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Chapter 6

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When the Borg Queen is destroyed in Endgame. The collective needs a new Queen. The Borg Queen brings order to chaos and guilds the collective to perfection. This story is from the POV of the new Bo...

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Chapter 6

The assimilation of species 521 was completed in three hours, forty eight minutes and twenty nine point five seconds from the time since the first torpedo was launched. I had lost four hundred and thirty-seven drones and considered this a very successful assimilation. The population of the planet was 13,182,230,852, with most of the population lived in sprawling city centers. 13,182,227,621 had been assimilated; the remaining 3,231 were thought to be missing or deceased.

The collective did not acquire much in way of technology, but with the large number of new drones the collective would be able to crew the vessels that were about to be built. On the newly designated construction platform 001, which was the largest of the five platforms, I had found through the collective a room that reminded me of Voyager’s mess hall with five large view ports over seeing space and the planet below. The sight was breath taking, and I directed the collective to make the room into my personal chambers. As I was standing there, I could almost see myself back aboard Voyager, with the crew milling around me and Neelix behind the counter, stirring and mixing a dozen dishes at once. I could smell the delicious aromas and if I concentrated hard enough I could see my mother standing beside me, smiling. A tear slid down my cheek as I tried to hold onto the ghostly images around me, but they gradually faded, laving me along again except for the collective, but the collective was all I needed.

While my chambers where being constructed I over saw the reconstruction of platforms 001 through 005. I would make changes when needed, but the collective mind had things well in hand, so my mind moved on to our next problem. The construction of new ships took massive amounts of energy, a resource the Collective was in need of if my plans were to proceed. I started by having the collective send me everything it possessed in way of power creation. My mind was being filled with information as I stared out through a small view port at this system’s sun.

The idea hit me like a supernova wave. The sun! Stars generated massive amounts of energy, more then anything that we knew of. Even being able to siphon the smallest portion of the sun’s energy would give us all the energy we would ever need for the construction of our vessels. I terminated the data feed from the collective and instead asked for any technology that we had assimilated which could be used to draw energy from a star.

Immediately I found positive results. Species 376, who called themselves the Glavodorens, had developed an orbital array that used a narrow bandwidth gravimetric beam to pull a stream of plasma up from a star. The project had failed for two reasons, one being the gravimetric beam was not very stable and the second reason was plasma obtained from the star destroyed the internal circuitry repeatedly. Because of this the collective had designated the technology as irrelevant.

That designation would soon be changed to relevant. While the collective was very adaptable, it did not have the imagination required to develop new technologies, only to assimilate them. I would be rectifying this inefficiency soon, but for now I had a solar array to design and then I needed to find an efficient method of power transfer to our construction platforms. I already had ideas forming in my mind. It was astonishing what one could create with the collective’s database of technology. I knew that there were numerous beings who would kill for even a fraction of the knowledge the Borg collective possessed.

I was snapped out of my contemplation by the collective informing me that my chambers had been completed. With little prompting the collective activated the transporter system and I was beamed into the corridor outside my quarters, and the doors automatically slid open. The first thing I noticed was a force field blocking the way in. I grinned to myself and simply walked through it. That had always been one of my favorite Borg tricks. I could still remember the first time I had accomplished that on board Voyager. I had felt incredible, as if I could do anything, but I’d known that if I told anyone I’d be in a lot of trouble. I wished Seven had been able to see me then.

It seemed the collective took the security of its queen very seriously and would go to any lengths to make sure of it. I shook myself from my inner thoughts and took a look around what would be my new home until my ship was completed. In front of me and to my left was a large desk, which was more of an advanced computer terminal build to look like a desk. Behind the desk was of course a large chair. But what immediately drew my attention was the large glowing red symbol of the collective occupying most of the floor. I thought it very appropriate; the galaxy would learn to respect this symbol as we brought peace, order and perfection to all the misguided races of the stars.

