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Break in and save me.

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I'm coming back from the dead and I'll take you home with me.

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I opened my eyes to the sound of knocking, it was dark in the room but it was always dark and I lost track of day and night, after my first bath, I crawled into my bed and spent most of the time in it.
My phone kept bleeping and ringing until the battery finally died but I didn't bother to recharge it.
Knocks and bell ringing were part of the daily routine, I used them to guess what part of the day it was but I never actually got up and looked who it was let alone answer it.
I stopped eating, I'd have one meal a day, if you could call one apple and a soda a meal. Food began running out and so was my strength, apart from not wanting to get up, I really doubted if I physically would be able too in a day or two.
I spent my days and nights in bed, crying when I was awake, having nightmares in my sleep.
I was about to die, I just knew it. And no one would guess or care. I'd just rot in my bed until the body will begin to smell and the neighbours will complain.
The knocking stopped and I drifted back to sleep, waking up to sounds coming from the living room, it sounded like footsteps and my first reaction was to freak out but then I just lay back on the pillow, I figured that if it were burglars at least they'll finish me faster.
The door to my room opened and I heard Billy whispering my name. At first I thought it was an illusion of my severely depressed and hungry mind but then the figure came closer and Billy's thin face frowned, "What the fuck?".
I pulled the smelly covers above my head and started crying, Billy was here, he didn't forgot me, he didn't leave me like all the rest.
He came, sure it took him a few weeks but Billy always did things his way.
He pulled the covers from me and crouched, "What happened, Skyler?"
I shrugged, covering my face and crying.
He stood up and climbed into the bed, pushing me a little, I was at Gerard's side now, I didn't dare rolling on his side so the covers won't lose his scent, "Man you smell", I heard billy mutter as he took me in his arms.

