drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke right into Frank’s face. In Frank’s opinion is was drop dead sexy and once more he took a long deep breath and spoke, “stop taunting me damn it!”
Gerard gave him his crooked smile, “I’m sorry did I do something?” he asked innocently
“Yeah, you know just what you’re doing.”
Gerard rolled his eyes and his mind drifted for a few seconds back to the time when he and Frank had confessed their feelings for one another but decided that they both wanted to be with their girlfriends more – what bull shit.
“Oh come on, no one’s forcing you to stop,” he teased
“Gerard,” Frank paused to get into the bus and smiled as Gerard held the door open for him and watched him stub it out against the door, “My immune system is bad enough as it is.”
“And that’s my fault?” he replied with heavy sarcasm
“No, but it’s not mine!” he shrieked leading Gerard to the bunks and threw the bag in the corner. “I was born like that” Frank jumped on the bunk.
“Aah, so blame it on the parents now eh?” Gerard hovered over him, “How mature are we?”
“Indeed.” Frank laughed
“Hey where are we going to eat?” Bob asked passing through only to plop his things right on Frank and Gerard’s bag.
“Ooh!” Frank squealed and jumped out of his bunk, surprisingly not hitting his head.
“Yes, Frankie?” Ray called looking at him and nearly bursting out with laughter from trying to keep a straight face. Frank looked back at his four best friends saving the best face for last, “Chucky Cheese!”
“Aw” they all groaned, except Mikey. His eyes were brilliant with excitement.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Let’s go! Tell Jim!” he jumped up and down like a child.
Ray spoke up, “Do you two honestly think that it’s open right now?”
Bob kinda wanted to go, “What time is it?”
Gerard who had just turned on the news said, “Just about ten thirty”
Frank gave a triumphant yell from the back of the bus, “Alright!” He was being smart and called 411 to get the number for Chucky Cheese. He got information that he really wanted to hear: they were open until midnight and it was practically empty. He came out waving his hands over his head and screaming, basically blinding himself and he smashed right into Gerard as he was turning around to face him. As a result, Gerard fell over backwards and Frank fell forwards. Everyone turned to see what the big thud was, including Jamia who had just entered the bus.
Gerard laughed as did Frank but neither of them moved. “I kinda like this you know Frankie?” Gerard whispered into his ear knowing it was a mistake to bring up their feelings for each other up again – well his feelings at least.
Frank laughed a throaty laugh which only Gerard could hear, and feel. “You’re not the only one.” He looked deeply into Gerard’s eyes and placed his hands behind his head wanting to kiss those lips once more but his eyes caught sigh of feet that were no man’s feet. His head sprang up and saw Jamia there and he leaped to his feet immediately just missing Gerard’s lips by an inch, only if he were shorter. Just once he wanted to be shorter, he stretched out his muscular tattooed arm and Gerard gladly took it.
They kinda walked hand in hand; their hands were opposite each other’s, constantly bumping with each step that they took.
Mikey was still hysterical from what had just happened, Jamia seemed to be laughing a little. Ray and Bob were chuckling to themselves. Jamia was the first to speak, “What was going on before the collision?”
“Oh right!” Frank exclaimed and ran a hand through his long hair. Nearly blushing when remembering that they all saw what had just happened. He laughed it off and continued, “Chucky Cheese is open until midnight ad the chick said they’re empty.”
“Alright!” Mikey jumped up and gave a high five to Bob who celebrated by doing the infamous Bob dance.
“Let’s go, let’s go!” Frank urged
“Hey Jim?” Ray called being the only one smart enough to tell the driver.
“Yo” Jim called opening the door and smiling at them.
“Do you know the way to Chucky Cheese?” an impatient Mikey blurted. Everyone, especially Ray shot him glances.
“Yeah, we passed it on the way in on the one oh three north, second exit.” He said in a gruff and tough “trucker” voice.
“Can you take us there please?” Frank whined like a child.
“You betcha”
They arrived within ten minutes, and with in that time Ray yelled at the four other to tell them to clean their stuff up, to put away their stage clothes. And Frank reminded him that the compartment is under the bus, so they couldn’t really get there. That shocked Ray, but he remembered that you could get there through a door on the bus floor so Frank and Mikey threw their stuff in along with Bobs. Stupidly, they tried to shove Ray in there, failing of course.
When they arrived Gerard was off the bus first followed quickly by Jamia, Frank was last off the bus. Jamia seemed happy but she was actually really pissed off and she couldn’t let anyone know where she had gone.
Quickly she took Gerard to the side, she spoke quickly, softly, and got straight to the point, “Gerard, I know that you and Frank have feelings for each other. But he’s mine, it’s what’s right. I have nothing against people who are gay, it’s just that…” she paused to find the right words though she practiced this speech in her head so many times. “I need him, I know it sounds pathetic. But it’s true.”
Gerard quickly cut her off before she started to make a big mess out of nothing.. “Look, Jamia” he went straight to the point and his tone matched hers. “I’m not gonna lie to you, I do have feelings for Frank, yes he returns them. We did it for the show before, just to piss of homophobes, and maybe we’ll start doing it again. That does not mean that it’s all for show.” He took a deep breath, he too also practiced his speech in his head many times “At least Eliza cared about me enough to let me be happy. She knows that Frank and I belong together and so do I, it’s what’s right.” With that he walked away from her.
But she quickly caught him by the arm “She also said that the two of you belong together, what happened to that?”
This did not shock Gerard at all, “No, no, no Jamia.” He sighed and looked down upon her. “She said that she had never felt the way she did about me towards anyone else. And I guess that love was so strong that she actually wanted me to be happy, no matter what. Unlike you” he poked her shoulder and quickly sprinted to a hysterical Mikey calling for assistance at a game.
“Gerard!” Mikey screeched, “Help me whoop Frank’s” the mother next to his shot him an evil glare. “Butt!” he finished
“No way dude!” Frank yelled back but didn’t take his eyes off the screen. “You’re a cheater!”
“Oh I’m not a cheater!” something popped into Mikey’s head but decided to leave it there for now. That thought somehow made him calm but quickly realized that he was losing the game, “But I will win! Pooface!!!”
“In your dreams scumbag!” Frank kicked Mikey’s butt literally, the three “grown” men laughed.
“Just what are the two of you playing?” Gerard asked between laughs. He couldn’t see the screen between their constant shoves against one another.
“Bubble Trouble!” Mikey yelled
“No way!” Frank hung his head in defeat
“Yes way, Mikey way. The champion!” Mikey said in what should have been a deep announcer’s voice, but it didn’t come across that way. “Told you I’d win!” he said like a little kid.
“Psh, it’s just a game” Frank called after him.
“What ever I’ll leave you two alone. What do you guys want to eat?” Gerard asked, he was beginning to get really hungry.
“Nothing” Mikey looked at his brother’s face turn into complete shock.
“Yeah, nothing.” Frank echoed, but didn’t look up from his new alligator game s he couldn’t see what Gerard and Mikey were looking at.
“Actually… I’ll get some pizza.” Mikey just realized that his stomach was growling at him and all the playing was distracting him.
“What ever, I’ll come later.” Frank looked up for a quick second to feast his eyes on this beauty in from of him. “Okay, Gee?” he said slowly.
Gerard just nodded.
They got their orders quickly and sat towards the back
“Dude,” Mikey took a bite of his pizza “What did Jamia talk to you about?”
“Oh nothing.” Gerard took a sip of his coke, he laughed “Just telling me to stay away from Frankie. Nothing out of the ordinary.”
“Oh, I see.” He leaned back and stretched his boney arms forward. “What was she doing flirting with that guy back there then?”
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