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Never Underestimate the Actuality of an Urban Myth

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She was walking. Walking down an empty hallway. The soft padding of her shoes on the marble floor, and the smooth swish of her skirt were the only sounds that could be heard...

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She was walking. Walking down an empty hallway. The soft padding of her shoes on the marble floor, and the smooth swish of her skirt were the only sounds that could be heard. She shifted the papers on her arms carelessly with a dull expression on her face. She hated this. She wanted to go home. She shouldn't have to have detention withe these "pathetic losers." Even if it was her fault. She stopped in front of the room. Opening the door she stepped inside. She sat down and started putting the papers away, unaware of the presence in her company.
Around ten minutes later, and halfway through her filing, she heard a noise. Turning around, she saw nothing, and continued her work. She then heard it again. The soft, steady, breathing that belonged to someone other than herself. She whirled around, expecting to see one of the other kids trying to scare her, only to find herself staring into a pair of green eyes.
She blinked.
"Who...who are you?" she asked, tyring to hide the surprise in her voice, it didnt work.
"The name's Craig Avery"
'Craig Avery...' She thought 'Where have i heard that name before?' Then it hit her.
Her eyes widened. Gasping, she stumbled backwards, looking for an escape.
Craig smirked. "Whats the matter Doll-face? Its not like Im gonna hurt you."
She looked at him...and shreiked as she was thrown against the wall. When she regained her composure and stood up, he was right in front of her. She backed up, whimpering in fear.
"Aww, whats wrong?" Craig asked, a look of fake concern on his face. She started to cry. He gently stroked her cheek. At this, she broke into violent, heaving, sobs. (You'd cry too if you were in her situation -_- ) Finding this incredibly annoying, he slapped her across her face in hopes of getting her to stop. Much to his dismay, she cried even harder. Well, that is...until her sobs were replaced by a shrill scream of pain...


She looked down. he had stabbed her in the stomach. She stared at the opposite wall. She couldn't speak. It hurt too much. She closed her eyes, hoping this was all one sick, twisted, dream. She repeated it over and over in her head, trying to reassure herself. it was working, until Craig slowly pulled the knife out. her eyes snapped open as she screamed out in agony.
Cheast heaving, she tried to side-step him, only to be pinned to the wall.
"You know, you're really starting to get on my nerves." Craig said calmly, placing the knife to her neck. The cool blade sent shivers down her spine.
"What, nothing to say? well i guess I should just get this over with huh?"
Even then she said nothing. She knew what he meant. It was inevitable.
Taking this as a sign to continue, he pressed harder on the knife, sending a trail of blood down her throat. She silently cried, waiting. After what seemed like hours, (but was really a few seconds) he did it. His sadistic smirk being the last image she saw...


There was a cool, calming, breeze as Jasmine Roberts (you) walked up the school's front steps that mid-October morning. It had been exactly a year since Bridgett Parker's death, and she honestly didnt feel up to going to the assembly that afternoon. Two reasons:

1) She and Bridgett hated each other since Middle School, and

2) She didnt want to be reminded of last year's "events."

But of course, it was mandatory. So if she was going to remember, why not start from the begining...


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