"You need a drink", he decided after 15 minutes passed and I was still far from calming down.
He brought me water and climbed into bed again, "So what happened, the entire New York city is looking for you"
I frowned.
"Even you're fucking husband called, threatening to kill me if I know what happened to you and not telling him", he nudged me to drink but I couldn't, "Gerard called?"
"Unless you married someone else yeah", he said.
"How do you know he's my husband?"
"It was the first thing he roared when he called, where's my fucking wife and what did you do to her?", he mimicked Gerard's jersey accent.
"I broke up with him", I muttered.
"Oh wow", Billy exclaimed, "He sure forgot to mention that. Is that why you smell?"
I nodded.
"Skyler", he squeezed my shoulder, "Everyone is looking for you"
"Where were you?", I demanded, "You called ages ago, promising to stop by"
He sighed again, "I tried to clean up my act a little bit. I couldn't just come over the way I was"
"Why?", I frowned.
"Cause, Sky", I was waiting for him to deliberate but he wouldn't.
"I heard what happened with Lynn", I said gently, maybe that's why he doesn't want to tell me.
"Oh yeah", he shifted a little.
I nodded, "Spencer called"
"Son of a bitch", billy hissed.
"Come on, Billy", I scolded him.
"What", he got defensive, "He probably told you how evil Billy got high and hit little poor Lynn"
I didn't say anything, it was pretty much what happened.
"Well did he tell you why?", he asked bitterly.
"Cause you were wasted", I shrugged.
Billy chuckled, "And he forgot to mention he was fucking her?"
It took me a while to register what he said but when I did, I gasped, "Spencer?"
"Yes Spencer", he said, annoyed.
"Your brother?", I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
"My motherfucking brother", he nodded.
"Little short dude that looks like your dad?", my jaw dropped.
"Ding ding ding", he rolled his eyes, "We have a winner"
"No way", I shook my head.
"Way", he nodded.
My heart shook a little to hear 'Way'
"How could he do that?"
"Probably downloaded a manual from the Internet", Billy said poisonously.
I chuckled.
"With diagrams", Billy smiled.
"You shall enter the female from under with your...", I cut him off, "Oh give Spence some credit, he's smart, he probably already knew that part already"
Billy clentched his jaw, "Little fucker"
"But how?", I was serious again.
"Told you, some manual", Billy said.
"No, how Lynn agreed to sleep with the little geek?"
He shrugged, "I dunno, they fell in love or so I was told, I knew for months and it was eating at me so I started doing drugs again and then one day I decide to confront her", he paused for a second, "And you know how we little druggies handle shit? First get high then solve the problem...So I did and I ended up hitting the bitch"
"I can't believe it", I leaned against him.
"I didn't mean to hit her but when she started talking about how much love and support he gives her and how I could never be half of the man he is...I just lost it, Skyler".
"She does know that his voice broke just a couple of years ago?", I smirked.
Billy chuckled, "She loves her men fresh from the oven, but what's with you?"
"I found out that Gerard is doing drugs and I raised hell", I said quickly.
I thought it would be harder to talk about it but now that Billy was here the words just flowed from my mouth.
"He's one of us then?"
That statement upset me, Gerard wasn't a druggie...He just did drugs.
"You're better off without him, he never really made you happy"
Tears began to wall in my eyes, "Stop"
"I'm just telling you the truth", he said.
"Stop, Billy", my voice cracked with emotion.
"No", he insisted, "You're my friend I won't let some motherfucker fuck you over and I don't mean literally".
I sniffled, "I love him"
"And I love you, not literally either", he smirked, "You're gonna wash that son of a bitch off your hair starting today and I mean literally too cause you really need a shower"
I shook my head.
"I mean it, Skyler", he got out of bed and threw the curtains back.
Pale day light washed the room, making me squint, "Now get up"
I sunk into the soft mattress, shielding my eyes from the sun.
"I mean it. Get the fuck up", he rested his hands on his hips.
I shook my head, "Just leave me alone"
"I'm counting to three".
"And then you'll beat me?", I snapped, I regretted it the moment I said that, Billy was thrown off by that and he kinda froze with his index finger in the air.
"I'm sorry", I murmured.
"That's it", he approached the bed, threw the covers off me and to the floor, grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. I stumbled a little and my head spun like crazy, but Billy was already dragging me through the hallway to the bathroom. He flung the door open, pushed me in and closed it, "And you better not try to fucking drown yourself", he threatened.
5 minutes later the door opened again to a small crack and he threw in a towel, "I wanna hear that water running".
"I need clothes", I opened the door a little a yelled to him.
Billy made his way back to my room, opened a few drawer, closed them and came back.
The door opened again and his hand dropped a mini skirt, a T shirt and a jacket.
"What the fuck?", I picked up the clothes and looked at them.
"Are we going out or something?", I asked, planting my ear on the door to hear his muffled voice.
"No, we're gonna dwell in misery home", I could hear he was smiling, "Unless you wanna join a cult which is fine by me".
"Billy", I rolled my eyes a little, "These are my out clothes, I need my in clothes"
"Out? In? Gottcha", he walked away again to come back a few minutes later and handed me jeans and a corset.
I laughed, "You forgot my spiked boots"
"Where are they?".
"No I mean what the fuck again"
"You said in out, I don't know what you said, just take a fucking shower already".
"Then bring me some clothes", I whined, "Ones I can wear inside"
"You have a guide or something for dummies?"
"Just get me a fucking T shirt and my old Gerard's jeans",
"I'm not touching Gerard's jeans", he said determinedly.
"Then I'm not showering", I crossed my hands on my chest and pouted.
He grumbled which made me laugh cause I imagined him standing outside the bathroom and grumbling like a fucking...Hmm grumbling person? Who could I compare him too? Who always grumbles?
"What do they look like?", he asked through gritted teeth.
"Worn out blue jeans in my second drawer"
"Any preferences for a T shirt?", he mocked me.
"Just something homey and cozy", I pressed my mouth to the door.
I had no idea why we were having this conversation through a closed door since I was fully dressed or why I didn't just went for my own clothes.
A few minutes later Billy handed me clothes again but as they say the third time is a charm and this time they were just right.
"Are they in enough? Cozy and homy enough? Gerard-y enough?"
"Thanks", I placed them on the towel rack and turned the tap, staring at the Gerard jeans, they really were Gerard's jeans, I stole them...Well didn't really stole them but more like burrowed them forever.
I burrowed a lot of his clothes, I liked his clothes, they were always warm and comfortable and they smelt like him. They brought me a lot of comfort cause that way I could feel like he's always with me even when he wasn't.
He didn't always approved of me 'burrowing' his clothes, but he didn't fight with me over it, he used to frown when I took his shit and then one day he stopped and gave in to to me like he always did.
He gave up his clothes to me and just bought 2 similar items of everything, one that I made him wear for about two months and then take it and then he still had the other item.
If I was in his shoes I would never do it, I would tell him to snap out of it and buy his own clothes and would fight but he just thought it was sweet.
A large knot blocked my throat.

Billy was just hanging up on someone when I came out of the bathroom, "You have like no food"
"I know", I nodded, "How did you come in anyway"
He jerked at the open window, "Piece of cake"
"Seriously?", I frowned at the window.
He nodded.
"Who was on the phone?", I sat at the kitchen table, my mouth watering just from looking at the fridge.
"Amy. They were all looking for you so I called to calm her down, she'll spread the word and bring some food"
I hummed.
"You don't want them here?", he twisted the phone in his fingers.
"Them who?"
"The whole fucking rescue mission. Amy, Ali, James, Haley, Cole etc"
I shrugged.
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