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Chapter 11

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Frank's bday

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November 27, 2007.

Posted to: GuitarHero

TOMORROW'S! TOMORROW'S MY BIRTHDAY! Everybody love me and buy me a plethora of gifts! No, stop laughing. I'm not joking. I want a lot of presents.

Speaking of presents, I finally got a new camera from my parents. Granted, the down button refuses to work, but it was still a nice gesture. I'll just not look at previous pictures, then. Whatever. It's still really cool and mini. I can't wait to take pictures with it tomorrow!

Tomorrow... I'm really afraid since I know that Bob and Mikey are going to somehow torture me. Good God.

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LittleDrummerBoy: Now I wouldn't say torture. I'd use... "bother" or possibly "annoy". But torture is going a wee bit too far, Fwankie.
--GuitarHero: I am going to shoot you in the face. Never call me Fwankie.
Sing4Absolution: I can't wait to hear about the reaction of your present. I'm pretty much going to have a laughriot, that much I know, but I want to hear the vivid details.
--GuitarHero: Oh GOD. You're making me afraid.
---KissMyBass: Don't be afraid, dearest Fwankie. It's a LOVELY gift.


November 29, 2007.

Posted to: LittleDrummerBoy


It was Frank's birthday yesterday, and as my biff, I felt the need to harass him at 8am. Mikey and I went to his house to set up box-Frank in his room, right next to his bed. His dad let us in and laughed while we went downstairs. He loved our gift.

It was pitch-fucking-black in there, and we stumbled about a few times. Frank woke up twice and I ran away because I got scared. Eventually, we set up and Frank woke up to an illuminating grin. We ran away upstairs, again, and waited for him to get out of bed. It was kind of funny sitting at 8:05am in a sleeping house that belonged to neither of us. Hahaha.

Around 8:15, Frank OFFICIALLY got up. He said to get out of his house, but we asked him about his gifts, if he liked them. "What gifts?" he replied. WELL, HELLO. A man made out of boxes wasn't just it.

On the back of box-Frank's head was a flap to stick your hand in. Inside was a brain-- made out of a pink balloon--, a card, and a box of Sesame Street bandaids. Inside his upper body, through his back, were two shelves. The first shelf contained a balloon heart with BSB and *NSYNC lyrics written on it and a card attatched to it. Also, a Frank-esque My Little Pony, Tool shirt, and perfume. On the second shelf were Mikey's presents: a book, a necklace and... something else that I forgot. In his butt was Geray's present: a pair of pants.

Then we watched Mikey play dolls downstairs REALLY VIOLENTLY.

At 2pm, Frank's mom took me back to Frank's and we left at 2:45 for the city. We = Frank, Mikey, me, Gerard, Ray, Lars and Josh. We first went to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and spent a really, really long time in there because the artwork was beautiful. My favourite was of two kissing people. My second and third was a "God" mirror and people having sex. Seriously, it was really incredible. Mikey, Lars and I bought Buddha boards. They're these boards that you paint on with water, then the water evaporates into a clean slate. It's SO MUCH FUN. I also got a postcard of the kissing people. I really love them.

We stopped at Starbucks and this woman told us we were really cool and she wants to hang out with us. Then she asked if we smoked weed.

We went to the Hard Rock afterwards and I ate everyone's fries. There was this INCREDIBLY HOT ASIAN WAITRESS and I miss her a lot. We spent the longest time in the Hard Rock, and I think they hated us, which was a-okay.

We kept taking really dumb pictures. I guess that's why everyone hated us-- and we were talking about sex very loudly. But whatever.

Then we all traveled to Toys R Us and played with puppets. I kept harassing Gerard with a fireman and a Mexican man. IT WAS REALLY, REALLY FUNNY. He kept screaming his head off because I scared him. Mikey found a fluffy puppy toy and we all ran into the Animal Alley area. I found a bunny I LOVE, and Frank loaned me $11 to buy it. I named him Aiden, he is light brown and I adore him sososo much. Mikey bought Frank a fluffy white bunny and himself the puppy, and Ray got Gerard a pink poodle. They're all biffs.

We went upstairs and I faced Mikey in a light saber duel, until he knocked into this lady who hissed something about a roller derby. We ran over to the giant T-Rex and Josh started freaking out because it frightened him. I think. Well, he's just crazy anyway. I played in the anime section for a bit and we all followed Lars to the candy section.

We left at 9:45 after getting this hilarious caricature done of Mikey, Frank and I. Mikey is wearing a bikini. He didn't ask for that. The artist just did it. (I had a bit of a laughing fit for a while after seeing that while Mikey made sad crying faces at me.) He drew me with Aiden and Frank holding guns that resemble penises far too much.

On the ride home, we all had a thirty minute non-stop conversation about Hey Arnold!.

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GuitarHero: Don't ever make me something like that again.


November 29, 2007.

Posted to: KissMyBass

Now that Frank's birthday is over, I can fully explain box-Frank.

Box-Frank: n. A Frank made out of boxes by yours truly and Bob.

Bob and I, on the 28th, went to the grocery store in search of boxes, which we found easily. We carried them back to Bob's, two blocks away, and started on Frank's body. Bob's dad gave us his old shirt, we painted a bit on it, and then put it on box-Frank's torso, with a slit down the back so he could open it up. We made box-Frank's head. He doesn't have a nose because we didn't know how to draw one, and his eyes are a bit wonky-- but that's okay. He has a huge, glowing grin which scares the hell out of Bob every time he sees it. We used a dog food can for his neck. Box-Frank doesn't have any legs, but he does have a butt! We didn't have enough black construction paper for his pants, so they're half-black, half-pink. His butt says "Happy birthday!" I think we're very inventive. We wanted Frank to see himself as we do. Hee.

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GuitarHero: See me like you do!? What-- cardboard and scary?
Sing4Absolution: I want to sex box-Frank up in my room. He's a foxy mama.
--LittleDrumerBoy: How precious!
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