To the right of the desk and in front of me were three large bay windows which had the view that I loved and cherished so much, the view of the stars. Off to my right was another door, and as I walked up to the door it slid open and I found another force field guarding the place where I would regenerate. The room was smaller then my office, only having a bed which was also my alcove and a small couch, both of which were facing the bay windows. I found the two rooms to be very elegant and efficient; they where perfect for my needs as of right now.

I walked back to my office and sat down in the chair, testing it. It was very comfortable and supported my body perfectly. I turned on the computer; it was time for me to get to work, and I had a lot to do. I needed to design both the solar power array and my new ship. I decided that I should review the designs of the Borg Diamond which would be my flagship. I had the collective both initiate a data transfer to my mind and display the information on my computer terminals.

I found that the Borg Diamond was a defensive ship that used its multiple power cores to generate a very impressive shield grid, but almost immediately I decided that I would be making some changes. I had an idea that I remembered from one of my numerous lessons with Seven of Nine which could greatly improve the Diamond's energy generation system. A Borg Diamond had six anti-matter reactors. I would have three of the reactors create positive energy and the other three create negative energy. I would then have the positive energy merge with the negative, which would cause the positive energy to attempt to convert the negative energy into positive energy. This would cause a fusion collapse and create an explosion four times greater than the energy output of the original positive and negative energy that had been introduced into the reaction.

The main problem with this style of energy amplification was that the explosion could never be controlled because the explosion was both positive and negative and there was no opposite force to contain the explosion. But with the development of the Harmonic Resonance Chamber designed to contain Particle 010, or as the Federation knew it as, the Omega molecule, I now had the key I needed. I could use the chamber to adapt the fusion collapse’s explosion to an opposite harmonic frequency which would give us complete control over the reaction.

Since I had already figured out the concept and a theoretical method of controlling this form of energy amplification, I would let the collective create and carry out my experiments out, which would needed to be preformed in a remote region of space. The collective informed me of their compliance. It even seemed that they were truly keen to perform this experiment. I heard the collective clarify. “This fusion collapse reaction is that of perfection. This will take us a step closer to perfection.” With that response I understood completely the collective’s actions and desire.

With the energy amplification in the collective’s capable hands, I turned my thoughts back on to creating the orbital solar array. I worked on the array calculations for over ten hours, trying to find the frequency needed to create a stable gravimetric beam. Once I thought I had found the correct frequency I decided to go and regenerate. Tomorrow I would find out if my calculations where accurate.

I got up out of my chair feeling stiff and walked to my bedroom and lay down, sinking a bit into the mattress. I heard the building hum of the hidden power transfer module and closed my eyes as I pulled the warm sheets over myself.

As soon as I dozed off I found myself in the now familiar void of darkness. A second later I saw the former queen materialize in front of me. She looked very proud of me, and I smiled. “I must say I am impressed with your actions of today. Your assimilation of species 521 was nearly flawless. The tactics you used have never been used by the collective before. Then you out-do your self with the innovative technology that you are developing. The solar ray will of course be an efficient means of power gathering, but what I find truly astounding is that idea that you formed when you where eight years old of fusion collapsing energy amplification. It is stuff of perfection; positive and negative energy being brought together to create energy grater then its separate parts. You may very well be the one who brings the collective Particle 010. You are the Borg forged by the Federation. If it were not for their actions you would have been the cause of our termination. For instance, the pathogen that the future Admiral Janeway infected us with was created by you, sometime in the future.

I was completely in shock at the former queen’s words. I had created, or would have created, the pathogen that had nearly destroyed the Borg? “Are you positive?” I asked, a cold feeling settling deep in my stomach.

The former queen must have sensed my horror, and she wrapped her arms around me, I of course doing likewise. “The collective knows you better then you know yourself,” she said, “but you were the creator with the help of Seven of Nine. Do not feel guilty for your actions. Your mind this time will be used against the Federation. They will learn what they have lost and what we have gained. Their mistake will be their downfall and our rise to perfection. But now it is time for you to fully regenerate and allow the collective to continue data transfer subroutine 0231.83.2 Goodnight, Naomi of Borg,” she whispered, and I quickly felt myself fading in her arms, feeling absolutely content.
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